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About License Plate Holders

License plate holders on your car serve two purposes: protection and beautification. While protection is necessary, you can choose from basic to upgraded models to give the license plate a unique and aesthetic appeal. These are the two key factors, but there is more to the purchase. What brand to consider? What budget range should you have? Where to explore? And, what if you don’t buy a plate holder? Is there an alternative?

A license plate without a holder can bend and deform much early. And if it continues to be like that, it can hide the content of the plate that is a legal offence you do not want to be part of. This is how a license plate holder protects the sanity of your car as well as save you from legal actions. The online marketplace is not only about protecting the license plate. You will see various designs, styles, and patterns to choose from. But keep in mind whatever you buy complement the present aesthetics of your vehicle. This is just an overview of the product. You should know more in detail. So, read, explore, compare, then buy to grab the best of all.

Mounting styles you may not have noticed until yet

Many of you may not notice the mounting holes on the frame, but there are many different options. You can either choose to have a two-hole mounting style or a four-hole mounting. It is a very small detail but adds significant value. You can also choose to have a towing eye style if you have a premium or a sports car. It is basically used to tow the vehicle, but most of the time, it is holding up the license frame. Then, there are other styles as well. You can opt for the right-angle mount, quick release mounts, or even digital plates that are quite trendy. If you want something temporary, magnetic mounts are a great choice. There are more to explore, and you can pick any that fits your car’s aesthetics.

Front license plate mount 

Mounting a license plate holder in the front end of the car needs more attention than the rear end. And the reason is that carmakers do not put enough room for the plates in the front end. If you do not pay attention and buy the wrong size and design, the front license plate mount will look tacked on. You should also know that Dubai’s transport authority has standardised the vehicle plates design with varying price tags. One of the luxurious plates can cost you AED500, and then there are rest with higher or lower price tags. You can search and find the best suited for your car. It should fit securely and not compromise with the content visibility. Otherwise, the automatic license vehicle plate reader will find difficulty in reading, and that has its legal consequences. Just choose the right mounting solution, and nothing can go wrong!

Personalised license plate frames 

Personalisation with license plate holders is interesting. You can inscribe a message, broadcast a hobby, add a little bling, or any other decorative piece. Also, if yours is a commercial vehicle, you can go on marketing your brand, business, idea, or website. Other than that, if you feel deeply influenced by a cause and want to contribute – now you know another way of it. You can also raise awareness or show your accomplishments. It’s a great gifting option too. You can personalise the gift taking care of the recipient’s likes and dislikes. There are a lot of reasons to buy online license plate holders in Dubai, and you shouldn’t miss to personalise them.  

Audi license plate frame 

Let’s talk about a particular car brand and see all the options of license plate holders you can get in the online marketplace. Speaking of the Audi brand, the frames with chrome and a Quattro logo come first in mind. For the frame, you can choose carbon fibre, black powder: coat or polished finish. Out of all, carbon fibre is an expensive addition that you might want to check on. You can explore more options on our retail search engine with a flexible budget range. Here, you can find other brands and their particular plate holders other than generalised products. So, hop on to it and commence your shopping drive now.

Tips on how to buy License Plate Holder

Personalising the license holder and choosing the aesthetics will be upon you to consider. However, there are other factors you must know before buying license plate holders. All these have been compiled here in a bulleted list. There can be more, but as you proceed further to explore the product, you will gradually find out the rest. You can read these tips and aim to make your purchase an informed decision.

  • Mounting style – The style very much depends on the number of holes you decide to drill. Two-hole mounting or four-hole mounting are popular styles from which you can choose. But before that, you need to check your vehicle’s space, decide the number of mounting holes, then buy the compatible hardware.
  • Frame material – Durability is what comes to mind while looking for the right materials. Stainless steel and carbon fibre are durable options. Other than that, you can find plastic or chrome as well. Choosing one depends on your budget, taste, compatible options, and personal preferences. You can read reviews or ask for a recommendation for validation.
  • Damage prevention – The license frame must not vibrate when the vehicle is moving. And the paint damage is a serious problem consumers face. To prevent such situations, you should remember to include spacers that create a barrier between your vehicle and license frame.
  • Frame style – A few popular styles include slimline, semi-wide bottom, and wide bottom. You can find more on our retail search engine. However, if you go to wider frames, make sure the content is clearly visible as per your state laws.
  • Mounting hardware – Fasteners will vary according to the make and model of your vehicle. You can use the one you get with the plate purchase. However, you can upgrade to stainless steel hardware anytime because it doesn’t rust or corrode.
  • Finishing touch – Do you not want your mounting hardware to be visible? You can cover them with hardware hider caps or stainless-steel security caps. Sometimes, stainless–steel caps are screwed serves the purpose of preventing license frame theft. These small details can make the purchase durable and sturdy.

We are pretty sure that these tips are worthwhile. Proceeding with that, you may like to have a handy list of brand names to commence your shopping drive now. Well, some of the names include JPcycles, Kuryakyn, Delux, BMW, Tesla, and many more. You will find them all or even more on our shopping platform, Or you can also search out our discounted section as we have got some license plate holders for sale.

Question & Answer

Why should you buy a license plate frame?

The foremost reason to buy a license plate frame is protection. You can protect your license plate from deteriorating, meaning a frame can make the plate durable. There is one more reason to buy this product, and that is upgrading your vehicle’s aesthetics. The online marketplace today has lots of variations that can complement your automobile. You should explore different and unique designs to get the best-suited one. Despite all these advantages, remember that the plate and frame will only last long if you buy a quality product. So, set your priorities accordingly.

How to install the license plate bracket?

There are four ways to mount a front license plate. The first way out is by using an existing plate bracket wherein you need to remove the screws, remove the frame and align the new one. Second, you can use an adhesive-mounted bracket, but this bracket must match the make and model of your automobile. The third is the tow hook bracket that works only if you have a tow hook anchor. Forth and the last process is by drilling holes into the front bumper. You can choose the mounting type from mentioned options and mount it yourself or ask an expert.

Where to buy license plate holders?

There are many reliable brands in the online marketplace you can check out for the best buy. A few mentions include JPCycles, Deluxe, and Kuryakyn. Here, you can get a plate mount, necessary hardware, and other related items, all under one roof. You can also explore more car accessories as we have a dedicated section for your needs. There are countless brands and car supplies that you can find here on