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About Side Wind Deflectors

Some car accessories, although they look insignificant, have some real benefits. Side wind deflectors are an example of this. They allow you to enjoy cool air blowing through your car windows even in bad weather.

Side wind deflectors usually work by channelling the rainwater and snow away from the window. But besides that, these deflectors also help improve the aerodynamics of your car. In fact, installing a deflector is one of the cheapest and quickest ways to improve your driving experience. They are a highly useful upgrade in both winter and summer. They allow you to open windows even in rainy conditions while keeping the rain out of the cabin of the vehicle. Read this article to know more about them. This will help you make the right choice while shopping for them.

A guide to car side wind deflectors

Basically, a side wind deflector is a piece of glass or any other material that juts out around the window of the car. It will look like a sunshade but protects the passengers from rain and wind. Even though it is simple to describe a deflector, it is a bit more complex than that. Deflectors come with a couple of different attachments and in a variety of different styles. This article will give you a good idea of that you need before buying one for your car. In this article, you will also find some awesome tips that you can follow while shopping for these products online.

In-Channel deflectors

You don’t have to use adhesives or fret over to install in-channel deflectors. This type of deflectors latches on to the window channel using clips. If you don’t want to use glues to fix deflectors on the car, then in-channel deflectors are the best option. Because of the way they attach to the car, they are less prone to accidentally coming off and are easier to remove. If you push the clamp and pull the deflector in the right direction, it will come off easily. However, if you don’t fix it in the right manner, you will hear rattling noise from the deflectors when you drive.

Tape-on deflectors

Because they use adhesives instead of clamps, tape-on deflectors give better freedom when it comes to the location of the deflector. You don’t necessarily have to fix these deflectors near the window channel. Some countries prohibit any installations near the side window that can obstruct the visibility of the driver. Because in-channel deflectors sit closer to the window, you might get a ticket for using them depending on where you are. Moreover, if you are going for third party window rain guards, tape-on models are better because they will be compatible with a wide range of models.

Installing car window wind deflectors

The proper way of installing wind deflectors depends on the model of the deflector. Tape-on deflectors go outside the window frame. So, you have to mark the proper position for the deflector using masking tapes. After removing the protective layer on the adhesive strip, align the deflector with the masking tape and press it firmly into position. Wait for a few hours before you drive the car. Installing an in-channel deflector is way easier than this. You only have to place the deflector into the window channel and make sure that the clips are fixed in their proper slots.

Pros and cons of wind deflectors

Most people install deflectors because it protects the passengers from the gush of wind and keeps the water out while it is drizzling. While driving with the windows rolled down, deflectors divert the wind around the car instead of gushing directly onto the passengers, which can be uncomfortable during long trips. Some people install these deflectors simply because they look good on the car. The downside of deflectors is that they do obstruct the visibility of the driver to a small extent. However, this can be avoided by using a tape-on deflector.

Tips on how to buy Side Wind Deflectors Online

You cannot choose any random wind deflector for your car and call it a day. For the deflector to work and look good on your car, the deflector has to be of the right type, model, and finish. There are thousands of different deflector models on the market. However, it is still possible to find the right one if you know what factors to look for in them. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you are shopping for side wind deflectors online.

  • Type of deflector – First of all, you have to decide what type of deflectors you want on your car; tape-on or in-channel. Consider the look of each type of deflector and your local laws before deciding on the deflector. Also, keep in mind that tape on deflectors sticks to the outside of the window panel. Removing a tape on the deflector might cause damage to the paint job.
  • Compatibility – You have to make sure that the deflector is going to fit your car. In the case of in-channel deflectors, you should only use a deflector made specifically for your car model. Otherwise, the deflector might not fit inside the window channel. Tape-on deflectors offer a bit more flexibility. However, you still have to make sure that the size and shape are suitable for your car.
  • Ease of installation – This is a major factor to look for. Unless you are going to get the deflectors installed by a professional car mechanic, you don’t want to fiddle with a deflector that is difficult to fix on to the car. And if it is a tape on a deflector, it is always better if the deflector comes preinstalled with an adhesive layer.
  • Material and Style – Plastic deflectors are more common than any other material. Plastic deflectors are light and cheap. Even then, they come in a few different colours and finishes. These include clear, dark black, and chrome finishes. Choose any of these finishes that suit your style and aesthetic.

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Question & Answer

Are side window deflectors useful?

It depends on how you mostly use the car. The function of a side window deflector is to keep wind and rain from getting inside the car. And it works well. However, this is only useful if you are driving with windows down. Otherwise, the window glass will do this job way better than deflectors. Moreover, it is illegal to drive on a freeway with windows down in many places around the world. However, some people install deflectors not for the functional benefits but for the style. In this case, a deflector can enhance the look of the car.

How do side window deflectors work?

Side window deflectors are useful in two aspects. First, and most obvious, use of the deflectors is that it makes it more comfortable for the passengers to sit in the car with windows down. They will reduce the hammering effect of the wind and also protect the passengers from water while it rains. But the second less obvious benefit is actually a little more technical. Because of the way wind enters the inside of a car while windows are down, it will affect the aerodynamics of the vehicle and make it more unstable. Side window deflectors can reduce this effect by redirecting the flow of the air around the vehicle.

Where to buy side window deflectors in the UAE?

The side wind deflector is a really handy accessory to add to your vehicle. It has both functional and aesthetic benefits. But, for the deflector to work well and to look good on your car, you have to make sure to choose the right model. Fortunately, there are numerous places offering them here on It is incredibly easy to find the right type of deflector using our shopping search engine. You will also be able to buy them for really affordable prices on Our product search engine is home to more than 500 shops and brands, including Rugged Ridge, Auto Ventshade, Icon, Weathertech, and Mifeier.