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Mailing supplies are essential for sending packages over post or courier. The most common ones are envelopes, boxes, poly covers, mailers, address labels, adhesive, packing tape, and postage stamp. Industrial or commercial mailing supplies include items such as edge protectors, weighing scales, and heat guns. A commercial enterprise that sends mail or courier regularly needs a ready stock of mailing supplies to avoid delays. 

Mailing supplies are essential for sending packages over post or courier. The most common ones are envelopes, boxes, poly covers, mailers, address labels, adhesive, packing tape, and postage stamps. Industrial or commercial mailing supplies include items such as edge protectors, weighing scales, and heat guns. A commercial enterprise that sends mail or courier regularly needs a ready stock of mailing supplies to avoid delays.   Shipping is expensive! The packaging adds to the cost of shipping, and also increases the weight of the shipment, further increasing weight. Cheap mailing supplies save on shipping costs, without compromising the integrity of the package. The use of packaging options, such as poly covers, makes packing lightweight, yet waterproof and durable. For commercial users, customised mailing supplies is a valuable opportunity to promote their brand. The efficacy of the shipment depends on good quality adhesive and packing tapes, to make sure the package remains intact during transit. The package also requires a place to affix address labels in a way that is most visible to mail handlers and electronic scanners. On this page, we will know more. So, let us explore.  

Different types of mailing supplies  

Mailing supplies come in different types, for different mails. The first type is envelopes and boxes to cover the items. Bubble mailers, envelopes, shipping mailers, cartons, and plastic mailing bags are some of the most common items. Leading postal services, such as USPS and other courier companies have their packing supplies, such as shipping tubes and more. Each covering option come in different sizes, variants, and types. It is also possible to custom-print shipping mailers to stand out or create a distinct brand image. The other type of mailing supply is glue. Some have self-sealing options. Other mailing options, such as boxes, require packaging tape, or a glue gun. Let us explore different mailing supplies in detail.  

Bubble mailers   

Bubble mailers, also known as padded envelopes or jiffy bags, co-opts protective padding as an additional inner layer. The padding layer is often bubble wrap, though at times foam is also used. These types of mailers protect items during shipping. The exterior is made of heavy paper or paperboard. Bubble mailers come in different sizes, such as standard envelope size, B5, A4, and more. Many bubble mailers have flaps with pressure-sensitive adhesive or tape, to secure the cover thoroughly. Bubble mailers offer an extra level of protection to the contents. It is the best choice for mailing plastic cards, CDs, USB drives, books, small electronics, and other products. It is good for items that require more protection than what a normal envelope offers. But not requiring the excessive space or superior protection offered by boxes.   

Shipping envelopes   

The major shipping envelopes are poly mailers or plastic bags, kraft paper mailers, padded mailers, and boxes. Poly mailers cost less and ordering in bulk generates additional discounts. Poly mailers take up less space than boxes and reduce shipping costs. Many shipping carriers charge dimensional weight, which means charging for either the actual weight or the calculated dimensional weight, whichever is higher. This means a lightweight package, which takes up a lot of space, will attract more charges. Padded mailers such as bubble mailers have a high impact on the environment. But the use of recycled materials mitigates the impact to a large extent. The best shipping mailers depend on your budget, the size of the shipment, and the nature of the item.   

Plastic mailing bags   

Plastic mailing bags, also known as poly mailers, are lightweight but strong bags made of plastic and designed to ship products. These bags come in various strengths, types, and sizes, but have a self-sealing fold-over lip. The indication of address, return address, and other critical information is through address labels. The biggest benefit of plastic mailing bags is their lightweight nature. These bags do not add to the weight of the cargo and do not take up extra space either. Moreover, it can assume the shape of the content. It offers added benefits of being waterproof, and reusable. Yet plastic mailing bags are very durable. Plastic mailing bags also cost less per shipment, compared to boxes and most other shipping options. Plastic mailing bags find use to ship most kinds of cargo, such as apparel, stationery.   

USPS packing supplies   

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is one of the largest shippers in the world. USPS offers a host of packing supplies that simplify mailing and shipping. Military care kit, consisting of six boxes, tapes, and kit, priority mailing envelopes, priority mail gift card envelopes, Priority mailboxes of various sizes and shipping tubes USPS are some common USPS packing supplies available free of cost when shipping through USPS. It is possible to order up to 500 packing supplies items for free from the USPS postal store. These supplies come pre-printed with the USPS logo and descriptions. The sender simply has to fill in the recipient address, sender address, and pay the required fees. On ordering pick-up from an area covered by USPS, a channel partner will pick up the mail and deliver it to the recipient.   

Tips on how to buy Mailing Supplies online in Dubai

Mailing supplies come in different quality levels and size. They are of various types. It is important to always stock high-quality materials. Do not be guided by price alone. For instance, when you select a robust box and fix it with corner protectors, but use low-quality packing tape, the box may unravel during rough handling in transit, causing damage or loss. Likewise, it is important to use the right mailing supplies for different types of cargo. For instance, failure to bubble wrap a fragile item might lead to breakage in transit. Not using a cling wrap or poly cover as an additional layer of cover over a cardboard box might cause water damage to the parcel. Consider the following when buying mailing supplies.

  • Consider the cost – Consider the cost per unit. Often, buying the same item in bulk can offer significant discounts. Two sellers may quote different prices for the same product due to their internal efficiencies and different pricing strategies. So, compare prices to find pocket-friendly deals!
  • Consider the material – Make sure the mailing supplies fit the items to be shipped. Lightweight poly mailers or plastic bags suit most items. Kraft envelopes suit documents. Cardboard boxes suit fragile item and items those with sharp edges.
  • Check for suitability – Make sure the mailing supplies suit the item and the made of shipment. For instance, while poly covers offer cheap and lightweight option, it is not advisable for fragile items, or industrial supplies.
  • Go for a trusted and quick supplier – Choose suppliers who make prompt deliveries. Any delay, for even a small piece of mailing supplies, can hold up the entire shipment, and cause major losses.

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Question & Answer

Which are the most essential mail supply items?

The most essential mail supply items include envelopes, poly covers and cardboard boxes. These items make it easy to send items via mail. Address labels are another important mail supply item, to indicate the recipient address, sender’s address, and other important information such as if the item is fragile. For commercial and industrial shipments, heat guns to seal the package, edge protectors to make sure the items do not become damaged in transit, and an additional layer of cling film to protect the package are important. Hand trunk and trolleys, and weighing scales are essential if dealing with bulk mailing regularly.

How to order certified mail supplies?

In today’s digital age, you no longer need to go to the post office to send certified mail. All you need to do is affix the right certified mail forms and pay the postage online. The mail carrier will pick up the certified mail package from your doorstep and deliver it to the recipient. Leading shippers, including USPS and others, offer this facility. To avail of these services, go to the website, select the certified mail options, generate the forms, make the payment, and schedule pick-up. But before that, it is important to keep the package ready. lists mailing supplies, including envelopes, boxes, packing tapes, and all other things. Browse through various options, and sort using filters, to get the best deals. You can also explore the best deals for shipments from various providers.

Where to buy mail supplies online in the UAE?

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