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About Floor Puzzles

The vast majority of toys and activities are made for child's play. And unless you have a vivid imagination, it's understandable why some parents struggle with tapping into their own fantastical side to connect with their little ones. Luckily there are classic toys, such as toy cars and floor puzzles that offer a hands-on bonding experience for parents and their kids. 

The main difference between your average jigsaw puzzle and floor puzzles is their size. While jigsaw puzzles can be put together at the dining room table, floor puzzles are significantly larger, so it's most convenient to lay out the pieces on the family room or playroom rug and have at it. But despite a disparity in size, floor puzzles, like jigsaw puzzles, are great for enhancing developmental skills. They teach your child shape recognition, problem solving, how to concentrate on one task at a time and strengthen hand-eye coordination. Floor puzzles also enhance your child's excellent motor skills by having them use their hands and fingers to move pieces around. Let's find out the popular ones.

The best floor puzzles mats to choose from

There's a vast collection of floor puzzles out there with different themes, shapes, images and sizes. Besides, when it comes to floor puzzles, you can find them in 24 to 1500 pieces. And this explains why they're also mighty time-consuming. But, it's their numerous options that make picking out the perfect one for your kids a tedious task. However, that need not be the case if you're well aware of the product. So, if you need a few minutes or more to get tasks done around your house, setting your little one up with a puzzle is sure to keep them preoccupied. Here are some of our absolute favourites. Check them out below.

The underwater toddler floor puzzles 

Want your kids to switch off the TV and stop fiddling with other gadgets? Well, then there's nothing better than getting them the Melissa & Doug's floor puzzle. The product requires your child's full concentration. Thus, it keeps your child pre-occupied for longer hours. The underwater image of the sliding puzzle is laid out over extra-thick cardboard. It's also cut into 48 shapes that, when assembled, captures stingrays, sharks, colourful fish, dolphins and orcas in their natural habitat. The finished product measures 2' x 3', and the floor puzzle is apt for children between 3 to 6 years old. Indeed, the underwater puzzles take your kid to another realm.

The giant floor puzzle

Indeed, it takes forever to solve a floor puzzle. But, isn't that a good thing? But, make sure you get your kids something that's attractive. So if you're looking out for such an option, then you can never go wrong with Galt's floor puzzles. It has a unique cartoonish charm to it that attracts your kid's attention. Further, the product comes in five themes — construction site, dinosaurs, jungle, farm and theme park. Your child can have fun and travel to another world while putting together the picture piece by piece. When fully assembled, the floor puzzle will measure 24" x 36". But once your little one sees the finished vibrantly coloured art pieces, its size won't feel so intimidating.

The learning alphabet floor puzzle

We understand that as parents, you're relentlessly looking for ways to teach your kids those initial letters with fun. Well, let us tell, you the alphabetic train floor puzzle from Melissa & Doug is one of the best options to achieve that. It makes learning fun for kids. The product includes a beautifully detailed blue engine is ready to roll with familiar objects from A to Z. Besides, it becomes a ten feet long floor puzzle when your kids assemble it. Apart from that, it stays looking clean, thanks to its "Easy-Clean" surface and extra-thick pieces. By the way, your kids could play them in numerous ways. All this makes them an item that you cannot miss when looking for floor puzzles.  

The ABC floor puzzle

Learning with fun is the best thing that you can offer your kids. Well, the 24pc floor puzzle from Melissa & Doug gives your kid that experience of sheer pleasure. The product includes 24 extra-thick cardboard pieces that are easy for children to put together. The finished puzzle displays beautiful original artwork. Besides, it's an easy-to-clean product too. It features a straightforward surface that you can clean easily. Moreover, its unique design promotes hand-eye coordination in kids and helps to develop strong problem-solving skills. There's no denying the fact that the product is terrific with all these features in place.

Tips on how to buy Floor Puzzles online

You must've gathered by now that the number of options available to you is endless when it comes to floor puzzles. It is this sheer number of choices that makes choosing the perfect floor puzzles a bit challenging. But, you can always turn around the situation, if you have the right method in hand. Well, in this case, you need to consider a few essential factors while assessing your choice of floor puzzles. To make things easier for you, we've compiled those factors below!

  • Choose the right difficulty level– You'll find different types of floor puzzles with varying degrees of complexity. Some are apt for adults while some for kids. Therefore, to make sure that your kids have maximum fun, you need to choose the puzzle with the right difficulty level that suits their age. For instance, when you buy floor puzzles for four-year-olds, it must be relatively simple when compared to the puzzles for adults.
  • Let your kids lead the pick– As adults, you can easily pick a product for yourself. However, things become a little challenging when it comes to choosing products for your kids. That's why it's best to allow your kids to take the lead, especially when it comes to selecting the floor puzzle. This way, you'll be able to choose the perfect puzzle that piques your kid's interests. In short, let them choose what they want.
  • Check out the material– It's always critical to consider the material of the product that you're going to buy for kids. The product must be able to survive the throws, scratches, scrubs and all other brunt. Make sure that the floor puzzle you buy comes in thick materials. It shouldn't wear off easily with just scrub on the floor. Besides, make sure that it has smoothly cut edges. It shouldn't harm your kids while they're playing.
  • Consider the age group– Floor puzzles come in several types for different age groups. You also find one for the adults. Besides, the difficulty level also changes as per the age. You really do not want to buy floor puzzles for 2-3-year-olds for yourself. Therefore, make sure that you purchase the right product for the right age group. Only then your kids and yourself can enjoy and have fun while solving the puzzles.
  • Look out for the available space– Floor puzzle, unlike other puzzles, isn't small. They come with 24pcs up to 1500 pc. Therefore, you must see whether you have such kind of space at your end where you can assemble and dismantle the puzzle pieces. You really do not want to buy something huge and end up being not able to join the whole picture because of space constraints. Therefore, make sure to assess the space before you pick the puzzle.

Floor puzzles are a great way to keep your child entertained for long. Besides, they can bring out the most creative side of your kid. However, all this is possible only if you have the right puzzle. And for that, you need to consider the factors mentioned above. Ultimately, understanding these tips can help your child grow to develop a true passion for puzzles and creative learning.

Question & Answer

What are the floor puzzles?

Floor puzzles are just like your regular jigsaw puzzle. However, the main difference between your standard jigsaw puzzle and floor puzzle is the size. While you can quickly put together your jigsaw puzzles on a dining table, you cannot do that with the floor puzzle. That's because most floor puzzles include 24pc to 1500pcs.

How to organize floor puzzles?

Well, most of you know that the floor puzzles are much bigger than our regular puzzles. Consequently, they also have more number of puzzle pieces when compared to others. Nevertheless, you can store the floor puzzle pieces into plastic containers or even shoe boxes. And things are way easier if you have smaller versions of floor puzzles, like the ones with 24pcs. You can store them even in a pencil box. But make sure that you never lose a single piece.

Why are floor puzzles important for pre-schoolers?

Adults or not, we all loving playing puzzles. Most of us even play them on our smartphones. Well, that said, as children develop puzzles present many benefits to them. Simply put, the puzzles play an important role in the development of your child. Overcoming the challenges of putting together the big floor puzzle boosts their self-confidence and gives them a sense of pride. Besides, they also develop emotional skills, cognitive skills, and physical skills.

Where to buy children's floor puzzles?

Do you want to buy crocodile creek floor puzzle 36 pieces? Or do you want to buy Minnie mouse floor puzzle mat? Either way, you need to have the right platform to purchase them. What if we tell you that you can purchase all that you want right here on Yes, that's right! You could purchase your favourite floor puzzles from popular brands like Ceaco, Cobble, Hill Macys, Petit, Collage, Ravensburger, 4M, Disney, and Melissa & Doug on our product search engine. Besides, you could also check out some cheap floor puzzles and compare prices of others from over 500 online stores.

From here, enjoy browsing through different types of toys and choose that fits your child's liking. Explore, various themes, formats, and piece counts of floor puzzles.