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One of the latest additions to puzzles today is the puzzle ballsSmall, durable and unique, you can now see them everywhere, although the trend is still catching up. However, it essential to remember to keep them away from kids. 

The concept of puzzle balls can keep you well occupied for a good couple of hours. It is simple – they are just steel or metallic balls that you use to build different shapes and form as you go about. However, the concept is broad today and can range from a variety of various sources to take a pick from. There are many choices for this type of puzzle available, and you can pick something that suits your needs. While most problems are significant for kids, this one can be particularly tricky. You can use them for different purposes when you are with your toddler; however, don't leave them alone with it. The small puzzle balls are the perfect size to fit into their mouths and head down their throat. It can be a very life-threatening experience if you don't pay heed to it. However, with proper understanding and if your child is much older to know better, then you can surely use them for teaching. 

Different types of the best puzzle balls you can buy today 

Puzzle balls are easy to find in any store today. You don't even have to go to a kids' play store, but nay stationery store or even your nearby supermarket could have a few packs. People have managed to use them for all types of different reason successfully. From conducting science experiments to an understanding of Geography, to project making, they are trendy today. However, there also have been quite a lot of instances with sad outcomes because of negligence in using such puzzle balls. With so many terrific choices out there, there are a lot of different ones from which you can pick. Check out some of the very best types of puzzle balls today. 

Wooden puzzle balls 

One of the safest choices, the wooden ball puzzleare easy to find anywhere, and they work well for learning sessions too. They are generally crafted out of a single piece of wood, and these are the most expensive. Others could be in faux timber also, making them more affordable. There are a lot of teachers who use them for projects and to teach their kids about different things. With wooden puzzle balls, you can demonstrate and learn a whole lot of different stuff, making them apt for various purposes. You can also use them for toddlers, as they are a lot safer than metallic and other types of balls. 

Metallic puzzle balls 

The metallic and magnetic puzzle balls are generally great for science experiments and other purposes. There are some super choices out there that you can consider and then pick the right ones to suit your needs. With so many different types of options, it makes it all the more accessible to the device. People who practise magic also use magnetic balls to make their tricks easier. They are mainly straightforward to use, once you get the hang of it. Schools and colleges also use them for projects and other types of learning. However, they are not very ideal for toddlers and its best to keep them away from them. 

Chinese puzzle balls 

A very unique concept, Chinese puzzle balls are not very common, but they are to be seen more extensively today compared to the earlier days. These spherical balls are large and have decorative layers. The traditional type is designed in ivory, making it a work of art to look at. The layers could be around three and vary till seven different ones, for the more sophisticated type of balls. While ideally, there is no way to 'solve' any form of the puzzle with them, the term is used to define the concept of mystery that is behind its making. They are widely used to ease a lot of things from stress to anxiety, and people also use it for learning purposes. Some might use it as a collectable or to beautify a space in their home or office. 

Vending puzzle balls 

In the purest sense, vending puzzle balls are from vending machines and something kids of today love. You put a few coins to get ones, and it pops right open. They are pretty inexpensive and made of plastic. Most of them have some form of puzzle or toy inside them when you open the ball. They are more of a fascination than a collectable. With so many super choices of puzzle balls today, you can even make some right at home if your kids love them. The hard-plastic shells are easy to find. You can fill them with candy, or small DIY puzzles that your kids can create later. It just adds an element of surprise to an otherwise regular toy. 

Tips on how to buy balls for your kids 

The concept of puzzle balls is new, but its also growing. However, not all forms are unique, as the vending machine balls have been around for quite some time. Parents also discourage them for young kids, unless they are larger and won't fit int heir mouths. You can make some exciting games out of old puzzle balls too and repurpose them in different ways. If your kids love to play with puzzle balls, here are some tips to make them easy to buy. 

  • Choose the right size and type – Make sure you pick the right puzzle balls for the purpose. It could be to help your child with a project or teaching them to count. Choose the proper shape and numbers, and it will be easy to reach your goal. 
  • Be creative – If you cannot find puzzle balls or you can't seem to reach the purpose with the ones you brought, how about trying something different? You can make your own with some foil, or round beans and make the most of it. 
  • Try to repurpose old ones – You don't need to check for new types of puzzle balls regularly. You can very easily use the same batch for different purposes. Make sure you store them right and know where they are so you can keep reusing them. 
  • Try to pick environmentally-friendly options – A lot of the metallic ones are not easy on the environment. If you dispose of them, there are chances they will be around for very long and not decompose naturally. So, see which brand support the environment and buy them instead. 
  • Use them for learning – Learning and teaching get comfortable with fun aids, and puzzle balls are a big part of that list. However, it'essential to teach your kids the hazards of consuming them, so make sure they understand that bit well to prevent a future accident. 
  • Borrow from someone – You can also borrow some from a friend if you know they have it and see if your child takes to it. If it's a one-time use, then its better to borrow than buying and never using them again.  

If buying them is a concern, there are some excellent options for puzzle balls available on most online stores. You can also check the globe puzzle ballthat are getting more and more popular. Make sure you pick the ideal choices that will work out for the right reasons. With a little bit of creativity, you can do a lot with them, including artwork and puzzles, instead of continually buying new supplies. Also, try to recycle old ones as much as possible. 

Question & Answer

Which are the best puzzle balls for kids 2020? 

There are many options when it comes to picking some super choices of puzzle balls for your kids. It could be for various reasons, or just to keep them busy at home. If they are particularly fond of it, then there are some exciting options that you can decide from. Check out some exciting choices such as Spin Master Games Perplexus Epic Interactive Maze Game with 125 Obstacles by Spin Master, Perplexus Beast, 3D Maze Game with 100 Obstacles, KINGOU Wooden Puzzle Magic Ball Brain Teasers Toy Intelligence Game Sphere Puzzles For Adults/Kids, Maze Ball, 3D Magic Puzzle Game Flying Saucer Development, Gyronaut Omega Obstacle 3D Puzzle Ball with Display Stand, VKOPA Intellect 3D Maze Ball Best Gift Independent Play for Children, WETONG Maze Ball Game 3D Intellect Ball with 100 Challenging Barriers, KeNeer Maze Ball Mini 3D Magic Puzzle Intelligence & Idea Maze Game and Maze Ball Classic Kids Home Travel Games Ball in Maze Puzzle Helps Reduce Stress 6'' Size by Ideas In Life.  

Which are the best Chinese puzzle balls? 

Although rare to find today, there are some great options when it comes to Chinese puzzle balls today. You can check out - JJSFJH Chinese Intellectual Game Football Lock Puzzle Building Blocks Wooden Toys Luban Kongming Lock, NUOBESTY Wooden Puzzle Magic Ball Kongming Lock 3D Jigsaw Puzzles, and other ivory puzzle balls. Their uses are multiple, although the Chinese do use them as puzzles to decipher the secret behind the different layers in the ball. Kids can also use them for a lot of different purposes. They also sit rather elegantly on tables or as showpieces in home and offices. Make sure you consider the material and make well, as a lot of them can be somewhat fragile and not the best for kids to play. 

What are pyramid puzzles with balls? 

Another terrific approach to the concept of puzzle balls is the pyramid triangle. These make for super choices when it comes to spending time with your kids or just keeping oneself busy. These are small metallic balls that could be single balls or as a set of 3 or 4. You need to place them in a way that they form a pyramid. There are several different possibilities, and it can be rather tricky if it's your first time. However, you need some practice to master the art, and it can keep you busy while indoors. It is a terrific way to keep yourself busy or take a break form something. Kids can also use them and sharpen their memory.   

Where can you buy Chinese puzzle balls on sale? 

Whether it is buying Chinese puzzle balls or the metallic kind, it is all so easy to find online. There are many different ones to pick from, so you can do so depending on your requirements. Make sure you also check out this search engine called With so many different possibilities out there, you can buy just about anything you want. The best part is that you don't have to worry about paying a higher price, because the website will take care of that for you. 

Don't forget to check out the top brands such as Ravensburger, Goki, LOL Surprise, Brio, Meffert's and Haba before you buy. Along with that, online stores such as Sprii, Ali Express, andJust Kidding are some of the very best ones!