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About Sliding Puzzles

From early childhood right through to adulthood, we all love solving puzzles. We like the way it challenges and exercises our minds. Besides, you’re lucky that you can find several options of puzzles out there in the market today. And one prominent one that suits both adults and children alike is the sliding puzzles. But, just like any other product, you need to be well aware of the product to get the best one online. Well, to make things easier for you, we’ve put together the significant elements that you need to know about this product in this article. 

Sliding puzzles are an excellent learning tool for toddlers and young children. That’s primarily because it fosters many skills and mental learning advantages and opportunities. For example, cognitive skills; problem-solving; excellent motor development; social and self-esteem are just a few critical learning skills that your child must develop at some point in his/her early life. Indeed, these puzzles are a great starting point. But the number of puzzles available for kids is seemingly endless. And it can be overwhelming to decide which one will perfectly fit your child’s liking. With this in mind, we have put together a list of puzzles for kids according. This will not only simplify your life, but it’ll ensure that the product challenges your child appropriately.

Types of sliding tile puzzles to choose from 

Completing a puzzle, even the simplest of puzzles sets a single goal to achieve. It requires your toddlers and children to think and develop strategies on how to approach achieving this goal. It’s evident that this process involves problem-solving, reasoning skills and developing solutions. Your kids can transfer this into their personal or adult life at a later stage. But here’s the thing, these puzzles come in a whole range of themes and topics such as alphabet letters, shapes, vegetables, numbers, pets, transport and colours. It increases their visual awareness and develops a deeper understanding of these themes and topics. Let’s have a look at a few prominent types of puzzles.

The Klotski puzzle

The Klotski puzzle originated in the 20th century. Ideally, the name refers to a specific layout of ten blocks. Like the other sliding block puzzles, these puzzles too have several different-sized block pieces. Generally, you place them inside a box, which has typically a 4×5 size. Further, among the block, you’ll find a special piece (usually the largest and of a different colour). As per the game rules, you as a player need to move this block to a designated area. By the way, you’re not allowed to remove the blocks. However, you can only slide the blocks horizontally or vertically. The common goal is to solve the puzzle with a minimum number of moves in the minimum amount of time.

The number slide puzzle

The number slide puzzle, commonly known as the 15-puzzle is one that consists of a frame of numbered square tiles. They’re placed in random order with one tile missing. You can also find the puzzle in other sizes such as smaller 8-puzzle. For example, if the puzzle’s size is 3×3 tiles, then you call them the 8-puzzle or the 9-puzzle. Similarly, if you have a 4×4 tile, then you call the puzzle the 15-puzzle or the 16-puzzle. In short, they’re named based on the number of tiles and the number of spaces. Besides, you’ll also see the n-puzzle. It’s a classical problem for modelling algorithms involving heuristics. You can explore the various options of number slide puzzles and buy them online. 

The sliding picture puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles or picture puzzles were initially created by painting a picture on a flat, rectangular piece of wood. People then cut the picture into small pieces and then mix it up. This allows them to rearrange the pieces to make the perfect picture that it initially was. Typically, the picture sliding puzzles usually include scenes from nature, buildings, and repetitive designs. However, you can use any kind of image to make a jigsaw puzzle. The solvability of a sliding picture puzzle is very similar to the solving tricks of the jigsaw puzzle. However, the only difference is that in the case of a puzzle, you can only slide the picture puzzles horizontally or vertically.

The rotate and slide puzzle

Rotate and slide puzzle is basically a model that’s a tweaked version of puzzles. The basic shape of these puzzles is cylindrical. The cylinder is divided into several “ring-shaped sections.” You can rotate these sections independently. Besides, each ring section includes multi- individual parts, with one piece missing. You can move these parts along each ring by using the missing piece (empty space). By rotating and sliding the pieces in and out of the space, you can create a multitude of solutions. In short, the objective of the puzzle is to place the tiles into patterns by making rotating and sliding moves that manipulate the space.

Tips on how to buy Sliding Puzzles online

The idea of choosing the perfect sliding puzzles seems bleak amidst the sheer number of options out there in the market. However, that need not be the norm. You can always turn around the situation. All you need to do is to assess a few essential features of the puzzles carefully. Fortunately for you, we’ve listed out those key elements that you need to keep in mind to buy sliding puzzles for adults and kids online. So read on!

  • Check out their type – We’ve seen earlier in this article that these puzzles come in different types and forms. But, you need to get the appropriate one. The easiest way to look for an attractive option is to pick one that suits your level of complexity. Also, make sure that the design is kid-friendly if they’re the one using it. This helps you protect your kids and give them maximum fun.
  • Look out for solvability – Just like construction and design, you’ll also find puzzles with different solvability. Typically, they range from complex puzzles to simple ones. Depending on your age, you can choose the one you want. Apart from that, you also need to check out if you want to play them multiple times or once.
  • Check out the price range – It is important to note that the most expensive puzzle is not necessarily the most difficult. These puzzles come in different price ranges. That’s why it’s essential to set yourself a budget. This ensures a wide buy. Plus, it’ll narrow down your choices too. In short, you’ll be on the right path when hunting for the product.
  • Consider the use and colour – Just like any other kids’ products; you can find the puzzles in several different colours. Most of them come in bright colours and vibrant prints. However, remember that each colour might not suit your child’s liking. Therefore, always make a decision depending on the use.

These puzzles are a great way to keep your child entertained for a long. Besides, they can bring out the most creative side of your kid. However, all this is possible only if you have the puzzle. And for that, you need to consider the factors mentioned above. We hope they’ll guide you in the right direction and help you pick the best one among the lot.

Question & Answer

Are all sliding puzzles solvable?

You’ll find endless options for sliding puzzles these days. Besides, each of them comes with a different level of complexity and design. The point here is that the solvability of the puzzles highly depends on the type of puzzle you buy, keeping in mind your age. For instance, a small kid of 5-6 years will not be able to solve a highly complex number sliding puzzle. It might take a while for them to get the rules straight. But, usually, all the puzzles are solvable.

What size sliding puzzle is good to buy?

Just like solvability, the size of the puzzle to depends on age. That’s because, the more the number of pictures and numbers, the lower are your chances of solving them easily. Besides, you can make things even more complicated if the puzzle doesn’t suit your age. Therefore, the good size of a puzzle depends on your age and your solving capacity. At you can find all such products from toy brands like HABA, Vosarea, TY, Unique,  Thinkfun, and Rubik’s.

How to solve sliding puzzles 5×5?

Usually, 5×5 puzzles are pretty easy to solve. You normally start moving your boxes from one through five. Note, we’re are talking about the picture puzzles here. If you want to solve the 5×5 number puzzles, there’s a different approach to it. Getting back to the picture puzzle, make sure that you do not make a rush. Start with moving the few boxes. Ideally, play around with the section of 2×6. Further, you just do this for each row, and you’ll be able to solve the puzzle easily.

Where to buy sliding puzzles in UAE?

With every product, purchasing is the key. You need to buy the best quality, the right types and of course, on the right platform. Well, if you’re in search of such a platform then do not miss exploring the option of puzzles in You can find a comprehensive range of puzzles from popular brands like HABA, Vosarea, TY, Unique, Thinkfun, and Rubik’s on our superfast product search engine. Besides, you could also wholesale puzzles online at nominal rates. What’s more, you could compare the prices of various sliding block puzzles and buy 3×3 slide puzzles from over 500 online stores.