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About RC Parts

Remote controlled toys are miniature model vehicles that are controlled from a distance using a special remote transmitter. 

RC is a short term used for “Remote Controlled” and “Radio Controlled” that includes vehicles controlled by radio, physical wire connection, and infrared. These toys are made of different small parts and machines. Some of these parts are changeable, while others are not. For the variable parts, you may need to buy them after a while and as per usage. Besides many other considerations, these parts need to be compatible with the machine or toy you are using. Most of these parts also play an important role in an RC vehicle’s performance, speed, and life.

Things you need to know before getting RC parts 

With a new hobby, information overload is a big problem with people firing off recommendations and advice left and right. While everyone has good intentions, sometimes it can be quite overwhelming and scary to deal with. Many believe that an RC toy is one of the best hobbies for grown-up kids and adults. This is because it involves some innovative and creative aspects. And considering the importance of the hobby and the associated bulk of information on the internet, we have decided to share some necessary things you need to know before you get into the RC. This great read is for anyone entering the hobby who needs some ground to get started with. So here you go. 

Remember, there is an RC niche for everyone

The best thing about this hobby is that there is an RC toy for everyone to enjoy. Drift cars, helicopters, semi-trucks are some examples of how diverse the hobby can be. Besides, pretty much everyone around you will be in a different niche or own different types of RC toys. All the RC lovers can even gather and spend some time showing their vehicles, skills, and fantastic experience while driving/flying these RCs. So one way or another, RC is a great fun and socializing idea. You can also get into RC racing to add thrill to your experience. All you need to do is to find what piques your interest and if you have been in one RC segment before you jump into the game.

RC Toys – Safety First 

Many believe that RC toys are just for grownups, but they are far from it. Radio control or RC vehicles can be dangerous or as safe as you can make it. You can even find behemoth 40 pounds and 1/5th scale trucks that can hit up to 40 MPH in the blink of an eye in the market. Then some plans have props spinning at the speed of sound. So as long as you are taking proper measures, a trouble-free and secure experience can be all you have ahead of you. So when these toys are in use, safety is a must measure to consider, and it also includes soldering to charging high powered lithium batteries. 

Dealing with the breakage – Returning is not an option

In hobby shops, we can see someone, again and again, buying an expensive part they break, and they want to return it. Although we understand you have spent a lot of money, something that can make your RC hobby better is that every RC part is replaceable (and usually cheap). Remember, you will fly or drive the RC toy at and higher speed and on uneven terrains. In such cases, breakage or any damage is apparent. Fortunately, in most cases, the rupture is revertible. You can quickly repair the parts at home or can consult professional services (for repair or exchange) at cheaper rates.

Research and loyalty with the brand 

While it may be tempting to hop into many products online and order that colourful stuff, it better is to plan on entering this hobby with one of the known and trusted brands. Such companies have done all the hard work already. Hence you must expect no bugs with lifesaving support which is usually just an email or call away. Not to mention brands that typically offer after-sale support from a list of companies. Hence with brands, you can enjoy an endless amazing experience and professional assistance. And it surely justifies the cost of a few extra bucks that you spend at the time of buying.

Tips on how to buy RC Car Parts online in the UAE 

RC toys are fun to have. But at the same time, they come with considerable investment. However, with so many manufacturers and brands online, we can enjoy having some economical options. All that you need to do is pick the right seller and make the right buying decision. It can be an overwhelming process for you to choose the right option from dozens of possibilities of RC boat or car parts for sale. In this section of the article, we will share some tips on successfully making the buying decision. These tips will help you smoothly process and get reliable, lasting and economical parts for your RC toys.

  • Consider your toy – For sure, parts of an RC truck is different than the parts that are compatible with your RC train, car or helicopter. At the same time, each model demands different sizes and types of parts to work well. Understand your toy before you head to buy parts for it.
  • Compatibility is important – It is important to look for parts recommended to use with your RC toy. This is because not all available options will match the mechanical structure and motor of your toy. It’s better to read and understand the toy you are looking to buy parts for and then start your search.
  • Read the part descriptions – Online shopping gives you the advantage of studying the product carefully and having all the information about the product and its compatibility with the toy you own. You must read the product description section and choose accordingly.
  • Consider the price – The price of these parts depends on many factors, including brand, make and model. Although recommended is to consider a high-quality product which is generally a bit costly. But on you can also find branded items at a cheap cost. Make a choice that suits your budget needs.
  • Read return policies – Buying online comes with certain risks. There are chances that you might fail to buy the right type of part. And in such a case, you will need to return or exchange it with a suitable option. Therefore read terms carefully and make sure the item you order comes with easy return policies.

In the end, it is important to look for recommendations from experts. That can be your friends or people in your peer who have already used RC toys or purchased their parts online. You can also read the customer reviews for each product you buy online. These reviews give you a real-time update on the performance, durability and other features of the selected part before you pay for them. With such care, you can end up making a sound and secure investment in your next RC part for cars or trucks.

Question & Answer

How do you fix an RC boat propeller?

RC boat propeller is a delicate part of the product. Besides, different types, sizes and materials of the boat demand different kinds of treatments. Also, the type of damage differs from what preferable treatment the propeller may need. In case of any major damage that affects the boat’s performance, it Better is to consult professional service providers to ensure that the treatment of the damaged part does not end up causing any further damage to the boat machines, propeller or adjacent parts of the board. Whereas for minor wear and tear, you can explore online tutorials and DIY videos to treat them independently.

How to fix a broken remote control car wheel?

Most of these controllers use metal contacts to connect to the copper plates on the transmitter circuit board. Sometimes these contacts become disconnected (due to several reasons). A way to fix such a problem is to unscrew the transmitter and take out the circuit board. Now you can either bend the metal contact towards you or screw the circuit board in closer by clipping off some of the screen poles and then screwing the board back in the motor body. But for other issues, you may need to adopt different procedures. You either search DIIY tips for the specific issue you face or consult an expert for assistance.

What are the best RC car transmitters and receivers to buy?

The best option that you can buy depends on the type and model of the car you already own. For better choices, you can explore product search engines. However, some of the bestselling options available in the market are Flysky FS-GT3B Digital, an Affordable RC transmitter with 2.4 GHz. 3 Channel support or the Flysky FS-GT5. Versatile RC Transmitter with 2.4 GHz channel Futaba 3PRKA. Built-in Antenna. 2.4 GHz channel support. Other considerable options are Radiolink RC6GS, the Spektrum DX5 Rugged and many others. Explore now to find a suitable option for your car.

Where to buy RC parts online?

As said earlier, every model of your RC toy comes with different demands and specifications. It is thus important to look for an option that can match your toy. Therefore you must explore a retail search engine to find reliable options from top brands like Traxxas, Kyosho, Arma, Redcat, Axial, Ecx, Mugen, Rc4wd, and Losi. However, it is essential to review each product carefully; read the product details, and find its compatibility before placing an order.

On a retail search engine, you can also explore products from top global stores. Explore now to get whatever you wish for.