About Drones

Drones, also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, are used for recreational and professional activities. A few activities include aerial photography, videography, or as a government registered drone pilot. Advancements in drone technology provide appropriate variations in products, making them capable of performing the defined tasks diligently. If you wish to buy one for whatever purpose, you must focus on the product’s specifications and research as much as you can.

A drone is a fancy purchase, even if you are buying it for work. As you feel it, just unpacking and flying the device sound like instant gratification. And if you want to make this feeling long-lasting, research well before hitting the buy button. First thing first, comprehend the terminologies associated with the product. For example, FPV is an abbreviation of First Person View, meaning you get to see what the drone is seeing at the very moment. FPV is an essential setup for any videographer out there. Another term is take-off weight that means the total weight the drone can carry, including the weight of the drone itself. If you already know these terms, you are a step ahead. If not, we suggest gaining basic knowledge about the product you want to buy.

Types of drones

There are three different types based on the type of rotor. These include fixed-wing, single rotor, and multi-rotor. A rotor is a device that lifts the drone, so dividing the drones based on this specific task is justified. The fixed-wing type looks like an aeroplane, is expensive, and is usually not used for recreational purposes. This type cannot hover in the air and can only move forward but have an impressive 16hours of flight time when gas-engine powered. The second type has a single rotor, long flight times, and a heavy payload capacity. Their typical uses lie in research and surveying. The last type with multiple rotors is an affordable option and easy to fly as compared to its counterparts. Depending on the number of rotors, the device can be tricopters, quadcopters, hexacopter, and octacopter.

Toy drone

We talk about drones’ recreational and professional activities, but these are usually for pilots above 16 years of age. Toy ones for that matter attract kids under 14 years of age who want an RC vehicle for their playtime. However, kids are becoming more gadget freaks nowadays, so they might be capable of flying professional devices. But license and other legal processes might not allow them professionally. Speaking of toy drones now, you should know different brands for kids and adults’ products. One of the premium brands for toy versions is Silverlit. They have a fantastic collection for kids, including Flybotic Sky Cheetah, X-Twin EVO, and more. You can read more details about them and explore more cheap drones for kids on our shopping platform.

Racing drone

Racing drones are not meant for photography, videography, and other recreational activities. And the reason for that is these types are designed for forward-flight only. Also, they cannot hover in the air. The racing versions have a camera mounted on the front chassis and are known for their speed, agility, and durability. And because these are racing drones, you can see various sports activities worldwide. One such racing is FPV drone racing, where participants with their drones wear head-mounted displays and compete in air racing. They have to complete a set course as quickly as possible. If you are interested in such fun-filled activities, you must buy drones from reputed brands. Some of the names include DJI, Eachine, Diatone, EMAX, MJX, and many more.

DJI Mavic mini

These are very much popular with vloggers nowadays but you can presume their other applications once you read the specifications. You can daily vlog with DJI Mavic Mini with fewer technical efforts so that you can focus only on your content. This device is equipped with angles, cinematic shots, easy editing, and lots more features. As the name says, the size and weight of this product are less, under 250gms that makes it portable. However, you need to make sure of the laws of the place where you are travelling with this device. Not every country and region allow drones in the air. You can also find a whole Mavi series, Phantom series, and FPV series with wholesome products under them. Other than DJI, there are more brands to explore, compare and buy. Find them all on our retail search engine .

Tips on how to buy Drones online in the UAE

On the face of it, drone purchase sounds like a no-daunting task. But believe us, it is a fraught process, especially if you get too excited with one or two features and forget to research well. You will then spend more time scrolling through the products online rather than making an informed decision. We have here compiled a few straightforward points to give you a better start. So, whenever you look at a product, you can think of these features, your needs and then decide to keep or discard the product from your list of potential products.

  • Batteries – It is imperative to consider the batteries quality as the whole operation depends on them. If you intend to fly the device for longer, consider having interchangeable batteries. You can then buy spare batteries and keep them along for swapping.
  • Flying time – This is a fascinating feature, but do not get lured by it if you don’t want or fancy longer flying times. A professional drone can fly for 30 minutes, while a toy drone has lesser flying time. So, choose accordingly.
  • Flight range – The range can be between 500m or 2km, and the purchase depends on your purpose. If you do professional videography, you may need upscaled versions. Also, do not forget to research your local and country laws about flight range and place.
  • Cameras – The camera quality can be a decent one or with cinematic effects. Other than that, drone cameras may juggle while flying. To avoid jittery results, you can invest in stabilisation features to produce smooth results with fewer efforts.
  • GPS – At a time when your drone loose signals, GPS may help locate it. Also, the “return to home” feature will bring your drone back to the place where it took off. It can easily retrace its path with GPS technology. So, this is a crucial feature for professional drone pilots.
  • Repairs – No matter how professional you are, there are always chances of crashes and collisions. So, make sure the spare parts are easily found. Otherwise, your purchase may go in vain. Apart from that, you should also consider parts with a longer lifespan. For example, a brushless rotor instead of brushed ones can add more time to your drone’s life.

We hope the tips will help. The list may not contain everything but is sufficient to give you a good start with your shopping drive. You can now commence scrutinising the products on our shopping platform, Here, you will find a magnitude of brands, online shops, genuine reviews, and some of the best drones for sale. Check all of it for better decision making.

Question & Answer

What age is appropriate for handling a drone in the UAE?

The minimum age for a drone weighing less than 25kgs is 16 years. And if the drone weighs more than 25kgs, then the minimum age for the pilot is 21 years. Also, there are specific rules in the UAE that you have to follow. For example, you can only fly during the daytime, cannot go above 400feet, and cannot fly their drones within 5kms of UAE airport outer fence. Similarly, there are more rules you can read by visiting the official website. Also, if you are flying for commercial purposes like shooting and photography, you need to register the drone with the GCAA i.e. General Civil Aviation Authority.

What happens when a drone falls from the sky?

The reason for falling a drone from the sky is mainly lost signals. The cause for the situation to happen might be unpleasant weather, battery issues, or maybe you were testing the limit of your drone. In any case, it is not always the case that your device will fall dead and crash into anything. Although older products might have been destined for such horror, the new technology is equipped with a “return to home” feature. That means your done will return to the place where it took off or somewhere nearby only if you are on standard mode. Unfortunately, if your device is on sports mode, then it may land anywhere. But still, it won’t fall dead from the sky. We hope you understand the features and will take them into account when buying any product.

Which drone has the longest flight time?

If we are talking about flying time, then battery life is to be taken into account. And in that case, the DJI brand is the top name, with products having the flying time of 31minutes, 30minutes, and 27minutes. You can explore this brand on our shopping platform, Another brand Yuneec has a product with 25minutes of flying time. Likewise, there are more technical features you need to dig into before purchasing, like an obstacle advanced system. All we want to say is do not get lured by just seeing the flying time but instead scrutinise the whole product before finalising.

Where to buy cheap drones online in Dubai, UAE?

Whether it is toy-grade drones you are finding or some advanced versions, there are affordable options if you know what and where to look. For example, you can buy an older version to cut down the costs. This way, you will get the quality and sturdiness of the brand at affordable prices. the shopping platform also plays a bigger role in every purchase. Ours provide a magnitude of brands under one roof for you to explore and compare. Some of the brands you can explore include Eachine, Diatone, Parrot, and Silverlit.

Find all the best drone variants on for all ages comprising compatible features and budget range. Or explore more RC vehicles to compare and validate your purchase. So, hop on to our platform now and see toys worth your shopping cart!

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