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A folding paper machine is an indispensable tool for mass mailing. It quickens your work and protects you from painful paper cuts. However, it comes in a wide assortment of options based on the amount of folding you require, type of paper, type of folds needed, and more factors. If you are having a hard time finding the appropriate model, here is the guide that will help you.

As the name suggests, a folding paper machine is a device that folds the paper, usually for mailing purposes. The introduction of this machine has reduced manual labour, was a time-consuming process. Moreover, people could hardly get perfect and even results. A folding machine proves to be a quick, productive, and affordable working horse here. It comes with a lot of benefits. Like, it saves time, reduces physical stress, gives you a variety of folds, and decreases production costs. What else do you need? So, if you are in search of the best office paper folding machine, go through the below guide.

Things to know about paper folding machines

There are many types of folding machines you can find in the market. They may vary based on the type of paper you work on, type of folds required, amount of folding needed, frequency of folding and more factors. Some work automatically based on the instructions, whereas others may require manual operation. Moreover, some machines do not work glossy papers. If your work includes glossy papers, then you may have to opt for the pneumatic machine. You can find cheap folding machines as well as their expensive and advanced counterparts. Let us explore their popular varieties in detail.

Manual letter folding machines

As the title suggests, manual machines will require you to do a bit of manual work at different levels. For example, if you have a stack of paper, half of them need to be folded horizontally and half vertically. Then, you need to divide your job into two parts. You can set up your machine for the horizontal fold and load the paper in that direction in one go. Then, you need to reset the machine for the second job manually. You might even have to involve in things like loosening thumbscrews, sliding a plate, and tightening to adjust. However, the functions and adjustments may vary from machine to machine.

Automatic paper folding machines

As the name clearly depicts, these machines come with automatic operation. Generally, you will find a control panel with them that lets you select fold type and other things. It will automatically adjust the folding plates without you having to do any manual work. It may have the same speed as the manual one, but you can quicken the folding process with a fast set-up time. If you want to create different folds throughout the day, this can be an apt choice for you. These machines may require a bit of learning and practice initially, but once you get hands-on experience, you will be able to wind up complex folding tasks quickly.

Desktop folding machine

Desktop paper folders or folding machines are typically more compact than the other two varieties. It’s fine to choose them if you require just a few types of paper folds in a day. You can keep it on your office desk along with other materials. Some models would weigh so little that it is easy to move them around. A desktop folding machine is easy to set up and use. It is a fantastic pick for you if you send letters on a daily basis. However, if you require different types of folds at one go, then the basic desktop machines may not be very useful for you. But if you go for advanced models, you can find many features in them.

Formax paper folders, Dynafold machines & other popular machines

Formax is a popular name for its mailing solutions, especially desktop folders. You can find a range of models here. Some may come with a hopper capacity of 200 sheets, LCD control panel, and Auto Batch, whereas others have a colour touchscreen, telescoping output stacker, and a speed of up to 15,500/hour. Dynafold is another popular brand that is known for its excellent paper folding machines. They are easy to operate and may even come with an error detection facility. Zig Zag, Sparco, and Martin Yale are the other best brands that you can prefer.

Tips on how to buy Folding Machines in Dubai

If you have been searching for a folding machine for your office, the options are too many. A lot of brands and sellers you can find in the market. But, only some of them will live up to your expectations. So, if you are confused with the options, keep some factors in mind to choose the best ones. Below you will find some tips that will help you choose the best in Dubai.

  • Determine your needs – This machine comes in a wide variety of options depending upon individual needs. Consider the amount of and type of folding you require. Some machines can fold up to 20-30 sheets per minute, while others can do even more. So, it is better to determine your needs first.
  • Understand manual vs automatic operation – There are two main types of machines you can find for folding. One is the type in which you have to do manual settings that are called manual folding machines. With automatic folding machines, you can feed instructions, and the work gets done faster without manual involvement.
  • Consider the type of paper – Some machines accept all kinds of papers whereas others are limited to some types. For example, if you work on glossy papers, many machines may not be useful on them. So, consider it.
  • Consider the type of folds required – While buying a machine, keep in mind that not all types of machines can create all folds. Some are limited to the just letter or accordion fold, whereas others can work on double parallel, baronial and more types.

So now, would you like to explore the best collection of folding machines? Well, you are at your destination already! On our retail search engine, you can access office supplies offered by the best brands in the industry. Moreover, it is easy to compare prices here to find things falling under your budget. You can also use filters and sorting to quicken your browsing experience. So, look no further! It’s time to move ahead and find fantastic options while stock lasts.

Question & Answer

What is the best paper folding machine?

The best paper folding machine for you will be the one that best suits your requirements. If your work involves mass folding operation every day, then you should go for the automatic varieties. But, if you want to fold a few letters in a day and require just one type of fold every time or a maximum of two, you can go for the basic desktop machines or manual ones. Whichever type you choose, make sure you go for the best and most trusted brands. You can find the best brands and sellers here on

Where to buy an A3 paper folding machine online in the UAE?

If you want the best paper folding machine for sale online in the UAE, then you are in the correct place. On our product search engine , you can access machines that can fold A3 paper, A4 paper and more sizes. However, the capabilities and functions of a machine depend upon the model you choose. So, go ahead and explore a vast collection of folding machines and other mail items here. You can even compare features and prices to find suitable products.

How much is a paper folding machine?

It depends greatly upon the type of machine you buy. A machine with basic features may cost you somewhere around 350 AED, but the cost may go up to several thousand AEDs for commercial or highly functional machines. If you have budget restrictions, you can compare prices right here to find the best product that suits your budget. On, you can find products at nominal prices. Since there are several sellers present here, you will have a lot of options to choose from.

Which is the right paper folding machine for a small office?

Desktop paper folding machines are the best for small offices. They come in compact varieties that can be kept over a desk. They don’t need to be restricted to a few fold types. They may even have a huge paper capacity, numerous folding possibilities, and a great speed, depending upon the model you choose. So, go ahead and explore the latest collection before you miss the best models. You can also compare prices here to find cheap varieties. This is the right place to explore a lot of options.

So, do you have a lot of information about folding machines now? If yes, then it is the correct place and time to start exploring the best options. On, you can find a huge collection offered by top brands of the industry. Moreover, it is easy to compare prices and use features like filters and to sort to find appropriate products. Now, go ahead and grab the best items!

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