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When your little munchkin goes from cuddly baby to curious crawlers and playful tot, you’d want a safe and secure place designated for their play. At this point, we can confidently say that puzzle mats are one of the best options! They not only offer you a convenient and safe solution but also provide your kids with a lot of entertainment. That said, we know if you’re on this page, then you’re eagerly looking out for one. But, remember, there’s a lot more you need to know about the product to buy puzzle play mats at the best price online effortlessly. Luckily, in this article, we’re discussing all these puzzle mats. So, let your cursor scroll! 

Typically, the puzzle mats create a safe, comfortable, large area that’s enough for your kids to play, crawl, walk safely, and even lay down. You can use these smart things anywhere you think you need a soft cushioned floor for your child. Some of the common places you can use them include hardwood floors, tiles, concretes, and so on. Several brands offer different types of puzzle mats. However, all of them serve a sole purpose – to keep your babies entertained in a safe environment. You see, the puzzle mats are essential during your child’s development. And hence you must carefully purchase them. Besides, you’ll find a wide variety of options to choose from. Let’s have a look at a few popular ones that you can consider when buying the best puzzle mats for your kids.

The various types of puzzle mats to choose from

The puzzle mats are a versatile option when it comes to creating a play space for your tots. They encourage tactile and facilitate basic skills learning. For example, you find many mats with designs that teach the alphabet or colours. You can also find some that emphasise geometry or gross motor skills. Besides, they’re suitable for infants, toddlers, and kids. That’s because they come in materials such as soft foam. However, remember that not all mats suit everyone. Therefore, you must choose the ideal one that best suits your baby’s liking. And the best way to do that is to get to know a few popular models. The list below includes mats that you can transform into 3D play areas, mats featuring popular characters, and even a puzzle you can eat off of!

The alphabet puzzles foam mat

How about teaching your kids a few alphabets while they are safe and cosy on the mat? Well, that’s precisely what the alphabet foam mat from ProSource does. Not only that, but the puzzle mat also features bright, primary and pastel colours along with letters A-Z. Some of their other models also come with numbers 0-9. Usually, this model has 36 centrepieces and 24 border pieces. So, if your kid is old enough to solve the puzzle, then you can sing the alphabet as you go. Also, the manufacturers recommend that you set up the puzzle mats on a hard floor surface. You could also use them in a playroom or nursery to add a pop of colour to the aesthetics.

The kids play puzzle mats

We’ve seen earlier that the puzzle mats are also a fantastic play area. Well, the car puzzle mat from ALEX Jr. does smartly prove this. The product combines all the fun of playing with miniature cars. Your kids can assemble an excellent puzzle while sitting on the mat. Usually, the mat features city scenes, complete with boats in harbour, wagons and buses, farmland, railroad tracks, and so on. With all these features in place, your child will surely have endless fun. Besides, the smart designs of the product might also inspire them. In short, the mat is an asset when it comes to keeping your kids safe and entertained. By the way, you could also pack up this puzzle and carry them for a fun vacation!

The jigsaw puzzle roll mat

This roll-up puzzle mat differs in several aspects from others on our list. One of the differences is that the puzzle is from the world-renowned puzzle manufacturer Ravensburger. The product has a bright yellow useful workspace. The colour contrasts well with the puzzle pieces. This makes it easier for your kids to pick the pieces up without sliding. Apart from that, the puzzle also comes with bands to wrap the puzzles when your kid is not on it. This helps you store them easily in a corner and save space. Besides, you can quickly stow and carry them if you’re on vacation. Also, note the mat is ideal for kids of 8 years and above.

The interlocking puzzle mats for babies

Getting ready for bedtime with the understated large interlocking play mat from Childlike behaviour can never go wrong. The mat features four oversized tiles. Each of these tiles comes with a different sky-themed icon: a sun, cloud, moon, and star. Apart from that, the mat is also less puzzling. It’s more appropriate for floor covering. Besides, the rounded cloud-like edges add a unique charm to the product. Quite often, customers prefer to use these mats during their baby’s tummy time. That’s because they’re simple, elegant, and comfy at the same time. Further, you can transform these easy-to-clean and extra-thick mats into small walls to create enclosed play areas.

Tips on how to buy Puzzle Mats online

The idea of choosing the perfect puzzle mats seem bleak amidst the sheer number of options out there in the market. However, that need not be the norm. You can always turn around the situation. All you need to do is to assess a few essential features of the mats carefully. Fortunately for you, we’ve listed out those key elements that you need to keep in mind to buy puzzle floor mats for kids online. So read on!

  • Check out the design – We’ve seen earlier in this article that puzzle mats come in different designs. But, you need to get the appropriate one. One of the easiest ways to do that is to look for an attractive option so that it complements your décor. Also, make sure that the design is kid-friendly. This helps you protect the mat from spills and another brunt to an extent.
  • Look out for the thickness – Just like construction and design, you’ll also find mats with different thicknesses. Typically, they range from heavy to light mats. Based on your floor type, the selection of a mat is an important consideration. Apart from that, the things you intend to keep on the mat also decide the thickness of the product.
  • Decide on the size and length – Make sure you purchase the right size to fit your needs. If you want to set up a wider play area for your kids, then it’s best for longer mats. However, if you want a smaller space, then it’s best to stick to the small size mats. This way, you can provide a safe and secure play area for your kid to relax and play.
  • Assess the material – Puzzle Exercise mats come in different materials for different needs. Foam mats are ideal for light exercise or play for your kids. However, you’ll also find many foam mats that come in rubber materials. They’re much more durable, heavier, and suitable for outdoors as well as indoors.
  • Consider the use and colour – Just like any other kids’ product, you can find the mats in several different colours. Most of them come in bright colours and vibrant prints. However, remember that each colour and print might not suit your décor or child’s liking. Therefore, always make a decision depending on the use.

Puzzle mats are a great way to keep your child entertained for a long. Besides, they can bring out the most creative side of your kid. However, all this is possible only if you have the right mat. And for that, you need to consider the factors mentioned above. We hope they’ll guide you in the right direction and help you pick the best one among the lot.

Question & Answer

How to play with puzzle mats?

You can find several types of puzzle mats out there in the market. However, each one has its advantages and cons. That’s because not all the mats are the same. They differ in terms of colour, shape, size, patterns, and designs. For instance, the number puzzle mat allows your kids to play with numbers. Similarly, you can find some that have alphabets A-Z on them. In such cases, your kid can assemble the pieces and sing along the rhyme. In short, there are different ways you can play with the puzzle mats. However, this highly depends on the designs of the mat.

How to clean foam puzzle mats?

Foam puzzle mats are generally very porous. Therefore, you might want to keep a very damp mop or rag to clean them effectively. However, before cleaning, you need to sanitise the surface of the mat and allow it to air dry. You only need to use soap and damp cloth for those extra grimy spots. Scrub the area thoroughly. It is important to clean puzzle mats regularly so that your kids can have a hygienic place to spend their playtime on. However, the ways of cleaning may also differ based on the materials of the mat. So, follow the instructions accordingly.

Why do you need a puzzle mat for babies?

People have long known that puzzles benefit children in many ways. Children generally start out with simple, knobbed puzzles. They try to analyse outlines of simple shapes that fit into corresponding board cutouts. From there, they take a more complex turn to solving silhouettes puzzles of real-world objects. Well, that said, we can confidently say that puzzle mats aren’t any different. They increase your tot’s physical skills, such as hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, and fine motor skills. Apart from that, they also enhance your kid’s cognitive skills.

Where to buy puzzle mats in Dubai?

Do you want to buy a number puzzle mat for kids? Or are you ready to buy colourful children’s puzzle mats? Well, either way, you shouldn’t miss checking out the wide range of mat options on Our product search engine allows you to shop amazing puzzles and mats from popular brands like BIECO, Chicco, Knorrtoys, Ravensburger, and Skillmatics. What’s more, you could compare the prices of these toys from over 500 online stores.