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If you’re a pet lover, you’ll know that adding accessories to your furry friends is one of the best things you can do. Take, for instance, when it comes to choosing the collars for your pets. You want the perfect material, style, type, and whatnot. Well, if there’s something that can cover all these requirements of yours, it is the – animal bandanas! They’re fun, colourful, and fashionable. In fact, they’re more practical and useful than you think. In this article, we’ll look at where the bandanas originated, their uses on pets and more. So, let’s get started!

Bandanas originated from India and spread throughout the world. Aside from their promotional uses, bandanas have always served as a practical garment. How? Well, they helped the workers, particularly railroad workers and farmers, to wipe the sweat off their brows. They even helped to stop getting the dust into their lungs. That said, it’s not particularly evident when the animals, dogs and cats, in particular, started bandanas’ trend. The largest-ever dog’s gathering wearing bandanas was at Big Red Barn Farm in Pretoria, South Africa, in Oct 2017. Around 767 dogs wore animal bandanas during this event. Since these pieces of cloth have been a style icon for both animals and humans alike, let’s dig in a little more about these smart clothes!

The various styles and types of pet bandanas

Today, you’ll find several types of pet bandanas out there in the market. From colourful to checkered and personalised, the list is endless. We’ll look at a few popular ones in detail in a bit. But, before that, you should know that bandanas, in general, aid both animal and human health. For instance, a dog bandana catches loose hairs on dogs. This is particularly helpful if you have someone with allergies related to dog hair. Similarly, you could use these animal bandanas to calm your pets by spraying stress relief spray on the bandana before tying them to your pet. In short, we cannot see any reasons why a bandana isn’t the best for animals. So, let’s check out the various types and styles available.

The happy birthday dog bandana

Are you celebrating your dog’s big day? Or perhaps their adoptive anniversary? Well, either way, a happy birthday animal bandana is a great way to celebrate with friends and family. Many models of such pet bandanas come with the one-size-fits-all feature. You usually roll and tie them to fit them on your pup’s neck. Ideally, it’s best for pet necks that measure between 10 and 18 inches. The majority of the pet bandanas come in cotton materials. However, dog lovers say the Frisco Birthday Bandana is the best because it doesn’t slip and stays around, even after the cake comes out. So, whether you’re hosting a full party or want to take a few pictures to commemorate the big day, these are just great!

The personalised dog bandana

We know that your pets are pawfect just the way they are. However, a personalised bandana for your pets can make them stand out, be it a cat or a dog. These personalised animal bandanas make a unique birthday gift for your pets. They’re fashion-forward and come in several styles. From bold, colourful designs to minimalistic chic, snappy slogans and your favourite dog icon design, all the personalised animal bandanas are tailor-made to match your pet’s personality. As a companion or owner, you know better than anybody else. So, help your pets put their best paw forward.

The Halloween dog bandana and cat bandana

Just because your pets cannot wear full-on costumes doesn’t mean that they cannot get into the spirit of the season. Getting them goofed up is fun. However, remember that not every pet will be comfortable in those hats, boots and hoods. That’s why you need to stick to easy-to-wear accessories such as Halloween bandanas. They’ll not only glam up your little ghoul with minimal stress but will also help them participate in the spirit of the festival. One of the most popular Halloween animal bandanas is the skeleton bandana for both cats and dogs. It gives your pet the spooky skele look. You usually tie them around their necks, and it hangs down over their chest to line up like an x-ray.

The unique styled checkered dog handkerchief

Checks are always a unique print, whether it be on shirts, T-shirts or bandanas. These unique styled plaid bandanas for pets come in small and large sizes and a variants of colours and patterns to blend with your pup’s personality. Note that the small animal bandanas are around 23 inches, whereas the larger ones measure 30 inches long. Besides this, you could also find various other plaid patterns, floral, camouflage, and watermelon. Most of these models come in 100 per cent cotton materials and feature a traditional tie. Therefore, ensure to buy a size that leaves enough space around your pet’s neck to tie a knot.

Tips on how to buy Animal Bandanas

Animal bandanas are available in several varieties, and they’re becoming more and more popular these days. Well, you must’ve gathered that by now. However, remember, the bigger the choice, the harder it becomes to segregate the best dog bandanas to buy. We have compiled a few points to consider that’ll help you purchase the perfect bandanas for your pets without any hassle.

  • Check out your pet’s needs – Will your dog or cat wear it? Well, that should be the first question you must ask yourself when you choose an animal bandana. For instance, most doggies like to wear bandanas and will parade down the street with pride. However, certain pooches, particularly those who are fussy, do not like to wear something on their collar. Therefore, before purchasing any kind of animal clothing , make sure they like it.
  • Consider the material – No pet is going to like something stiff and coarse around their neck. You’ll find many 100 per cent cotton bandanas. However, there are a few that come in a combination of cotton and nylon. Besides, some become softer when you wash them. In short, any pet bandanas you buy must be soft and comfortable. Besides, they need to be robust and durable. Moreover, the fabric that frays easily will not be of much use.
  • Know how to wear them – There are several ways to tie the bandana onto your pets. You usually tie them wither by simply knotting the fabric together or with straps and cords stitched onto the ends. You’ll find some that are secured with fabric as well. Indeed, the knotting feature is the safer choice. However, it may come off more easily. Therefore, choose the animal bandanas that you can tie in several ways which suit your pets.
  • Look out for the fit – Remember, the size of the bandana is significant. That’s because a bandana that’s too small is a bigger problem than the one that’s too big. Many times, you might struggle to purchase animal bandanas for large dogs and cats. You may even have to sew up the end with extra ties. However, you can easily buy small bandanas for dogs, as they’re available in abundance. If the small dog bandana is big, you can fold them a few times and use it.
  • Consider the design – Design is always a matter of personal preference. Some pet lovers prefer quirky or novelty designs such as patriotic stars and stripes flags. However, some pet owners opt for a more floral pattern. As seen earlier in the article, you could even get puppy birthday bandanas. You could also find personalised one that has slogans printed on them. For more variety, you can find bandanas printed with different designs on both sides.
  • Assess the versatility – Is the one that you’re going to choose to use for your dog? For example, you can use some animal bandanas to cool down your dog on a hot day because they come in a special fabric. Not only does it look good, but it also serves the purpose of cooling down your pet’s body temperature in wet climatic conditions. In other words, choose pet bandanas that not only give your pet a style statement but keep them comfortable throughout the day.

Many people buy animal bandanas to make their pets look adorable. You see, that’s not all that a bandana can do. Plus, style is not the only thing you should consider when buying them online. Besides the tips mentioned above, always make sure to consider the quality of the bandana and set a budget for yourself to achieve a good buy. We hope these smart points above will guide you in the right direction when it comes to hunting down the perfect animal bandana from the numerous options out there in the market.

Question & Answer

How to tie a bandana on a cat?

Cats do not get happy when anything is put on their fur. It’s against their movement or cleanliness. And as cats are curious little creatures and jump around often, you do not want to take chances putting the bandanas on them. This might strangle them if they get caught in them. However, this isn’t the case with dogs. They love having something on their neck, and the bandana is the easiest way to achieve that. You can tie them in several ways. Some of the common techniques include the cowboy style, the cape, the basic roll tie, and the basic bow tie.

Can we use a regular bandana on a dog?

As cited earlier in the article, you can tie the bandana on your pets in several ways. However, it largely depends on the comfort of your pet and the look you want to achieve with it. For instance, you can tie a regular bandana cowboy-style on your pet. All you need to do is to fold the bandana in half to create a triangle first. Then you can loosely tie the bandana around your doggie’s neck. Apart from this, you can tie them in several other ways, which include cape style, basic roll tie, bow tie, and more.

What size should a dog bandana be?

The size of your animal bandanas is critical to consider. Remember, the cloth must leave enough room to tie a knot when you’re trying them on your pets. Too small bandanas are a bigger problem than the too large ones. For instance, you can hardly tie a knot with smaller bandanas if you have a bigger dog. However, that’s not the case with smaller dogs. In their cases, even if you have a larger bandana, you can fold them and tie it around their neck.

What’s the best animal bandana out there?

Quality should be the priority when it comes to any kind of pet supplies . Be it their clothing or the food they eat. Well, one of the easiest methods to ensure the quality of the pet products is to consider purchasing the products from reputed brands. For instance, brands like Pooch Bandana, All for Paws, Mutts and Hounds, Doogy, Forever Pet, Heroic Funpet, and Party Dog offer you a wide selection of high-quality animal bandanas online.

Where to buy a dog bandana?

Of course, quality and price are two critical elements when we buy any kind of product, let alone pet supplies. Well, you must know that this largely depends on the platform from where you purchase your goods. So, if you’re in search of a Christmas bandana for dogs online or want to buy a cat bandana safety collar at cheaper rates, then there’s no place better than From the big brother dog bandana to several other branded pet bandanas, you’ll find them all on our product search engine . Here you can explore, compare prices, and shop products from over 500 online stores, with just a click!