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About Radar Reminders

The purpose of radar reminders is to notify you of upcoming police radars on your way. Although the product is tempting, not all reminders are effective. A lot depends on the quality and durability of the product you own. Therefore, it is imperative that you spend some time and make an informed decision about buying this product if you really want to rely on your radar detector while driving to your destination.

There is something you must keep on top of your priority list when buying radar reminders. And that is the product you buy must be latest. There is a reason behind this requirement. You see, police radars keep updating with new features. It can happen that the latest police radar can detect a speedy vehicle miles away, or it can detect the accurate speed from a faraway distance. Either way, if you buy an old version, the police radar might have surpassed that technology. So, the first priority is the technology you buy. and for that, you need to investigate a little more and explore enough products online.

Types of radar detectors

Types of radar reminders depend on the technology it has to counter. For example, the radar waves need a basic radar detector that can signal you about the cops standing far away. In contrast, the police may have radar lasers instead. Then, you need advanced technology such as laser jammers to cut it off. You should also know a few terminologies associated with the product, such as “Kill the equipment” and JTK – “Jam to Kill”. You will find it written online while exploring the products, so do not think of them as something else as these are just some easy local terms. While shopping, you must scrutinise even the tiny details to ensure quality. By streamlining your approach this way, buying a radar detector online in Dubai won’t be a daunting task at all.

Police detector device

Usually, you must have seen radar guns in cops’ hands. The guns function by emitting radio waves that tells your car’s speed and show it on the screen of the gun. Now, the detector in your car can counter this technology by letting you know of such waves. What you can do is lower your speed under the limit at that time. However, the real question here is the frequency and targeting distance. Your radar reminder must be able to detect the waves from far, so you don’t get into the eyes of cops. You can check out some of our radar detectors in the best buy section. It has the latest features that you may be looking for.

Radar and  laser detector

Police use many types of devices for a precise assumption of a car’s speed. Out of the two most popular ones, radar gun is the old technique, still used though. They come in variations with frequencies and target distance. With an old gun in hand, a cop can see that the cars coming from far is speeding but cannot accurately say which one. On the other hand, radar lasers also have different target distances but are more precise than radar guns. If you have a detector or laser jammer in your car, your vehicle will not be caught. However, if a cop specifically targets your car and does not get any reading because detectors jammed it, he might feel suspicious. This kind of situation more likely happens in less jam-packed roads where cops can actually put an eye on every car.

Latest police sensors

Police sensors are constantly getting advanced and have started to offer precise results. Therefore, the counter technology has topped up as well. You will notice additional features while buying a radar reminder, a few we have listed here. So, the latest counter technology cannot just detect radar guns but also speed cameras. They can also alert you about red lights and other law enforcement activities. Some of them can also synchronise with your mobile phone, which is one interesting addition. You should be exploring them all under our car supplies section in order to grab the best one out of all.

Tips on how to buy Radar Reminders

Once you think about buying a radar detector, your first priority should be reading the local laws that state the limitations of using radar detectors. Once you are clear with what you can buy and what you cannot, you can easily fix your budget range and create the preferences list. Here, we have compiled a few preferences to help you and lessen your research time.

  • Pick the right technology – You cannot make the mistake of buying the technology that the cops do not even use in your locality. You must have an idea of your local areas based on which you can pick the product. Besides, you can rely on speed camera detectors if your drives are usually longer on highways because these roads often have cameras installed rather than cops patrolling.
  • Check product’s limitations – You may select the right technology, but specifications under it also matter. Frequency and targeting distances are getting better and better these days. So, the product you own must comply with the latest standards.
  • The number of laser jammer heads – Two jammer heads at front and rear ends are most common. Police prefer to shoot to the front, but the rear is also targeted at times. You can even choose a third head to analyse the incoming pulse rates and use the other two heads to return the proper rates.
  • Easy to install devices – A typical install of the laser jammers can take around 60 to 90 minutes. It is not that easy to install with all those wires, but considering the usual process, you must focus on making it as simple as you can. You can even go with wireless products if that sounds good to you.
  • Size of the product – There are big or small variants available in the market. The size can affect the performance, but the purpose is to hide it from the cops; you have to compromise a bit. Also, big-sized products come in the line of sight if placed that way. You have to be careful in this regard.
  • Suction cups or not – This decision depends on the placement. If you want to mount it high by the rear-view mirror, you don’t need suction cups there. However, mounting low or mid in the windshield require suction cups. Make sure you buy high-quality cups so they don’t fall off.

We hope the tips will help you in buying the right product. Along with the tips, a handy list of brands would be great to have. Some reputed names include k40, Escortradar, Rockymountain, and Stealth Veil. You can find all of these names or even more on our shopping search engine . If you want to explore products without being brand-specific, you can just hop on to our shopping platform and filter your requirements or check out some radar detectors for sale.

Question & Answer

Are radar detectors illegal?

It depends on the locations where you live because, at some places, the installation of radar detectors are completely illegal while others allow them up to a certain extent. For example, you can own these devices in some places but cannot use them in moving vehicles. Police won’t punish you for purchasing them, while there are places where even the possession is a crime. You can go through the lawbook of your region, state, or country, depending on your purpose, whether you are buying it for day-to-day activities or for a  long trip.

How to mount a radar detector?

First, you have to decide the placement where the detector has a clear view of the road, and you can avoid tickets. Aim straight to the road and do not block the antenna behind wipers or anything. Thus, the windshield is the best place. High on windshield or mid-windshield are both good options. Then, you have to manage the tangled cords as well. You can tuck the power cord through the headlining to keep it sorted. If you are able to follow the right approach and handle little things properly, the detector will work without errors.

What radar detector to buy?

There are many brands you can consider in this case. For example, Escortradar is one of the premium brands you can explore. This brand has patented its false alert filter technology. No doubt, the brand has created a niche for itself. It also has a real-time notifications system to keep you updated every time. However, there are many other names that are equally competent as Escortradar and even have special features. You should explore all and compare in order to grab the best buy. With over 500 shops offering car accessories in our, you will find high-end products and also a few cheap radar detectors to buy.