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A fly veil of specifically used for horses. It falls under the category of animal clothing . Although it is not an essential item for your horse, using one can ensure the safety of the delicate parts of your horse and have an obvious positive impact on the horse’s performance on tracks.

A head collar consists of a noseband and headpieces that can buckle around the horse head.  It is an everyday item that can allow a horse to be safely led or tired up with an if needed. These veils are worn while riding to stop horses from getting distracted by flies, dirt, dust, or any other type of insects in the air. These veils are especially effective for sensitive horses where the riders have to deal with excessive head shaking while out hacking or schooling the animal. These veils are lightweight and breathable so that the animal won’t suffer or sacrifice comfort for protection.

Everything you need to know about horse fly veil

At times the horse fly veils are also known as the ear bonnets for horses. If you love your animal, they are a must-have in cold as well as sweltering weather conditions. As these fly hoods are versatile in nature can serve differently in each weather condition. When they are ideal for keeping the freezing breeze away from the horse head portion in winters, they will protect them from insects in the air in summer. This is why fly veils are a great investment to keep the pony or horse comfortable and protected. Here is the most common debate that you need to read before buying a veil for the horse.

Why do you need a veil?

The number one purpose of these covers is to keep the mosquitoes and flies away from the animal. If not, these bugs will attack the delicate skin on the face, eyes,  and ears of the animal. It is not just annoying to the creature, but a can cause certain health issues. As a result, the horse might suffer from allergies, infection, scratches, and many types of skin irritations. In the worse cases, it can also lead to causing infection and wounds that can be painful, difficult and costly to clear up. Secondly, they are meant to protect the animal from harsh weather conditions that will again impact the health, plus the performance of the animal in the field.

What is the best fly veil?

Different horses, as well as horse owners, have different demands. And considering the varying needs and demands, there is a wide range in style, size, material and aesthetics of horsefly veil available in the market. Each of these will suit a particular type or breed of horse. However, the expert recommends a mesh fly veil that can Velcores on firmly. An ideal veil will also have UV protection properties. Such an item will protect the delicate skin or horse from scorching weather and those painful eye and skin cancers. The chosen item must also offer a snug fit on the face and come in a durable material to last for years.

Colour of the veil

According to most users, black is the best colour to buy and use. But the question is: Does the colour matter? According to experts, yes the colour does matter, and most of them strongly recommend using black mesh fly-veils specifically when the horses are out in the paddock. Despite a wide range of colour, design, and style options, you can match other horse gears, but black still holds practical value. A fly veil in black can actually serve the purpose. It will block the extreme sunlight and allow sufficient shade so that the horse can easily see the surrounding in the scorching sun.

Fly veil-nose cover- ear cover: what to choose

A standard basic fly veil will offer eye protection, but an extended nose flap or ear cover can be an option based on your horse breed and needs. If the horse has a pink nose, using a nose flap is a wise decision. But some horses do not like it; in that case, you need to consider washing. But if your horse does not have a pink nose, the choices entirely depend on your personal preferences. While searching online, you can also find options such as mesh nose covers with white canvas underneath. It will offer additional UV protection to your horse. Such items are ideal if you have a white horse.

Tips on how to buy Horse Fly Veil online in the UAE

Thinking about replacing a torn fly mask and looking for a cheap horse fly veil? Before you make a purchase, you should know what can be an ideal option for your horse. And when you head to buy eye, nose or ear veils online in the UAE, the variety of options can surely make you confused. It can be because there are dozens of brands and manufacturers selling top quality horse fly veils online. With so many options, choosing the best one can be an easier task if you keep the following pointers in your mind.

  • The construction – You should carefully analyze the construction of the mask. It may include the design abound the veil and the fringes. Today they will come with or without ears and include a vast amount of features. the choice of these features can depend on personal preferences and budget.
  • Riding or field use – Here you need to consider why you want to buy a mask in the first place. Do you want it for the horse while he is in the field or while you are riding? So, look for the mask that indicates the purpose. You can search for a fly veil for the horse to wear in the field and get relevant items on the screen.
  • With to without ears – If the flies are irritating your horse or the little people bite them, look for a design with ear protection. This veil comes with a light mesh material than the main mask to comfort and ensure the ear’s free movement.
  • The midge protection – If your horse is still bittern in the area covered with a mask, it can be due to the pesky creatures that can get into the mesh’s holes. In such cases, look for a fly mask that says it is made of wonderful mesh. You can read the product description to find such details.
  • With or without nose protection – If you have a horse with white blazes of the pink nose, you should have their nose covered. It’s also better to cover their entire face. In some designs, the nose part can be removed when not needed. So read the product description to know about all such features.
  • UV protection – It is important to have a fly veil with UV protection. It will protect the delicate and overexposed skin areas on the horse’s face. Not all fly masks come with this feature. So you have to check the product details to know if the selected item has it or not.

The mask must stay on the face nicely. If you want a fly mast that fits tight as a glove, pick the one with Lycra, they will give the closest fit. A fine product is important as it will not rub with the skin and thus will not cause any scratches or irritation on the animal’s skin. You may also need to check the price of the product. provides you with an easy to look for products from different brands and compare their features, and prices to choose the best possible option.

Question & Answer

What basic features should I look for in the fly veil?

A fly mask suitable for field use is also perfect for the stable. It is particularly important for stables facing the sun in the afternoon or when the sun is at its hottest or where the flies are creating the problem. Finally, some fly masks are made of anti-rip fabric vital for horses that can destroy their masks. A fly mask is versatile with various features that can benefit the horse while stable or running in an open field.

Why do horses wear fly veils?

Fly veils are generally worn while riding. They help prevent the horse from getting distracted by flies, insects and other dirt or dust particles in the air. These veils slip over the ear of the horse and sit neatly under the bridle. They can also help muffle noises that can be helpful for spooky horses in windy weather. As a result, the horse will relax in the adrenalin-charged atmosphere. A rider whose horse needs earplugs can further find fly veils helpful in keeping those plugs instead.

Does the horse need a fly mask at night?

No, the horse does not need a fly mask at night. Instead, he will be safer and far more comfortable without the mask at night. But when you intend to use the mask in the morning, make sure it is properly cleaned as the dirt collected in the mesh can fall into the eyes of a horse. A grainy mask can also lead to some serious skin infection that will cause pain for the horse. Also, by taking off the mask at night, you can allow comfort and freedom to the animal.

You can put the fly veil on a horse at night in what condition?

Generally, the horse does not need a fly mask at night, but you might need to leave it on some eye condition. But in any such situation, the doctors will explain when and how long you can keep the mask on the horse during the night. Also, field relied masks can be left on 24×7. Also, for 24 hours, experts recommend regular checks on the horse and allow them time without a mask to prevent any rubbing and scratching.

Where can I buy fly veils online in the UAE?

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