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Petting an animal demands a lot more than feeding them or giving them a bath from time to time. Things can become more complex when you are petting an outdoor animal like a horse. Such pets demand a lot of care and accessories that you may need to offer them the comfort they deserve, and you promised. To help such pet owners, the market offers a wide range of products like flying masks and other animal care and clothing items online.

A fly cap or fly mask is a cover used on horses to cover their jaws, eyes and sometimes ear. These masks help to protect the faces and noses to protect the horse from flies. The mask is semi-transparent and made from a mesh allowing the horse to hear and see while wearing the mask. These masks also provide protection from UV light, and some are treated with insect repellent. Mosquito and fly protection are also important parts of overall horse care as biting insects transmit disease as well as a source of irritation. These masks come in a variety of styles and sizes. Each of these available styles serves a different purpose. Therefore it is important to understand the needs and purpose of the product before going for a purchase. Here are a few more things that you need to keep in mind as you proceed.

Beginner’s guide to fly masks for horses

Today most of the fly masks for horses are made of white or black mesh. Occasionally you can also find them in varying colours, plaids or have silkscreened designs on them. These horse fly hoods are adjusted to cover the upper head and stop about halfway down the face. Here the placement of stitches and darts prevents the mask from rubbing on the eyes. Many of these masks have fleece padding around the muzzle and sensitive areas of the face. If you are new to the world of horses, this article is meant for you. Here you will get to know all the important aspects of fly masks for horses to help you decide if you need them or not.

The purpose of horse fly masks

The clue is the name already. A fly mask helps to protect the eyes, face, and ears of a horse. These covers are specifically effective in protecting a running horse from insects and flies. According to Dr. Timothy Gibb, (A clinical professor at Purdue Agricultural University) These masks also relieve stress a horse usually deals with while fighting the face fly. In the meantime, these masks serve in shielding sunlight sensitive horses and protect the eyes and nose in extreme heat. At the times when they are handy in warm weather, they are ideal cover in extreme cold and against snow glare. However, if you wish to offer some extra defence to the horse, consider buying UV masks with added protection.

Common uses of fly masks for horses

By far and yet the most important reason to use a flay mask is to ensure that your horse is as comfortable and free from irritation as much possible. Being a human, it is easier for us to swat flies from our faces. Unfortunately, horses do not have the luxury of hands like us. They cannot remove the flies or other insects from their face. But having such objects on the face and in the eyes can surely be irritating. The only way you can help your beloved horse is to get them fly masks. There are assorted styles and sizes of masks that can cover half or entire face.

About sizing a fly mask

As mentioned earlier, there are different types, styles, and sizes of horse masks available online in the UAE. Alone at you can find more than five hundred brands selling dozens of styles from the top brands and sellers. However, what remains common is that every seller offers the product with a standard size chart. You can find these charts on the product page of the seller’s website. The fly masks usually come in A to F category. Remember that the size of the mask varies with the type of mask you tend to buy. So be incredibly careful while checking on the size of the product.

Cleaning a fly mask

Just like the right size and style, cleaning your horse’s flying masks is of immense importance. Remember a dirty mask will do no good to the horse. In other words, it will kill the purpose of your investment and will be just an additional discomfort for your beloved horse. As these masks are open in the muddy area all the time, they can easily accumulate dirt and other debris. This can not only cause temporary irritation but can also lead to long term health issues. Therefore, make sure you are buying a mask with a material easier to clean and then clean it on regular basis.

Tips on how to buy Fly Mask for sale online in the UAE

With a variety of styles and colours available online, different brands also offer unique materials, other than leather. With that many options, it becomes difficult to search and buy the most appropriate item as per your needs. And for many owners, such confusion lead to investment in low-quality products that offer no protection to the animal, whatsoever. Most of the time the cheapest purchase led to long terms loss of money. So, what is it that you can take care of while making a purchase of an item like a flying mask for horses online in the UAE? Here are some tips that can help you deal with the matter successfully.

  • Decide the style – Make sure you have a clear idea of what style of masks will match the needs of your animal. Remember different masks serve a different purposes. For instance, full-face fly masks are ideal for sensitive horses and protect them from midges and flies.
  • The brand reputation – It is always a great idea to look for reliable brands and sellers. At you can find all the top-rated brands from around the globe. Still trying to look for products from brands that have the highest rating.
  • Check the price – We know keeping a horse is expensive and you would like to save as much money as possible. But compromising on quality shall not be on your list. Rather you can search for products from different sellers and compare the prices to make a smart buying decision.
  • Read product details – When it comes to buying online, the product description section is where you can find all the information about the product. Here you can find details about the material, size, and other features of the masks. Always read this section carefully before making a final decision.

Buying a flying mask for a horse or any other product for your pet demands a lot of concerns. Therefore, we recommend you do a details market search. If you are buying any item for the first time and have no idea what you should pick, ask for professional help. In this regard, you can also refer to customer comments at the end of each product. These comments can give you enough idea of whether the selected product will serve your needs or not. Wish you luck with your pet supplies shopping venture.

Question & Answer

Can a horse wear a fly mask at night?

Usually, they do not need to wear fly masks at night. But if your horse is sick like it has some eye condition or for any other reason the vet recommends, you can leave the mask on. But there are some types of masks like field relief fly masks that can stay on 24/7. However, note that even though the masks offer protection during the day, they can impair visibility at night. So, if you are planning to take your horse out for a ride in the dark, putting the masks on is a big no-no.

How to wash a horse fly mask?

Washing the masks may vary based on the style and the material the mask is made of. But in most cases and if the quality is higher, the washing machine can do just fine. If not, you can also hand wash and hand dry the masks. But it is always recommended to avoid using the machine dryers to dry off these masks. Rather opt for air dry and leave them in the open air for a few hours. If it is made of leather, avoid placing it in extreme heat and sunlight as it may cause damage to the product.

How much does a horse fly mask cost?

The price of the masks, like any other animal clothing product, varies based on several factors. These include the material they are made of the brand and other features. In general, an average quality mask stays in the price range of AED 180 to AED 250. However, there are several high quality yet cheaper items available in the market. Top on the list are products like the Cashel crusader fly mask, Farman super masks II classic fly mask, the Weather Beeta comfited durable mesh fly mask, the Cashel quiet ride and the Cashel crusader fly mask.

Where can I buy fly masks online in the UAE?

You can explore our product search engine to find the best quality animal clothing and other pet supplies. Here we have more than 500 brands with the best-selling products and prices that you can find nowhere else. Some of these brands are Weather Beeta, Horseware, Cashel, Challenger, Horsewear, Farnam, Absorbine, Kensington, and Amigo. Here you can also use the unique price comparison tool to search and buy products based on price limitations. So, explore now to buy the best fly masks for your horse that will surely stay with you for years to come.