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About Dog Period Pants

Owning a pet is much more than feeding them during the day and taking them on a walk-in evening. Specifically, if you own a pet dog, you need to be more concerned about keeping it healthy, providing a comfortable sleep and sufficient care during the days she is on heat.  The dog period pants are one of many items that you need to buy for emergency situations.

When a wide range of animal clothing is solely used for fashion and styling purposes, some items have proper practical grounds. Top on the list is dog heat pants or sanitary dog pants. They are also named as doing period pants. These are specialized pants for dogs meant to help pet parents keep the dog tidy and clean on special days. Luckily now you can find a wide range of options in these pants. These pants are a great solution for both female and male dogs. There are times when even the vet will suggest you use these dog period pants. Many pet owners around the globe agree and recommend using these pants for both male and female dogs.

Reasons to use dog nappy pants

Just as out in the world of parenthood, there is a debate about the best type of diapers to use on your dog – disposable or cloth? The cloth dog period pants allow you to be environment friendly as you can wash and reuse the disposable pants for dogs that are convenient to use and dispose of without a mess. But in the later mentioned item, the initial costs can be higher. This way or that, there are several options in puppy pants that you can explore and buy online. And it does not matter what type or style you pick for your puppy; having these protective pants are an essential part of keeping a pet in your home. Here are the reasons why you should have male or female dog period pants now.

Urinary issues in dogs

A major problem most dog owners have to deal with is urinary incontinence. And it can occur in dogs of all ages. In actuality urinary inconsistency is not a behavioural issue. It can be caused by medical issues like bladder problems, urinary tract infections or weak urinary sphincter muscles. Other reasons may include conditions like diabetes or bacterial infection. And even the most trained dog can suffer from the issue and will be unable to control the urge to pee. So, if you suspect that the dog incidents are not behaviour related, take him to the vet. They will recommend you drugs or surgeries along with dog period pants to deal with the problem.

Nappies for senior dogs

As the dog gets old, the dog nappies will become a part of your daily life. After a certain age, the dogs that have never had accidents in the house may lose control of certain body functions. They commonly include defecation and urination. In some cases, the dog forgets all the training he has been implying during life. Also, dogs over 11might suffer something similar to Alzheimer’s disease. In dogs, it is known as CCD (canine cognitive dysfunction). Although there are drugs to treat the problem, you will still need to add dog diapers (or dog period pants)to your routine.

For dog heat and training

A wide variety of dog period pants are a must-have if you have an adult female dog. It will help when your dog is in her heated period. A period pant will keep your furnishing and house cleaner while the dog is in heat. It will also prevent the constant licking that she might engage in. however, these diapers are not viable for canine contraception as a male dog can easily find a way around the diaper. Certain types of dog pants are also a must-have during the training process. But here, it is more about our concerns toward furniture and rugs than about the dogs. Also, even if you use the diapers, you still need to take the dog out for around to learn to pee as they should.

About using dog diapers

These diapers are simple to use yet still need some skills to get them on the dog properly. When you head to buy online, you will find variety in fit and absorbency. Each product comes with instructions for measuring and choosing the absorbency level. Choose a suitable option as per the age, weight, and breed of the dog. You should follow the cleaning and diaper application process, as mentioned on the packaging. It is important to change the diaper frequently as the dog will feel uncomfortable with a wet and full diaper. A wet diaper will also lead to rashes, bacterial infection, or inflammation.

Tips on how to buy Dog Period Pants online in the UAE 

But before you head to learn how to put a diaper on your dog, you need to be educated enough to buy the right type of dog pants. There is a wide variety of dog pants, period pants, or diapers available in the market. With a variety of products from each brand, there is a rush of options. For many, it becomes difficult to choose the right option as per needs. It is important to know there is much to think about besides looking for cheap dog menstrual pants. Here is what you need to consider while searching for the best brands to buy pants for dogs online in the UAE.

  • Reasons to use pants – You can either use them for style or fashion your dog to deal with medical conditions that result in excessive urination without control or when the dog is on heat. Each condition demands different types of pants. Decide why you need the pant and look for relevant items accordingly.
  • The climate – When it comes to styling dogs, you should consider the climate and weather conditions and choose a fabric accordingly. In any case, always try to buy a breathable fabric as extreme heat can harm your dog. Also, try to avoid using pants for dogs during the extreme summer season and let them go natural.
  • Allergies – Dog might have allergies, or they can get one after using a certain type of clothing item. Therefore, you should consider the sensitives common to the breed you own and look for clothing items, diapers, or pants accordingly. Here you can consult peers to know what the possible and more suitable options are to buy.
  • The quality of pants – Both pants and diapers will stay on the dog for long hours. A low-quality material or make can harm the sensitive skin of these overexciting beings. So, make sure you are looking for products from trusted brands. At, you can find high quality branded items at cheaper rates.
  • The aesthetics – Luckily, dog pants for urination or periods come in a wide variety of colours, designs, and looks. So, you can easily secure the dog while dressing them and making them look cute as they move around. Explore more than one brand to find interesting options to choose from.
  • The size – The diaper or pants should be of perfect fit on your dog. Otherwise, they are useless and will not serve the purpose. So, take some time and measure your dog’s waist and leg size before buying period panties that fit well. You can compare the sizes with the charts given by the sellers and manufacturers online.
  • Focus on potential choking hazards – Pants may come with buttons or small zippers (in reusable or cloth-based diapers for dogs). They can be a potential choking hazard. So, check the features and make of the pants carefully before buying. Make sure the selected item is secure for use with no loose buttons, bows or snaps that will fall off.

It is always a great idea to look for reusable items as they are environmentally friendly and will cost you lesser than disposable items. However, they may demand some additional attention in terms of cleaning and maintenance. Also, if you are looking for fashion pants for dogs, look for adjustable items. They will save you from hassle as the dog grows fast. With a flexible item, you can take maximum advantage of your purchase.

Question & Answer

How many dog period panties do you need?

If you are looking for a cloth-based item, we will recommend you own at least six pieces of dog period panties. It will allow you to stay in peace with a backup to use in emergencies or when you do not have time to wash the diapers. You can consider buying Cos2be Female Dogs Diapers, Wegreeco Washable Female Dog Diapers, Paw Legend Reusable Female Dog Diapers. But for a disposable item, you can buy in bulk to keep a stock for use in case of emergency.

Is it ok for dogs to wear clothing?

For most of the discussion, experts do not recommend using clothing on pets, especially dogs. Mainly because the fabric can chafe your pet. Where a human can scratch an itch under the clothes and adjust them, a dog cannot do that. Studies also show the negative impact of clothing on dogs that will ultimately develop behavioural changes. Another reason animal clothing is not recommended is that it can increase the body temperature of the pet. as they can not take off the clothes on their own, they end up facing health and behavioural issues. This can surely be a problem for you as well.

What is the estimated cost of dog pants?

The dog period pants are cheaper to buy. For instance, a reusable item starts with AED 40 and goes up to AED 150. The variation depends on the product’s brand, material, style, and quality with added features. However, if you need cheaper items, explore to find the best quality at economical rates. Some cheap best selling dog pants that you can search online includes Wegreeco Washable Female Dog Diapers; Cos2be Female Dogs Diapers; Paw Legend Reusables; Pet Magasin, and BINGPET Dog Diapers.

Where can I buy dog pants online in the UAE?

When buying pet supplies , including clothing and accessories, you should explore a retail search engine online. For instance, at, you can find top global brands and manufacturers offering high-quality products and clothing items for your beloved pets. Here you can search and buy products from top brands like Glenndarcy, Mikki Dog, Muddy Mutts, or Trixie. At, you can also use the price comparison tool to compare and buy products from top brands without getting out of your budget.

Explore now to buy the entire range of animal clothing and other accessories you might need to secure and entertain your pet with. Happy shopping!