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Chuggington, Mes Autocollants Puzzles
Chuggington, Mes Autocollants Puzzles
Chuggington, Mes autocollants puzzles ! Published by Albin Michel Author: Lise Boëll
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About Puzzles

If there is something that is universally loved by everyone regardless of their age or class, they are puzzles. But for children, they are more than just fun. They can entertain the children for hours and also help in the development of their reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Whatever children learn at a very young age, it will stick with them for a very long time. That is why it is important to get your kids to take up challenges and use their body and brains to beneficial things. Apart from being a fun hobby, you can also teach kids other things as well using puzzles. They are probably the best way to teach young toddlers the alphabets and to count. Even when they get older, solving problems can keep their mind engaged and working. The fact that it will also help in keeping them from making mischief is a bonus. This article will tell everything you need to know before you purchase puzzles for your children. There are also tips that you can follow when you shop for them.

Four best puzzles that your kids will love

The best puzzles for young kids are those that can teach them something new even when they think they are playing. That way, you can help the kids who otherwise find it difficult to sit down and learn from a book. You can find a wide range of puzzle games in the market. However, it is necessary to choose one that best suits your needs. Here is a list of the best ones that you can find for kids of different age groups. But keep in mind that there are so many other types of puzzles apart from these, as well. In this article, you will also find some really useful tips that you can follow while shopping for them online. 

Alphabet puzzles for toddlers

Wouldn’t it be great if you can teach your kids alphabets through games? Well, that’s what an alphabet puzzle mat is for. You can use this to teach kids as young as three years old to learn the English alphabets by rote. It is hard to get some kids to sit down with a teacher and learn. This playmat lets them learn while also having fun. And once they finish learning alphabets, you can also use this mat to teach them to form simple words using the alphabets. Kids will also like the bright colours and attractive designs on these mats. Apart from that, kids can also use this mat for sitting on and playing with their other toys. The mat is soft and will provide the kids with a comfortable place to sit on. You will also find similar math puzzles for kids.

Solar system puzzles

A floor puzzle is a great way to teach kids. That way, they can sit down on the floor and play without you having to clean up after them. Solar system puzzles come in the form of jigsaw pieces. When completed, they will measure 2X3 feet. Because there are pictures, kids don’t have to know about all the planets in the solar systems to complete this puzzle. All they have to do is to match the picture. But in the process of solving the puzzle, they will also learn the names of the planets and their relative positions. Toys like these are suitable for kids between two and five years of age.

3D dinosaur puzzles for kids

Dinosaurs are not the scary creatures that once were. These days kids adore them. 3D puzzles are a step up from the usual to dimensional varieties. They require the kids to have more special awareness to complete it successfully. But you should be careful not to give this toy to kids that are too young. The puzzle consists of several small pieces that they can put in their mouth. Even though this might not have much educational value, there is no doubt that kids will absolutely love playing with this toy. After assembling the pieces, kids can also play with it.

3D Building puzzles

Puzzles are not just for toddlers. There are puzzles even for kids as old as ten to thirteen years old. Building puzzles let them combine the pieces from the puzzle boxes to form some of the famous buildings in the world. You will find building puzzles of US capitol building, Empire state building, Burj Khalifa and various other structures. Unlike the puzzles for younger kids, these puzzles will have hundreds of small pieces. IT will also take quite some time for the kids to solve them completely. These toys will provide kids with hours of enjoyment and also teach them about famous landmarks.

Tips on buying Puzzles Online

Puzzles are different from other toys. They are mostly a one-time thing. When your child finishes solving a puzzle, that particular puzzle stops being exciting. But the time and energy they spend on solving one are worth the prize at the end. It can be a bit challenging to select the right puzzle for your child out of thousands of them. But if you know what to look for in them, it can be quite easy.

  • Choose the type of puzzles – First of all, you have to decide which type of puzzles you want to get for your kids. There are several different options for you, including animal puzzles, vehicle puzzles, building, math, word, etc. Deciding this beforehand will help you narrow down your options.
  • Safety – Safety is of prime concern whenever you buy toys for your kids, especially for the younger ones. They tend to chew on everything. Therefore, you have to make sure that the puzzles that you are giving them do not contain any harmful substances.
  • Age recommendation – Choosing the puzzles of the appropriate age is important to make sure that your child will like playing with it. Usually, this is not that difficult as the manufacturers specify the age range on the packaging itself.
  • Look for puzzles with educational value – Gifting your kids puzzles with educational value serves two purposes at the same time. Besides the fact that solving puzzles itself is beneficial to them, they can also be helpful in teaching them the basics of the language, math, and science.

Another factor to look for in puzzles is the number of pieces. This will be different for puzzles, even in the same age group. The right way to introduce puzzle solving to a child is to start from the easiest ones. Therefore, look for the puzzles that have the fewest number of pieces in the age group to get your kid started. You can find all kinds of puzzle toys using our shopping search engine. These include 3D puzzles, 4D puzzles, block puzzles, brain puzzles, clock puzzles, and more. It will also give you the option to compare the prices and features of products so that you can find the best one among them. So, don’t forget to check out all the other amazing products from the Puzzles category.

Question & Answer

Are puzzles good for toddlers?

Puzzles can play an important role in the way a child develops his or her way of thinking. All types of toys have some unique benefits. While playing with dolls and cars helps them build their creative thinking, toys like puzzles help them develop their problem-solving skills. Solving puzzles also require hours of concentration, which even so many adults lack. Getting ahead of challenges will help them form their own ways of tackling the problems. Sometimes these skills can have a positive impact even much later on in their lives. The best strategy is to give puzzles, along with other types of toys.

Can three-year-old kids solve puzzles?

Yes. In fact, there are puzzles for kids as young as two years old. But the type and difficulty levels of puzzles vary greatly with the kid’s age. For two to three-year-olds, puzzles consisting of up to twenty pieces are a good recommendation. But these have to be large enough to avoid choking hazards. For two-year-olds, even building blocks can be a puzzle as they figure out to stack one on top of the other. As the child gets older, the puzzles also grow in complexity. A good enough puzzle for an eight-year-old will contain anywhere from 200 to 500 pieces.

Are 1000-piece puzzles suitable for eight-year-olds?

The difficulty of a puzzle depends a lot on the number of pieces. The most basic puzzles that are suitable for three-year-old kids usually consist of twenty-four pieces. More number of pieces renders the puzzle more difficult and time-consuming to solve. Most manufacturers recommend 250-piece puzzles for eight-year-olds. Sometimes it can go up to 500 pieces though. They might find anything more than that a little bit too difficult to solve. 1000-piece puzzles are more suitable for kids that are ten years of age or more.

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