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Kids love something creative and different from time to time. It’s effortless to see them lose interest in toys quickly. Options like simple or clock puzzles make for exciting choices at times like these. They also boost learning and motor skills.

With kids, it’s most important to be creative and energetic. They will lose interest in something they couldn’t do just a few hours ago. This is because their attention span is still growing at their tender age, and they are a lot many factors to consider. Plus, it is not always that you will find the time to spend with them. At times like these, it’s best to find some creative games and means to keep them fairly busy. The right approach is to go with something like puzzles. Puzzles are an excellent way to keep the mind engaged for long hours at a stretch. It also allows them to think and resonate in the best possible way. With so many excellent choices, the best outcome is to get a puzzle set, such as clock puzzles, for them and keep them busy.

Different types of puzzles that you can buy today

Puzzles aren’t new. Most of us would remember how they kept us occupied as kids. In fact, even as kids grow older into pre-teens and teenagers, the same concept follows. Sometimes even adults love to bond over an exciting game to spend the weekend or take some time off. Whatever the reason, puzzles fit that space in the best way! You can do so much with puzzles, and it keeps you busy as well. Be it kids, adults or a group of friends; sometimes you can even fill a lazy couple of hours with it. It is an effective way to reduce your screen time if you find you’re spending too many hours on it. Here are some of the different types of puzzles that you can consider today.

Clock puzzles

The perfect way to learn time, clock puzzles are often underestimated! It is effortless to gel hold of learning clock puzzles and use it to your advantage. It is particularly helpful for kids who are learning to tell the time. The basic ones look just like a clock with detachable numbers. So, the job here is to place the names in the right slots and complete the set. Some of them also have clock hands, so after putting the numbers, kids can learn how the concept of time works. It is a terrific way to make the most of things in the best manner. There are some additions to the basic idea of clock radios, such as learning dates, days of the week, months of the year and more. It all comes down to the age group of the child and what you’re looking for.

Puzzles for kids

Sometimes kids are too young, and thus checking for simple clock puzzles is a better option than clock puzzles. It could be as simple as scenery or any picture they need to piece together. The younger they are, the more critical it is to get puzzles with bigger tiles. The smaller ones won’t catch their attention well, and they won’t take to the concept openly. However, there are some fascinating options for the little ones as well, so it’s worth considering. Make sure you buy puzzles of stuff they are currently learning so it’s more enjoyable for them to relate. You can very easily create your own puzzle set at home too. All you need is an attractive picture of your choice, some cardboard and a pair of scissors. Include your kids’ interests, and it makes for a win-win situation!

Knowledge puzzles

While puzzles are for fun, you can also make learning more interesting through them. Yes, it’s a possibility and something that a lot of parents and teachers also consider today. If they have lessons that you feel they are not interested in, perhaps they just need a different approach. Check online for the best ways to make it interesting for your little ones. You can check for DIY ideas to do the puzzles right at home, which is budget-friendly too. Plus, your kids can be a part of it and have a wonderful time! Check the ones that match their lessons or something they don’t find particularly exciting and watch the changes that follow.

Adult puzzles

Just like there are exciting clock puzzles for kids, it’s not that adults are left far behind. There are some terrific choices for adults as well, to keep everyone busy. Be it some historic landmarks, favourite movie characters or songs, and there is a lot to pick from. The pieces of the puzzles for adults are tiny and many, to make it difficult to crack. However, the more the challenges, the more fun it is, especially in a big group. So, the next time you’re entertaining people, you can just buy a lovely puzzle set and get going at it to keep everybody engaged. It will be something unique and a whole lot of fun! Make sure you take a pick at all the different puzzle choices and buy the best one.

Tips on how to buy Clock Puzzles

Clock puzzles are something! They are a more recent addition to the concept of puzzles, which makes them super gift options for other kids also. It is always a question as to what to gift kids, so finding out some puzzle options to suit their age group is a brilliant option. Clock puzzles especially are great for kids between the age groups of two to five. They will also play with it later, so that’s not a worry. Here are some interesting tips to make your buying process more straightforward.

  • Buy as per your kids’ age group – Buying the right puzzle option depending on your kid’s age group is essential. Too simple, and they will get bored of it soon, and too complicated will not allow them to build it by themselves. It’s easy to choose the right kind, depending on the labelling of the boxes.
  • Check for attractive varieties – Don’t stick to the basics. Check for exciting finds to keep your kids on their toes. There are plenty of exciting variants today, so check for the ones you can find easily.
  • Stock up some options – It helps to get your hands on quite a few choices while you can. Don’t open them all at once, but you can do so once a month, or when other kids are visiting. It will help them keep buys and learn so much at the same time.
  • Look for sealed edges – Paper-based puzzles generally start to crack on the sides after a while. This results in the pieces not fitting well and makes for a shabby looking puzzle. So, if you can’t get sealed puzzle pieces, simple use some strong glue and do it yourself the very first time you open it.
  • Store them right – Keep the puzzles away from moisture, and don’t leave them lying around because the pieces could go missing. Teach your child these habits, too, since caring for them is one way to make them last longer.
  • Look for educational options – Check for puzzle choices as per their lessons or the topics they find uninteresting in school. Sometimes a different approach could be all they need to make it exciting again.

It is a terrific way to make sure your kids keep themselves engaged. You can stock up a few but open only one at a time. Give them a good couple of days to be able to build it again and again. You will see their speed increase and always create the same amount of fun. From time to time, keep opening a new one if you see them get bored. However, caring for their games and supplies is very important too, so make sure you teach them the importance of that.

Question & Answer

Which are the best puzzles for kids?

There are some genuinely excellent choices of kids puzzle sets today. Options like the clock puzzles with answers and other educational puzzles make it easy for them to learn their lessons differently. It could also aid in helping them understand the topics simpler as compared to learning them from a book or in school. Some of the best puzzles for kids are Ravensburger Realm of The Giants, Sunsout Inc Animal Magic Puzzle, Kids Puzzles, Melissa & Doug Land of Dinosaurs, White Mountain Puzzles USA Map, MasterPieces Animal Planet, Cardinal Industries Paw Patrol, Springbok Children’s Jigsaw Puzzles, The Solar System Jigsaw Puzzle, OMGOD Kids Puzzles Toys, Mudpuppy Rainforest Glow-in-The-Dark Puzzle, Vileafy Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids, and Brainy Zebra Planet of The Dinosaurs.

How does buying clock puzzles with numbers for kids help?

Teaching time clock puzzles to kids is one excellent way for them to learn time. This is a challenging time that many kids go through, and parents and teachers are often on the lookout for ways to make it easier. While using digital clocks is one thing, everybody should know how to tell time using a traditional clock. A lot of kids seem to pick it up more quickly when they use clock puzzles. These puzzles could be of various types. However, the most common is a clock shape and loose numbers that are the puzzle pieces. The child has to put the numbers in the correct order to form a clock. You can then use the hands to create different times, and the child can try to read it out. It is an excellent and fun way for the little ones to learn time.

Is buying clock puzzle toys for toddlers the best way to teach them time?

Yes, while there are a lot of different ways, this one is prevalent these days. For one, you are not dependant on learning from a book or the regular home clock, so it gives kids a new aspect. Another thing is they can physically feel the numbers and the hands of the watch, making it so much more interesting for them. A lot of kids take to this method since it is more interactive, and they can also play with the numbers and hands. Make sure to spend time with them to help them learn about time while using clock puzzles.

Where can you buy digital numbers clock puzzles in Dubai?

Buying clock puzzles in Dubai is not a challenge since so many kids’ stores have them. You will definitely see your kids growing more interested in learning about time with these puzzles. Make sure you check out this fantastic product search engine, i.e. With so many excellent options for this, there are some great brands that you can pick from. With this engine, you don’t have to worry about paying a higher price again! Don’t forget to check out the brands such as Ravensburger, Edu Play, Funko, Wrebbit, Hape and Clementoni.