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About Dog Raincoats

When it comes to protecting your little furball from the rough weather, then a dog raincoat is one thing to add to your collection. The perfect gear for the pouring season, this one is aptly made for dogs of all breeds.

Coming to raincoats they are the best way to make sure your pup doesn’t fall sick when there’s a downpour. Dogs, and especially the little ones, are sensitive to rainwater. It also gets colder after the rains, making them more prone to falling ill. The chances are lower in breeds like German Shepard and Labrador, who have a thick coat to protect them. But for many other dogs, including mixed breeds, this can be a massive issue. Along with a slight change in their diets to make sure they have a warm and comfortable bed, small things do a lot when it starts pouring. If your dog has had instances of catching a cold, sneezing during previous monsoons, then be extra vigilant. Also, please consult your vet about what you can do to keep their condition better. You can do many small but useful things right at home to make the situation better, and it does not have to be expensive either.

Types of dog raincoats

For dog owners, their pets are no different than their kids and a part of their family. Hence, they want nothing than the very best for them. With things like weather changes, or as their pet grows, they make changes to their lifestyle. It is not easy to decipher what they want when they are little, but it helps to notice a few things as they grow. Be it a summer coat or a rain jacket, they help your dog feel better when they are outside. For starters, you can make them wear it for a pleasant stroll in the monsoons if you are uncertain of whether it will start pouring. Of course, please don’t do it out when it‘s already raining. Because as much as a raincoat will protect your dog, the cold weather and wet ground will undoubtedly make it not the most pleasant experience.

Rain poncho

The newest trend is the rain poncho! It is the perfect small dog raincoat today and is extremely comfortable. The best thing about the poncho is it is easy to fix and remove. Plus, there are no considerable size constraints. Like the large size will fit any big dog, and the small one is fine for medium-sized to small dogs. So, you don’t have to worry about the specific breed of dog, his age and other factors. It is also a good rainwear option to start with if you’re not sure your dog will like it. It has no leg holes, so it doesn’t make your pet feel “contained.” However, on the cons, it may not offer the best protection since it has tie-ups and is relatively loose. It‘s alright for times when the rain is not the harshest.

Dog raincoat

The regular dog raincoat is perfect for all types of dogs. It is so easy to find choices for Golden Retriever raincoats, labs, poodles, and even bulldogs. The best way is to tell the owner of the breed and the age of the job. Unless your pet is overly bulky or skinny, most of the regular and standardised sizes will suit him or her. You can easily use the raincoat in heavy rains too. However, make sure you pick something of good quality so water does not get in. It will also do a much better job of keeping him devoid of getting wet. You can buy separate pads for his legs if the coat sleeves aren’t long enough. Dog rain boots are also available today; however, the comfort level while using them can vary from dog to dog.

Raincoat with hood

The best option indeed is to buy a hood raincoat. This one, just like a regular raincoat, has a hat to cover the dog’s head. It helps to prevent rain from entering into their eyes and keeps the head dry. It’s the perfect choice when the rain is extra rough. However, always remember to keep your dog indoors when it’s raining heavily. Bring them out only in case of extreme emergencies. In the case of small breeds, get a car or carry them if you can. The hood should have good tie-ups, and be sure too. They are several fantastic choices of hoodie raincoats both online and offline, so make sure you check them out! Here too. The size and breed of your dog, along with their age, is critical. These factors are crucial to determine the best fit.

Zip up and travel-friendly raincoat

Do you often travel with your four-legged pal? Well, the zipper raincoats that are lightweight and come with their carry case are perfect! The zipper is a much better choice than buttons, as it offers complete protection. These raincoats are easy to fit in their case or a travel bag if you need them. Whether you take your pets on flights or on simple road trips, these are perfect for monsoons. Again, with several different sizes, it is essential to get the right one. Ensure you check the raincoat’s quality and see that it is as good as it claims to be. You can check with other dog parents to see what they recommend.

Tips on how to buy Dog Raincoats online in the UAE

Buying a good raincoat does not have to be complicated. It is effortless to know which option is the best choice once you do a little research. Knowing a few small but essential things are also something you should do. The secret behind buying the best raincoat is to keep your pet’s comfort at the centre of your choices. Here are some easy tips to make sure you buy the best rainwear for your furry friend.

  • Take your pet along – The best way to be sure about the size is to take your dog with you. You can try out several options and keep it on for a few minutes. It gets easy to decipher the quality even through their reactions. So, this makes choosing the right one more comfortable.
  • Check the quality – The quality of the raincoat is exceptionally crucial here. Be it a large dog raincoat or for a smaller pup, the condition is critical. Once you’re sure of a brand, you can look for choices, be it in stores or online. Also, buy from a reputed source, so you don’t get fooled by duplicates.
  • Buy from a good brand – A reliable brand will last longer. What’s more important than that is it will provide a better shield for your furry pal. Please make sure you check its reviews and descriptions well before you buy.
  • Don’t rush – Don’t hurry your decisions. Take time out and check out the best options before zeroing on one. Try it on for them, weigh your choices and then decide accordingly.
  • Don’t wait for the monsoons – Don’t wait for the rains. Along with the increase in prices, you also end up with the last of the stock. So, it’s difficult to find the best ones, and there are a few sizes left. So, shop beforehand, pack and keep it away.
  • Check online deals – Check online options before you purchase any raincoat. Along with various fantastic opportunities, it is also easy to weigh your options and then decide.

It would help if you also made it a point to connect with other dog owners and see what choices they recommend. If you don’t know anybody to communicate with, then online reviews help a great deal. It is straightforward to determine the pros and cons of practical buyers. The best way to do this is to focus more on the disadvantages than the advantages and see if they’re okay. Also, with the breed and type of dog, many options can change, so keep this in mind.

Question & Answer

Which are the best dog raincoats with hoods 2020?

The hood raincoats are a hot favourite with dog parents today. Along with ensuring their heads stay dry, it also prevents unnecessary splashing in their eyes. Be it a Dachshund raincoat or one for your poodle, you can find hooded coats in several different styles today. Here are some fantastic choices to consider –  Fashion Pet Rainy Days Slicker, Ellie Dog Wear Zip Up Raincoat, RC Pet Products Venture Outerwear Waterproof Dog Coat, Fly & Dry Waterproof Dog Rain Jacket, Voyager Lightweight Dogs Raincoat Rain Jacket Poncho by Best Pet Supplies and Elite Fashion Nylon Waterproof Fabric Hooded Dog Raincoat.

Which are the best dog raincoats with legs online today?

Raincoats with legs are great because they cover your pets’ paws, giving them extra comfort. Some parents go to yet another level and use dog rain boots too. However, what you choose and not also depends on whether your dog likes it. Here are some great raincoat choices with leg holes – Weatherbeeta Reflective Deluxe Parka, Gooby Padded Cold Weather Vest for Small Dogs with Safe Fur Guard Zipper Closure, RUFFWEAR Overcoat Abrasion-Resistant Insulated Jacket for Dogs, FrontPet Ultra-Light Hard Shell Dog Rain Jacket, Outward Hound Telluride Thinsulate Dog Raincoat, Guardian Gear Pet Dog Rain Jacket, Petloft Dog Winter Rain Jacket and Yellow Small Dog Raincoat.

How should a raincoat fit your dog?

Just like we wear raincoats, for a dog too, the coat should be comfortable and breathable. Avoid going for those who are incredibly compact. They might keep the rain out for good; however, your pooch won’t like it for long. Similarly, also avoid the extremely loose ones. It will just keep flying away and do a horrible job in keeping the rain out. The right size should fit across his or her torso well, without any loose fabric. The leg holes should work right, too; however, a little bigger holes are mostly okay. Make sure the raincoat is slightly free than tight to give them a comfortable and natural fit.

Where can you buy Canadian pooch dog raincoats online in Dubai?

Dubai is a pet lover country, so it‘s easy to find some fantastic options for dog clothing too. Check the online and retail stores, compare pricing and then come to a reasonable conclusion. Make sure you use a simple but reliable product search engine . With more than 500+ online stores under it, it’s really the best way to get the most out of shopping. It is quick, sufficient and works flawlessly to ensure you never pay a higher price again.  Just explore the pet supplies section at and get all that you need for your little buddies.

When it comes to animal clothing , some of the best buys so check it out. Trixie, Poshmark, Nacoco, Canada Pooch, Ruffwear, Gooby, Hurtta, Kurgo and Mikayoo are great brands to consider.