RC Vehicles

About RC Vehicles

An RC vehicle at home brings in a playful time with friends and family. The joy gets doubled when the toy replicates your favourite car, truck, boat, or any other vehicle and even equips similar features. If you are looking to buy a remote-control toy to gift someone, we bet he would be on cloud nine unpacking this. All you need to do is contemplate a few options until you find the best, and believe us, this would be your ultimate purchase.

All remote-control vehicles drive by remote commands. The features, brand, and looks are some prominent factors that make one product differ from another. However, the remote commands that a product possesses are fascinating enough to draw everybody’s attention. A few simple models may only have forward & backward commands, but more complex models can even have u-turn, flip, right, left, and even voice commands. It will take a little practice from you to make these complex commands work. A lot depends on the age and mental ability of the person as well. Thus, if you are gifting the toy to someone, you must consider the eligibility that is mostly written on the packages.

Types of remote-control vehicles

Remote control vehicles broadly differ in technical bent. They have got a grading system, knowing which you can decide upon the product with ease. Or at least the initial worry of whether the product will suit the owner or not will subside. The grading system has five divisions: toy-grade, hobby-grade, electric models, nitro models, and gasoline models. Although toy-grade models are just replicas of vehicles without remote commands, they are still a hit amongst small children. You may have grasped an understanding of the products built by their names. To dig in more, we would like you to visit our shopping search engine. Whether it is to buy an electric RC vehicle online or a nitro model, we have a wide range to comply with your requirements.

Remote control helicopters

Drones are well-known to the world’s audience, owing to their multifaceted applications in many industries. Whether you are a professional gamer or an enthusiast, you already admire this product due to its capabilities. Apart from the gaming world, photography professionals buy RC vehicles with a camera to capture different angles during a photo shoot or video shoot. Food delivery, fitness tracking, news coverage, and security are some other applications of these vehicles adapted worldwide. With such broad applications, you will find a plethora of features and designs to choose from. So, you must spend ample time in research before grabbing this product. Do not even hesitate to ask for recommendations and read reviews online. Think of it as a must, considering the product’s usage arena.

Remote control boat

Remote control vehicles are known for the adrenaline rush they provide. However, the boat’s variety is a little comforting and relaxing. If you are looking for a fun day with family and friends, you can take your boat and glide it across the pond. You will relish the time, for sure. Also, boat racing is recognised by International Sailing Federation. You must look at the technical bent of the product if you are willing to participate in professional racing competitions. Looking into it, engine type, hull type, and battery are the three most concerning factors here. All in all, you have a lot to contemplate while buying an RC toy, so do not miss out on any information, feedback, or an expert’s suggestion.

Off-road RC cars

The type of terrain is a vital factor to notice while buying RC vehicles. If we talk indoors, you can then buy RC vehicles with tracks. However, off-roading with RC cars or trucks is a different experience overall. It is as fascinating as it sounds. Their bigger sizes, unique features, realistic looks, and technically advanced remote-control commands make your experience realistic. We would like to mention a few brand names you can visit. These are Double Eagle, New Bright, Traxxas, and Carrera. To explore more, you should hop on to our shopping platform and check out our dedicated section of toys.

Tips on how to buy RC Vehicles

As toys nowadays are more than simple plastic models, them being enduring enough is a need. You might already know what kind of RC vehicle you need, but a bit more clarity regarding the specifications can level up your purchase. In the end, you can grab durable, sturdy, aesthetical, and something within your budget. We have compiled a few fine points in that matter, hoping they would help you in selecting the right product.

  • Realistic and accurate – When you buy a toy model of a real full-size car, you want the same features and design without any missing elements. You will get it with a little discrepancy among brands. In that case, it would be good if you explore more brands rather than just exploring your favourite ones.
  • Consider the scale – In layman’s terms, it is the size of the vehicle. If the model says the scale is 1:10, that means the product is 1/10th of the size of the actual model. Similarly, you can figure out other size ranges. You can further check the dimensions and be more clear about the size of the product.
  • Separate purchases – It is displeasing to look at your package and find it without batteries or chargers and that you cannot use it right away. Thus, you must check the total items that the package will contain upon arrival. If there is a necessary item needed, you can buy that along with your main purchase. You should also look at storage units, cleaning, and maintenance accessories.
  • Compatibility quotient – Avoid impulse purchases as much as you can. Take ample time to look around different products, reading about them, and asking experts. Top of all, you must know your requirements first. If you fancy an off-roading car, you must check out everything or even compare it with other types. So, consider your purpose in mind and invest your money in the right product.
  • Ease of use – It depends on whether you are an expert or a beginner. You do not want continuous flipping and tossing of your toy, resulting in internal or external damages. So, make sure you buy something you can handle well, considering the kind of terrain and speed.

We hope the tips have been helpful. You may find more elements essential to consider while exploring the products. The time spent and knowledge gained can lead you to the best possible outcome. So, commence your shopping drive now and bring home the best. Our shopping platform in this matter can present you with the options you want to see.

Question & Answer

Are RC vehicles a waste of money?

You might be thinking buying an RC vehicle is a waste of money upon seeing the price tag. But we would like you to look at the benefits, especially when your child wants to remain alone. If you too struggle with your child to take him out and play, there is nothing better than an RC vehicle purchase. It also strengthens your bond with him. At last, he will jump up to play outside without craving to sit all day in front of the screen playing video games. The playtime with RC toys enhances spatial awareness, which means understanding and responding better to changing objects. It even helps your child have better coordination. So, all in all, an RC vehicle does not sound like a waste of money at all. And about your budget concern, we would like you to explore our shopping platform with products in a flexible budget range.

What is the fastest RC vehicle in the UAE?

You can find the fastest models in the Traxxas, Tornado, and HPI brands. While you explore these options, you will find unique designs in every brand that will fantasise you more than anything. The Traxxas monster truck, with its ruggedness, is perfect for off-road fun. The Tornado EPX Pro is a ready-to-run electric buggy that has traction and stability matching its features. And HPI has got a Racing RS4, its heritage edition designed to celebrate Ford company’s 100th anniversary. The mentioned options can be great for big kids, but you might think of them as a bit over-the-top for toddlers. You can head to our shopping search engine to explore RC toys for all ages.

What is the best scale for RC vehicles for toddlers?

1:20 or 1:18 can be the perfect scale when buying remote control vehicles for toddlers. This scale means the toy is 1/20 or 1/18th of the size of the original model. Toddlers can easily navigate, handle, and coordinate the toy when it is of the correct size. After all, what is the purpose if they cannot enjoy the toy or if the toy keeps on disobeying their remote commands? All this can set their mood off, and they will keep their distance from the toy, which is not what you want. So, exploring the right size is as important as checking the features, design, and brands. If you are confused, you can compare two different sizes, read reviews, or watch online videos.

Where to buy RC vehicles online?

Our retail search engine can be an excellent platform to kickstart your shopping drive for remote-controlled cars, helicopters, RC trucks, boats, and whatnot. Here, you can find brands like Carrera, WLtoys, Tamiya, Rastar, Dickie Toys, and many more. All these brands or even competitive names are available to explore. With such diversity in products, you can find unique features like a toy with a camera, products for off-roading, vehicles with tracks, and lots more. Plus, RC drift cars for sale and many other products at cheap prices are available as well. So, hop on to the platform now and start scrolling down the products online.