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About RC Cars

Advancements in remote control cars fascinate every RC hobbyist. You may also be looking up options for gifting. This product provides hours of entertainment for kids and adults of all ages. Depending on the likes and dislikes of the operator, you can select one out of various features available in the online marketplace.

If you have explored RC vehicles before, you know how medium to high-level features they may obtain. On the one hand, you can see a toy grade model for a kid, and besides that, there could be a speed electric car ready to race and win. Thus, the price and capabilities of the product vary accordingly. With so many varieties, it is imperative that you streamline your buying approach prior to dwelling into the product’s range.

Types of remote control cars

You can divide the products into cars, trucks, and buggies. RC cars can be drift, rally, or on-road cars made for hard and flat surfaces. Don’t buy them if you are looking for something for rough terrains. In that case, go for RC trucks that can even climb rocks, cross rivers, and much more. You will get options within RC trucks so you can dig in more into the products. Lastly, RC buggies can handle both flat and uneven surfaces. Despite a basic understanding of the product, you can also light upon the benefits of buying remote control cars for kids. They learn the responsibility of maintaining their products, start to love playing outdoors, and even socialise. Believe it or not, social conditioning the kids has been an utmost goal for parents and what better way than toys.

RC drift cars

If you love motorsport, you probably know what drifting means. In any competition, a good drift can make you earn style points from judges and spectators. Style, drift angle, tyre smoke, and noise everything is calculated during the drifting performance. In the remote control models, you can be a spectator and driver, which is one advantage of driving an RC car. HPI, WLtoys, HSP are a few names to explore for a perfect RC drift car. And as it is all about style, you can put decals on your RC car to make it look enticing.

RC toy car

Remote control cars are for both kids and adults. If you are looking for something for kids, you better match the products with the handler’s intent. You can buy a mini RC car that is the size of the coke can for indoor hustling. Or you can buy something for backyard racing with neighbours. The options are endless under many reputed brands like Carrera, Rastar, Dickie Toys, WLtoys, and many more. Here, you can get the best RC cars for toddlers and other age groups.

X-maxx RC car

X-Maxx model is one of the variants of the brand Traxxas in the category of a monster truck. This product max out many marketplace products in terms of size, power, and tough drivetrain. Turning, jumping, bumps riding, on-grass, on-road, what can this monster truck incapable of doing. You will love handling the rough and tough exterior with features loaded to make the product versatile. There are indeed many other models of RC cars to buy from the brand Traxxas provide. You can scrutinise them all on our shopping platform before coming to a conclusion.

Tips on how to buy RC cars online

A modern version of remote control can get you all that you want for an adrenaline rush. Daily play activity, having fun with friends, backyard racing, and you can even cut your boredom when alone. If you are out buying an RC car, you must have a handy list of tips, brands, and ample information to make an informed decision. Otherwise, you may end up dissatisfied or try to replace the version after a few months. Both options you do not want to consider. Here, we have compiled a few bullet points to kickstart your shopping drive.

  • Speed – Advancements in motor and battery have made remote control cars faster than ever. You can select varying speeds less or more than 50km/h, which is the average speed you can probably get in every top-notch brand.
  • Scale – Those who do not know, scale is the size of the product with relation to its original model. So, a 1/16 scale is one-sixteenth the length, width, and height of the original car model. You should probably read reviews about the scale you are eyeing because sometimes spare parts aren’t available for much smaller ones.
  • Propulsion – RC machines can either be battery or nitro-based. Nitro cars make noise and give the same feel as original cars when operated. On the other hand, electric models benefit buyers with low maintenance costs. You can choose as per your liking.
  • Body type – The RC car market can offer various options to select the body type based on your handling. A few types include off-road, drift cars, buggies, stadium tracks, and many other choices. You can explore all to validate your decision.
  • Other preferences – You should always keep the handler in mind. Operating an RC car depends a lot on mental agility. So, if you are gifting it to a child, you may not want the product to be complicated beyond understanding.

We hope the tips have provided a buying approach with a 360degree vision. The features, your budget range, handler’s preferences, everything need to be aligned before you decide to buy. You may get everything straightened out while exploring the brands and their budget range. Some of the brand names you can explore on our shopping platform include Carrera, Rastar, Dickie Toys, WLtoys, and many more. Else you also kickstart your shopping drive by exploring some of the RC cars for sale in Dubai.

Question & Answer

Can RC cars perform when damp or get wet?

Not all RC cars can get into the rain and come back fine. The product requires waterproofing in that case. And this is the element we may overlook while buying toys. However, not all parts of the car need waterproofing, just the electric parts. Plastic frames and rubber tires will be fine without waterproofing. So, whenever you buy a toy car, make sure of this factor, especially when your local climate is rainy, snowy, or usually have wet terrains.

How much RC cars cost in Dubai?

The budget range of RC cars can be AED100 to AED500. However, you may find products with less or more price tags, as mentioned. Maybe you are gifting someone and has a budget fixed, in which case, you must explore top brands and buy products within your range. Even if the product is not lavish, at least it has quality and durability, which is essential in gift-giving. In contrast, if you buy it for your household, you may know the driver’s likes and dislikes. Thus, fixing the budget in the first place sounds illogical. You should explore the products first, comprehend the features, compare them, and then buy. You can start with brands like Carrera, Rastar, Dickie Toys, and WLToys. Search more on our shopping search engine!

Which is the fastest model of RC car you can buy?

Brands that develop the fastest models include Traxxas, JLB, Losi Ford, Tamiya, and a few others. Traxxas models naming UDR, 8S X-MAXX, and X0-1 are the fastest models with speeds as 100MPH and 50+MPH. However, do not get lured by the speed parameters. Instead, scrutinise other features of the product before making a choice. With speed, you need agility and durability in a product more than anything. When an RC car is fastest, it may feel difficult to manoeuvre it and lose control. In that case, the product’s quality is your ultimate saviour.

Which is faster: gas or electric RC cars?

That’s a tough competition of speed between nitro and electric RC cars. A typical electric car may not be fast than its counterpart gas version. However, you can upgrade it and get an equally faster model. You need not worry about the investment in upgrade functions as most of the parts work in every electric model. Besides, some of you like nitro versions because of the sound of the loud engine they make. And you have to fuel up, and they are ready to run, unlike electric ones who want time to recharge. However, electric cars are low maintenance. Likewise, there are more pros and cons associated with both variants. You should not choose the product seeing the speed parameter and look up to the whole product.

Remote control cars are fascinating to own, and we bet your kid will not get bored of this toy anytime soon. However, buying one wants you to not get lured by the fancy looks. Instead, you need to scrutinise every tiny detail before investing. In that case, you can commence your search on our shopping platform, as we have plenty of brands and online shops under one roof. It will be easy for you to compare the products with each other and make a sound choice.