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If you are regularly parking your car in the streets, you might have the idea of the fact that car bumper protection is not an option – it’s a necessity. This is because parallel parking is one of the major recorded causes of car bumper scratches.

The fact, it does not take much to damage the bumper of your car. Just a few bumps during parallel parking manoeuvre is all it takes to get lifelong damage and scars. Without proper bumper protection, the car will be susceptible to scratches – every single time you park. A fine quality full bumper protector will block all the unwanted impacts from running the bumper’s finish. Technically defining a bumper is a structure integrated or attached to the motor vehicle’s rear or front ends. It is meant to absorb impact in a minor collision and minimize repairing costs due to such damages. A bumper is a must for every modern-day car. However, what’s added are the front bumper guards for trucks and all other types of 4-wheel vehicles. Let’s explore and understand what and why they are.

Complete guide to car bumpers protection

No matter how skilled and careful a driver you are, it is easy to pick scuffs and scraps on your car bumper. It could be from a tight parking space to reversing out of a narrow garage. At the same time, rare bumpers are susceptible to damage from heavy-duty activities and bear the mood swings of dogs and pets when they get in and out. With most modern cars having painted bumpers, these scrapers start to look unsightly, and thus they need some outer protection. Only then do they remain secure and maintain the resale value of the car. The good news for car owners is that plenty of car bumper protectors is available on the market. Here is a quick guide to bumper protectors for your car.

Introduction to bumper corner protectors

These protectors are meant to cover the corners of your bumpers and look like part of your car’s trim. These protectors are also known as protectors’ strips. They work by shielding bumpers from scraps and scuffs that you may collect during a car park or driving on narrow roads. Generally, they come in materials like flexible PVC or rubber and conform to the bumper’s shape. Hence, they are versatile and ideal for different types of cars and bumper styles. Usually, you can find them in simple colours like chrome, silver and black. Moreover, they may find transparent protectors. Luckily, you can easily install them using the self-adhesive material on the back of the protector.

Rear bumper protectors

The rear bumper protectors are also known as bumper guards. These guards sit on the top of the rear bumper. Hence, protect it from damage caused by locating items in and out of your boot. It includes heavy and bulky things like golf clubs, suitcases, DIY gear, or prams. This type of bumper guard is easy to install and can be done and undone at home. Usually, one needs a standard automotive tape to attach it. However, there are models where you can attach them using bolts and fittings. These bumpers are widely available in rigid materials like stainless steel and high-impact ABS plastic. These types of bumpers come in different designs to fit your specific car model.

Bumper flap guards

These types of bumpers work just like the bumper guards stated above. They help in shielding the top or rear bumper. However, rather than being attached to the bumper itself, they get attached to the inside of the boot. You can do it with the help of Velcro and fold outward as a flap. You can simply roll than out when you wish to load the boot and fold them outward again when not in use. Generally, these guards are made from rubber or Neoprene fabric. These guards are ideal for pet owners who want a temporary bumper guard. When buying a flap guard, makes sure the selected item fits well on your car bumper. You can also find products that claim universal fit, but it’s often not the truth.

The bumper protector film

These films are also among the most admired bumper protectors available in the market. Usually, they are clear and come in the shape of a film. You can apply these protectors over the surface of the bumper to protect from light scuffs or scratches (including scratches from pets). Such transparent films allow the original paint colour to show through. They are easy to apply and remove and cause no damage to the paint of the car. Most kits come with simple self-adhesive material on the backside. Hence, for applying, you just need to remove the adhesive cover and use it neatly where required. Here another plus point is that you can easily cut it in the shape of your bumper if required.

Tips on how to buy Bumper Protector strips online in the UAE

It is an unfortunate part of owning a car, but there are always bumps and damages. Most of these are the result of minor mistakes or a gift of the pet’s mood swings. When you cannot deal with the moods of your pets, you can put a little more effort into protecting your car. Worse parking skills or angry dogs, whatever the case is, having a guard on the bumper is much more affordable than having to replace it. Luckily there’s a wide range of cheap bumper protectors for sale. If you can find a good quality, the protection of your vehicle is evident. Among these many choices, here is how you need to process things when it comes to buying bumper protectors online in Dubai. Let’s get started in the following without any further delay.

  • The brand considerations – The brand for any specific car accessory has its value. Plus, it should be your top priority. A best-seller brand like Atmomo or Bumper Badger can offer you the best quality possible. So, go for branded car bumper protectors and enjoy peace of mind.
  • The quality of material – Quality is another primary concern for car bumpers and other products. Surely a high-quality material will last longer and protect better than one with poor raw material. You should prefer bumpers that have metal, foam or rubber in them.
  • The type of bumper – The next concern is your bumper and assessment of what kind of impacts it generally has to deal with. Consider the built-in capabilities of the bumper itself, including its durability and shock absorption capacities and choose a protector accordingly.
  • The fitting – This is another crucial element that one must bear in mind. Make sure you check the length, width and thickness of your car before you head to purchase its protector. The protector must fit well and cover the entire area on your bumper.
  • The price factor – The price of any practical product is indeed a strong motivator for finalizing a deal. So, make sure you are considering and comparing the price of different options throughout the process of hunting. Buy within your budget.

Last but not least, if you are confused about what is the best bumper protection for the car, consult an expert. You can reach out to your peer to understand the top 10 bumper protectors for cars. If not, go online to know the best selling product. Reach different brands and explore their protectors. Now read the customer reviews and product details to know about the item selected. This homework surely does not need anything other than a bit of attention and time. But we are obvious that with our retail search engine , you can get quick hands on all the possible options for protecting your car bumpers from wear and tear.

Question & Answer

What is the bumper protection guard?

Also known as bumper guards, these are special gadgets for all types and sizes of cars. These gadgets help prevent your vehicle’s bumpers from getting unsightly dings, dents or scrapes. Thus, it helps to keep the value of the car. Today you can find many bumper protection guards that can make your car look better. In addition, these protection guards help you make your vehicle driving or parking less concerning experience as it protects the car’s bumper from all errors.

Is bumper protection important?

Bumpers are an important part of any car. They help reduce the shock and injuries to passengers in case of any collision but protect the car itself. Both front and rear bumpers on the car protect the car’s body and parts from damage. Adding a layer of bumper protection kill all the remaining chance of damage to the bumper and, ultimately, the car itself. In the meantime, many people use it to make their car starchless and protect it from pets and abrasions from their surroundings.

Which is the best bumper protection for cars?

The best bumper is of high quality and comes from reliable brands. With such specifications, many brands offer a wide collection of bumper protectors for a car online in the UAE. After studying top retail search engines, We are sharing the top 10 bumper protectors for cars. These items include; Parking Armor Rear Bumper Protector, Bumper-X Car Bumper Guard, Bumper Bully Extreme Gold Edition. Other includes Bumper Badger HD Edition, Metro Bumper Rear Bumper Guard, Bump-Tek Rear Bumper Protector, Luv-Tap Rear Bumper Guard, the City Bumper Guard, the T-Rex Bumper Protector and the FH Group Bumper Guard. Luckily all these items are easily available at stores like

Where to buy bumper protection in Dubai?

Here on we have more than 500 brands selling high-quality car accessories and gadgets. All the brands here are known for the quality and durability of car supplies . Some are; Bumpshox, Parking Armor, Atmomo, Bumper Badger, FH Group, and Bumper Guard. All these brands are professional manufacturers of car bumpers, protectors and other car accessories . With such professional expertise and years of experience, you can be sure to find bumper protectors for any type and size of car you have.