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Merlin Bolt Airmount Wireless Car Charger Black
Merlin Bolt Airmount Wireless Car Charger Black
Product description Bolt AirMount Wirless Car Charger is a wireless mounting solution for all your smart devices. Versatile, simple and functional, the vent mount attaches to your car's AC and can wirelessly charge your device for added convenience on the road.
Car Extension Cable  Black
Car Extension Cable Black
with an automobile extension cable for connection to a cigarette lighter.

About Car Accessories

Road trips essentially mean that you need to spend a lot of time on the wheels. Luckily, you'll find a lot of car accessories to upgrade your ride and enhance your experience on the road. In other words, the accessories make your trip a lot smoother, safer, and much more enjoyable. 

Apart from that, the accessories play a vital role in beefing up your car's interiors and exterior. Furthermore, they improve the car's ability and help in the durability and long-term maintenance of your vehicle. For instance, excellent car batteries ensure that your vehicle's starter motor and the ignition system gets the required current at all times. Similarly, you need the start cables to kick start your vehicle. In short, each car accessory has a specific role to play. That's why, as car owners, you must do a bit of research before deciding which accessories you need to get for your automobile. In this guide, we have highlighted some of the best car accessories out there in the market. Continue reading to find out more about them.

The much-needed car parts and accessories to add flair to your car 

As stated earlier, most accessories come with the intent of enhancing and improving the functionality of the vehicle. For example, side wind deflectors allow you to enjoy cool airflow through your windows even in the adverse weather conditions. They usually work by challenging the rainwater and snow from your window. Similarly, radar reminders are also beneficial to car owners. They prevent you from those speeding tickets. Last but not least, the custom car accessories enable you to modify your car to your heart's content. There are several such accessories for your vehicle, that help you enhance your car's ability and style. Let's have a look at the few such fantastic parts and accessories.

The automotive accessories for car care

With the technological advancements, today almost everyone has a car or an SUV. However, you might need some type of car care accessories to keep your vehicle going for an extended lifespan. Take, for example, the car covers. They protect the external of your car when not in use and make sure that the vehicle stays away from any harsh external elements. This includes keeping your automobile safe from the sunlight that may fade out the interior components of your automobile. Similarly, the wheel covers and wheel clamps ensure that your wheels stay sturdy and in place and have a longer lifespan. A few other car care accessories include handlebar covers, bumper protection, and many more.

The inside car accessories

They are the accessories for the car interiors. The accessories in this sector encompass an extensive range of products. They contribute to the functionality of the automotive and to maintain its efficiency. One of the finest examples of this is the car sunshades or the windshield sunshades. The shades ideally block the harmful sunlight from entering the car and thus protects the paints/colours on the interior from fading away. Similarly, some luxury vehicles come with battery chargers inside the car. They help you charge your mobile when you're out for longer rides and have the potential risk of running out of batteries. In other words, they make your everyday commute a breeze. 

The cool car accessories for exterior 

Just like the interiors, the exteriors of the cars to need a boost to keep it going. You usually implement these outdoor accessories to the outer part of the cars to increase its looks and enhance the functionality. For instance, the roof and bike carrier parts, roof racks, and roof boxes help you store things on top of your vehicle when you're travelling. Similarly, the horns, help you modify the look of your automobile. In the same way, the ice scrapers help you get rid of the snow deposited at the chassis of the auto. You can also find many such useful car accessories. The Trailer parts, bike carriers, windshield wipers, towing cables, snow chains, tensioning belts, and license plate holders are a few to name.

The new car accessories you need 

The technology has taken a huge leap when it comes to accessories for the cars. From high-quality dash cams to posh car phone holders, you'll find an endless list of brand new accessories out there in the market. However, one of the most interesting gadgets is the Tile Mate phone and key finder. This handy gadget attaches to your keys; you can ring it from your phone or consult the app to see when you last saw it. Similarly, the hybrid coffee maker, smart tyre safety monitor, life-saving tools, breath analyser, mirror dashcam. They're a few among those brand new car accessories that not only make your road trips worthwhile but also ensure that your vehicle feels posh and stylish both internally and externally.

Tips on how to buy Car Accessories online

Purchasing auto accessories is a tricky business, especially for the new car owners. That's because you'll find an endless variety of these car accessories and parts available in the market that often confuses you as a buyer. You're often left in a dilemma on which accessory you should choose and which not. However, you can end this confusion by simply following a few tips. Below we've listed a few of those tips that'll help you buy car accessories online in Dubai without much hassle.

  • Explore and research– As mentioned earlier, you'll find a plethora of car accessories trending on the market today. Moreover, each of these accessories has a specific role, designs, and brand. Therefore, you must be well aware of their types and styles first before you head out to purchase one. In other words, you must do your homework first. Find all kinds of accessories available out there. Typically, you can find all this information on online search engines itself.
  • Set your preference– Once, you have a fair idea about the market, it's then time to set your choice straight. Depending on the type of accessory you're interested in, you can shortlist some of the products you need to keep your vehicle running smoothly. For instance, if you want to maintain your car's cleanliness, then you should sort out such car accessories that help you keep your car interiors and exteriors spotless.
  • Know your pocket– Of course, you want the best of the bests. However, you must also keep in mind that setting your preference is not about the types and styles. You ought to bear in mind the budget too while hunting down these products. Make sure you have an idea of the amount you want to spend on these car accessories and then get them. This will undoubtedly save you a lot of time and energy by focusing and narrowing down your search options.
  • Compare features– Once you have the type, budget and your preference in place, compare the features of the products. You could also compare the prices of several auto parts from different brands and shops. The product that has maximum features and the one that's in your budget is your best pick. Also, its highly possible that you can get certain car accessories at a cheaper rate from other shops or online outlets. So, make sure to check out different online stores and compare products before buying.
  • Look out for safety– Last but not least, security is a crucial aspect that you must consider when you buy car accessories online. You need to remember that all your car parts and accessories must comply with the safety standards. Therefore, to ensure the safety of your car accessories, its best to purchase exotic car accessories. In other words, do not compromise on quality just to save a few bucks. You could go for branded products. They give style along with quality.

The bottom line is that, if you want to shop the best car accessories online, then keep your eyes and ears open. In other words, evaluate your driving style and then make a decision. We hope the above tips will guide you in the right direction and help you to choose the perfect accessories for your car. And once you've purchased one then make sure that you give the care and maintenance it needs to retain its style, shape, and quality for a longer period.

Question & Answer

Why are car accessories essential?

Cars are a common automotive in today's progressive society. Almost every single person out there has some kind of SUV or a car. However, the catch here is to enhance and maintain it at top performance. Now, that's when these car accessories come in handy. These accessories not only help keep the vehicle looking good but also ensures that your vehicle keeps running in the top-notch condition. Furthermore, they make your long rides comfortable and safe.

How to buy car accessories online?

As stated earlier, several factors come into play when you shop for car accessories online. One of the first and foremost is to explore and understand their types. Once you familiarise yourself with their models, you must then set your preference and budget. Both of these factors are crucial, as they're primarily also the deciding factor when it comes to purchasing the accessories. Apart from that, you must always look out for the quality as a good quality accessory will have a longer lifespan.

Where to buy car accessories?

Which accessories are you looking for? Probably a high-quality dashcam or the simple battery testers? Either way, is the best place to fulfil all your car accessory needs. You can find here an extensive collection of car part and accessories from popular brands and online stores. Menakart, Mamas & Papas, Brands for Less, are a few of them to name. What's more, you can compare the prices, styles, and features of these products only on our product comparison site.

Which car accessories are in style?

Today, you'll find all types of accessories for cars out there in the market. We've seen plenty of them in this article. Car antennas, car security, parking systems, towbars, safety hammers, rims, and vent mount are a few more that helps you take your car's interiors and exteriors a notch higher. Make sure to check out brands like PromateTouchmateMerlinTchibo, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Renault, Honda, VW, Audi Range, Rover, Lexus, BMW, and Pajero. They bring you an endless collection of car supplies of highest-quality. 

With all this, let us be clear that, you’ll not need every single accessory that we mentioned in this article. Besides, it will be too expensive to get them all. Therefore, its best to assess the kind of driving you do and look at the potential emergencies you might experience on the roads you travel frequently. Keeping all this in mind, start your shopping here and explore countless accessories from more than 500 online stores!