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About RC Aircraft

Whether it is about paper-folded gliders or real aeroplanes, kids are totally fascinated with machines that fly high in the sky. An RC aircraft can be an exciting pick, for that matter. Let us explore more. 

An RC aircraft helps your little one explore their creativity and remain engaged for hours. They are miniature replicas of aeroplanes that come in various sizes, shapes and styles. Some may come in an ultra-grade construction, whereas others with advanced STOL capabilities. One of the most important characteristics to look for in an RC plane is a sturdy construction that can resist any impact or fall. If you are new to aircraft, let’s get aware of the popular varieties they come in. Also, you will find some helpful tips on how to buy RC aircraft online in Dubai towards the end.

Exploring different types of RC aircraft

RC planes are not as easy as they may seem to first time buyers. You must look for a robust plane for beginner kids, not too fast and not too large. A stable and decent sized plane would help your kid gain some experience for the first few flights. So, you can go for a long wing trainer or where the wings are placed over the fuselage. After mastering the basics, you may seek less stable planes than trainer planes and make better aerobatic planes. These are sport and aerobatic planes. Those who love challenges can find pylon racers, ducted fan models or scale models a good fit. In the market, you can find expensive models for cheap RC planes based on your preferences. For the first time, if you are buying it, read on to explore more about popular RC planes. 

Flying model RC aeroplanes for beginners

There is a huge variety to choose from for RC planes as per your command of flying. You can select from ready to fly, plug and play and self-build model plane kits. However, there are some specialized kits for beginners that are robust and can tolerate some user errors. Manufacturers design them in a way that they can resist bumps and knocks caused by an inexperienced RC’s flyers landings. These trainer planes are mostly crash-resistant and hence durable. 

 RC aeroplane with a camera

An RC plane with a camera, i.e. drone, is more fun than a normal RC plane. If your kid knows the basics, you can take them to advanced versions equipped with a camera for aerial photography and videos. It is basically an added layer of fun to the flying! There are two ways you can have one. Get a plane that already has a camera, or get a simple one and attach a camera. Drones are typically faster than other RC aeroplanes. Manufacturers design them in a way that they get more aerodynamic. Hence they become faster in cutting through the air. Furthermore, these RC aircraft are lighter and convenient to carry anywhere. 

RC floatplane

If you are accessing a slow river or lake, RC floatplanes can be challenging and fun. The floats are made up of lightweight and tough foam. It has pre-bent wire struts, which get a slot into the landing gear slots below the fuselage. In addition, a larger prop is there with the float set. A floatplane needs more thrust to overcome the extra weight and drag that the floats create through air and water. 

Tips on how to buy RC Aircraft in Dubai

Having an RC aircraft is not lesser than a luxury for kids. They love it, have fun and enjoy the adventure for hours. However, purchasing one can be a daunting task. You will get many options in the market varying based on design, power, number of channels, price, durability and more factors. So, to stop you from overwhelming yourself, here are some guiding tips that would help you choose an appropriate one for your kid.

  • Design– It is common for beginners to purchase a remote-control plane that is fast and looks good while flying. However, it could be a serious mistake as the essential factor to consider by a beginner should be the stability of the RC plane. For the first few flights, the stability will help you gain some experience; therefore, purchase the plane with a long wing trainer or where the wings are over the fuselage. Once you take the flying experience, you can opt for any of the RC plane models that you like.
  • Power– The power source is another factor that needs to be considered as there are various options suitable for a different level of interest, costs, maintenance etc. You can either opt for the electric motor or an engine as the power source. Both of them have some pros and cons. For beginners, it is good to select electric power for ease of flying and maintenance. However, engine-based RC planes have more power, but they generate a lot of noise and cannot be used in public. They also require routine maintenance. So, the decision for selecting the correct power source is crucial.
  • Number of Channels– Depending on the budget, one can choose the number of channels while purchasing an RC plane, although if you are really into flying RC planes, then it is suggested to select a greater number of channels.
  • Availability of Spare Parts– Crashes are part of flying an RC plane, and with every crash, your plane loses some mechanism or parts that need to be replaced as it is tough and costly to purchase a new RC plane whenever there is a crash. Therefore, it is always advised to select the brands that have their presence online as it is really easy to avail parts from an online store than to search them offline at different stores. Some brands offer free spare parts along with the RC plane as sooner or later they know that you will need them.

Now that you have gathered much information about RC aircraft, you must be eager to purchase one. The good news is that you are at the right place. Right here on, you can have access to a wide range of RC aircraft offered by popular brands in the industry. Not just this, you can also use features like filters, sorting and direct searching to find your choices quickly. If you think it can be a pricey affair, you can also compare prices to find the best under your budget. So, go ahead and have a fantastic shopping experience ahead.

Question & Answer

What is RC aircraft?

An RC aircraft is a flying machine that a remote controller controls. It comes in a wide variety ranging from toy models to complex ones used by governments, scientists and military organizations. If you are purchasing one for your kid, then be sure of bringing a model that best suits their abilities to control. Through some control button or joystick, the user can control the direction of the plane. RC drones, float planes, and indoor RC planes are some of the common varieties you can find in toy stores.

Where to buy RC aircraft online in UAE?

You can buy an RC aircraft from any trusted online toy store or marketplace in Dubai. One such store is You can find a wide array of flying RC vehicles on our product search engine, including RC planes, RC helicopters, drones, and many more. The best part about us is that you can find over 500 sellers offering the best toys at affordable prices in our store. You do not have to go anywhere if you come here. We boast many varieties to suit every requirement and budget. So, go ahead and find the best one for your kid or your collection while stock lasts.

How to fly an RC aircraft?

Flying an RC aircraft can be a bit intimidating at first since it is a flying machine. But, it becomes enjoyable later. If it is a new one, you might have first to assemble it. Then, do some pre-checks to ensure that the plane is in a fit condition to fly. Most aircraft comes with an instruction manual where you will find the things you need to check. Then, you must look for an area where you can fly it. Prefer private open land and make sure it is permitted to use the area. Now for takeoff, slowly increase motor power to full and let it accelerate along the ground in a straight line. Gently apply little up the elevator to help the plane go off the ground. The takeoff process might vary from model to model, so read the instruction carefully and follow them while taking off.

Where to find cheap RC aircraft?

RC aircraft come in a wide variety. The basic models are cheap, whereas the highly featured ones can be expensive. If you are purchasing one for your kid, it is fine to go for a mid-priced product. You can find both varieties here on We have hundreds of trusted online stores on our retail search engine. You can set your preferences on price filters to quickly find what is friendly to your pocket. Moreover, you can easily compare prices offered by various sellers to find a model under your budget. So, go ahead and find the best RC aeroplane for sale before you miss the latest collection and amazing deals.

What are the best brands for RC aircraft?

Tamiya, Uxcell, Maisto, Airtronics, VALPROr, Dynam Rc, Flyzone, and FMS are some of the best brands for RC aircraft. When it comes to RC aircraft or any other remote-controlled device, it is essential to be double sure about its quality. However, for first-time buyers, it can be an overwhelming experience. The market is full of RC toys, and there is no way to scrutinize the quality of a plane at the time of purchase. So, it is better to go with popular brands that provide a consistent and great experience every time. The good news is that you can find all of them right here. So, make no delay and grab the best products before the stock lasts.

RC aircraft can be a wonderful present for your kid. The above guide would steer you towards the right purchase. It can still be an overwhelming experience for you to choose one. There is a wide range of RC planes present out there in the market. Some vary on construction, others on brands or even durability. So, if you are unsure of where to find the best, come to us on On our product search engine, you will find a wide range of products. To stop you from overwhelming, we have powered our search engine with filters, and price comparison features so that you can quickly narrow down choices. So, what are you waiting for now? Go ahead and embark on your online shopping journey.