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Quite often, your car doesn’t start when you need to go somewhere or when you need them the most. And indeed, this may be the worst feeling for every car owner. That’s why you need to keep the start cables, more commonly known as jumper cables, handy. 

These jumper cables are a useful member of your emergency driving kit. Not only do they get you out of any problematic situation, but they also take up very little space in your trunk. Besides, they’re safe and easy to use. However, you need to ensure that you adhere to some necessary safety precautions. Of course, you need a reliant someone willing to lend his battery of their vehicle to jump-start yours. And most motorists do offer you theirs. However, the real challenge here is to find the best jumper cables amidst the countless options out there in the market. Fortunately, in this article, we’ll be highlighting some of the top jumper cables out there and a few smart tips to choose the ideal one.

The different types of start cables to choose from 

Having a start cable with you is truly a lifesaver. But that’ll depend on the kind of cable you have. You’ll find several types of cables out there. However, it’s best to go for the ones that are cheap and easy to install. In other words, although most start cables might be similar, the truth is far away from this. Each cable has a different design, purpose and, of course, characteristics. You need to be aware of the product features to pick the right one. And with so many options out there, how would you choose the perfect one? Well, to make things easier for you. We’ve compiled a list of those jumper cables that you can undoubtedly add to your emergency kit.

The best booster cables

Of course, most of you prefer a reliable and heavy-duty set of smart cables that’ll help you start a wide range of vehicles. Well, the start cable with four gauge X 20ft from CARTMAN offers you all that and more. The tool uses a 12/24-volt auto battery and is resistant to rain, motor oil, and chemicals. Besides, they’re very user-friendly, and you can easily use them because they do not tangle up. Apart from that, the device also comes with a T-Prene coating. This makes them super flexible even in temperatures as low as -13F and helps you store them easily. Additionally, the clamps have colour-coded triple-polarity identification. 

The perfect jumper cables four gauge

A 4 gauge cable is always the ideal choice for any type of vehicle. Moreover, the models like heavy-duty jumper cables from TOPDC are copper-coated aluminium that efficiently conducts electricity and power. Also, the tool has a PVC coating that stays flexible in temperatures from -40F to 167F. Additionally, they also come with copper-coated clamps that are sturdy and that fit to the side. Some even fit the top post of the batteries with no danger of them falling off. These self-jumper cables are tangle-free and come with a higher resistance insulator. This, in turn, facilitates maximum protection to prevent corrosion and rust.

The heavy-duty battery jumper cables

Quite often, your battery giving vehicle wouldn’t be standing close to you. Well, in such cases, you usually require an extra-long cable. Well, the heavy-duty start cables from Energizer offers you a cable of 25 feet in length. With such a length, you can easily reach from one vehicle to another even in challenging locations, especially when one vehicle is parked behind the other. This particular model helps you start a weak or even a completely dead battery of a car, van or even a heavy-duty truck. Also, the copper clad aluminium single gauge cables come with red and black PVC insulation. This makes them both tangle-free and flexible down to shallow temperatures like -40C.

The premium auto battery jump starter

What if you have nobody to offer you his/her vehicle battery. Vehicles owners quite often find themselves in such situations. Well, the solution is simple. You need to have the auto jumper cables in your vehicle gear. Well, if you’re in search of such a start cable, then the Auto Jumper Cables from Violamart is your best pick. Typically, they’re a professional set of 20 foot, 1200 amp start cables. With such high power, you could easily use them to jump-start a family car or even large agricultural or commercial vehicles. Besides this, the heavy-duty cable is much thicker when compared to the others. Also, you can rely on them even when the ambient temperature drops below freezing.

Tips on how to buy Start Cables online

As mentioned earlier, the market brings you a wide range of inferior and superior models that may or may not perform well. Some start cables are too short, while some are too long. Moreover, you’ll find those that are ideal for a regular passenger vehicle, while others are perfect for heavy-duty ones. In short, you’ll find a plethora of their types in the market. And picking out the perfect one can become a bit challenging. However, we’ve laid out a few tips to help you jumper cables online in Dubai effortlessly.

  • Consider the length – Remember the jumper cable must at least be 12 feet long. In some cases, you could also go for longer ones. The extra-long start cables allow you to connect to cars that are not parked facing one another. Therefore, it can be beneficial when you’re stuck in the busy streets. Thus, make sure to always check out the length of the cables before you buy jumper cables online.
  • Look out for the thickness – The start cables come in different thicknesses. The thicker the cable is, the better and more durable they are. If you find the label heavy-duty on jumper cables, it means very little unless you see the cable thickness specs along with it. Therefore, it’s best to check out the thickness among the specs when you’re purchasing them online.
  • Check out the clamps – Clamps are one of the essential parts of the cable. Thus, when you pick the start cables, ensure that the clamps have strong teeth to make sure that they stay connected to the battery when you’re using them. It’s even better if you can fit them both on top and side port batteries. However, make sure that they have rubber wrapping to assure safety.
  • Assess the insulation – Surely, rubber wrapping is efficient. However, it’s best to choose the start cables that have strong insulation. Ideally, the insulation of PVC will be resistant to damage by chemicals and oil. Some even prevent the cable from tangling and will keep it flexible at low temperatures. And this is important.

So, there you have it -the essentials to consider when you set out to buy the start cables online. Obviously, you need to set a budget. But will you get what you pay for? Well, this entirely depends on the way you choose your product. Because, in the end, everything boils down to your personal preference. But, think of it as an investment, because a set of jumper cables lasts for many years. Just make sure that you pick the right one here on our product search engine. We hope the guide above will help you do so!

Question & Answer

How to use jumper cables?

Of course, walking towards your car after a long day only to find it doesn’t start is the worst-case scenario. So, no matter how old or new your car is, you must have a jumper cable handy. But having them along isn’t enough. You must know how to use them. Well, typically, you begin by parking your vehicle next to a vehicle with a good battery. You then need to open the hood of both the vehicles and locate the batteries. Then, locate the positives and negatives. Next, connect the jumper cables to it, keeping the positives and negatives of the battery in mind. Then start the functioning car’s engine and wait for a few minutes. Then start the idle car’s engine and wait for a few minutes. Once your car starts, you can carefully remove the clamps.

When don’t the jumper cables work?

Remember, good and clean connections and car accessories are significant when it comes to jump-starting your vehicles with start cables. Many a time, the cables come with anti-corrosion paint or gel. This may hinder your attempt to start your vehicle. Besides, make sure that you’ve connected the cables to the right polarities on both vehicles. A faulty one on either of them will lead to the shutting off the cables. Apart from this, some cheap jumper cables do not work, because of their poor quality.

Can jumper cables charge a battery?

Yes. With the set of right jumper cables, you can quickly charge and jump-start your vehicle. However, make sure that you follow the correct steps and procedures while connecting the jumper cables and recharging the dead battery. You can do that by transferring energy from the functional car battery. Also, ensure that you have proper gear while performing all these procedures.

Are eight gauge jumper cables good?

Gauge is typically a given numerical value in the product description. It describes how thick the wire is inside the cable. In fact, it’s a good indicator of the quality of the product. To put it another way, a low gauge number gives you a thicker wire. So, if you want to jump-start a truck, you need a four gauge wire. To jump-start car supplies, you’ll need a 6-8 gauge cable. Therefore, we can conclude that gauges with a value of 8 are ideal for regular passenger cars.

Which jumper cables to buy online in UAE?

You’ll find several cables out there in the market. However, you must pick only the ones that are high in quality and performance. We’ve stated the essentials you need to look for in the start cables to get them right. However, you could still consider checking out the models from popular brands like Energizer, Forney, Bayco, JFC, and Coleman. They offer you a comprehensive collection of high-quality start cables that come with high-tech features.