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Every owner knows their pet better than anyone else. By that, we mean you should know what can annoy your little buddy or make him feel uncomfortable. Hence, when it comes to buying animal clothing or, let’s call it, pet clothing, comfort should be a primary consideration. 

If your pet does not have any problem with being dressed, there will still be some limitations on how to do that. Many pets enjoy special attention to their makeover. While others are against wearing any piece of cloth or accessories at all. It often results in causing issues like shivering, chewing garments, panting or whining in your pet. In any such case, it better is to avoid the idea of putting clothes on your pet. Even otherwise, you must be careful while choosing animal clothing. Plus, you must know the fact that cat clothes are always different from ideally perfect dog clothes. Also, check for potential choking hazards and parts that could be wrapped around the throat or swallowed. 

Some pros and cons of dressing your dogs 

Recent surveys by vets reveal that about 80% of pet owners find it amusing to dress their pets. Although it is a cute trend for some, many find it concerning. With increasing interest in trending animal clothing, there are more and more questions raising whether pets should be dressed or not. The fact, the question about dressing pets is not as simple as it seems. And it cannot be replied with a yes or no. for instance, if a dog has gone through surgery, he might need more protection, probably a coating of fabric to keep him warm and cosy, specifically at low temperatures. Keeping such situations aside, there are other times to evaluate the plus/minus of animal clothing. Let’s review some of these to make a final decision about your pet. 

Getting dog clothes for cold weather 

This is one of the main and, so far, the most valid reason why people love to buy dog clothes. However, it also depends on each case. Here you may need to consider age, size, breed as basic elements to define if your dog will need an additional cover of clothing for winters or not. For instance, if your pet has a light fur coating, the chances are that it can’t stand up to the extreme weather. At such times, it important is to consider buying only a quality dog sweater or jacket. Although it may be unpleasant for many, smaller dogs with lesser fur prefer such cover to stay cosy. However, whether for style or cover, the clothes should be soft and must not bite the animal skin. 

Irritated skin due to cheap puppy clothes 

We know those little jumpers and coats look super cute on puppies. But in many cases, they can cause serious health and skin issues. The chances of irritation are bright, specifically when you are buying cheap dog clothes online. Plus, it could be due to itchy material, zippers and accessories on the clothes. Ornaments, too tight and too rough fabric lead to an uncomfortable feeling. And the animal keeps rubbing against the costume which causes many skin issues. Some of the most reported issues resulting from the use of clothes include Atopic Dermatitis, Allergies due to Fleas, Otitis, etc. Hence, if you use dog clothes and see him behaving weirdly, see the vet at once. 

Show off the dog’s personality.

Dressing your dog is an enjoyable way of spending time with your lovely pet. Adding spice to these special fun moments, always dress up the dog according to event and temperature. If you shop online, you can find various costumes that can breathe out your dog’s mentality. So, if the puppy is a smart fella, you can find something that presents his unique self. But if he is tough, look for something that can represent shackles around his legs. Luckily, with many animal clothing brands, you can easily find many fun ways to express your creative side by tailoring the costumes. But more important is that your dog enjoys it rather than feeling annoyed and falling sick. 

Anxiety vests and dog’s stress  

Surprisingly, clothing can not only keep your pet warm but also help with anxiety. Special vests like Thundershirts help in reducing anxiety in some dogs.  With this snug fit vest, dogs feel safe and comfortable. But important is to pick the right type and size of suit for your pet. But this is not the case always. There are times when clothes can cause stress to your pet. Hence if you are desperate to dress your dog, tack their emotions. It can be fun as sometimes the dog will be unaware of things that bother them. Even if they stand still while making fashion revenue, it doesn’t mean they are happy with it. Chances are they are just respecting you’re in their way. 

Tips on how to buy Dog Clothes online in the UAE 

Getting some customers designer dog clothes in wholesale or retail can be a tough task, specifically if it’s the first time for you! However, buying dog clothes online can be an exciting process,  only if you know the basics.  Surely pet clothing gives an awesome look to your sweet little buddy. Plus, the right choice can protect them from different climate risks. All you need to do is to be careful while getting your pet clothes of high quality. Here are some important tips that can help you purchase the right clothes for your pet.

  • Get the right size – Size is a major consideration for buying clothes for pets online. Before you head for a search, get recent measurements of the pet. Always find a jacket or costume that is neither tight nor loose on your pet.
  • Look for the type of pet – The comfort of costume comes only if you are buying an appropriate breed cloth. For example, if your dog has a lot of hair on like Bichon Frise, Havanese or Pomeranian, the fabric options will be different from breeds with lesser or no hair.
  • Delve into extra details – Avoid clothes with accessories and prefer keeping pet clothes simple. Better is to go for casual and classy options for buying cat outfits, dog or rabbit clothes. Items with several buttons or accessories can make the pet uncomfortable.
  • The ease of wearing – Pets are gentle. Hence they prefer picking costume styles with the ease of use. Here you can consider the zipper and button styles. Or look for options that the pet can remove by themselves if they are feeling uncomfortable or irritated.
  • Dress according to weather – Your pet must be dressed according to the weather. In summer, putting on thick fabric will make the dog uncomfortable and cause serious irritation, scratches, and skin infections. Likewise, the thing fabric is winter is nothing else than a burden.
  • Consider the budget – Here comes the most common concern of many. It is not necessary to buy super, expensive clothes. Be smart and explore options at and buy budget-friendly yet quality animal clothes online in UAE.

Remember, pets are delicate! They need more attention & care in terms of clothing, food, shelter and protection. Specifically, when it comes to clothing, you should focus on a style. Thus, you need to style them with the best by paying a little attention to their expression, body language and behaviours. So, what are you waiting for? Commence your shopping voyages along with And shop from the best collection of products from top-notch brands & shops.

Question & Answer

How to buy pet clothes?

The best idea is to browse the exclusive range of animal clothing at Here you can find a wide collection of pet clothing and accessories. Explore by category or brand to see and select from possible pet clothes, sweaters, dresses, shoes, and more options. Read the product description of each product carefully before deciding if it is the best choice for you. While buying online, always make sure that you reviewed a few products and compare options from different brands before you head for payment.

Are dog clothes bad for dogs?

Actually, not always. But some designs and types of pet clothes can be a choking hazard for the dog. If the material is of low quality, the costume is too tight or with unnecessary accessories. Plus, it is harmful if the fabric is not appropriate according to the breed you own or in the weather. Moreover, if your dog has a tail, make sure they consume allows it out to the tail. Plus, the costume must not hinder the hearing, vision and movement abilities of the pet. With such precautions, dog clothes can cause no harm to your little friend.

Do dog clothes fit cats?

Absolutely not. Both animals are entirely different from each other. From lifestyle and food to habits and needs, cats are entirely different from dogs. The same rule applies to clothing as well. Even if your kitten clothes sit well on the puppy, the fabric and other features might cause an issue for the little buddy. Moreover, based on the costume design, you may find it difficult to put the cat’s coat on the dog. Hence better is to look for pet appropriate clothes only. If needed, you can also explore branded items in Cycle Pants, Oornetjes, Flying Masks, and Dog Neckties for all types of pets you own.

Where to buy cheap dog clothes online in UAE?

If you wish to buy economical yet trendy clothing for your pets, explore the animal clothing section at This is where you can find reliable global brands like Fitwarm, Puppia, Rubie’s, Pets First, Trixie, Bond & Co. Plus; you can enjoy the benefits of an amazingly efficient price comparison tool to find budget-friendly options with just a click. With the unique mix of variety and convenience, you can make a smart buying decision in no time. In the meantime, offers easy buying perks on an entire range of pet supplies and accessories. On this retail search engine, you can find everything, including Animal Bandana, Pet Shits; Pet Sweaters, Animal Vests; Dog Glasses; Dog Jackets; Dog Raincoats; Dog Backpacks, Dog Shoes or even Dog Life Jackets.

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