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About Letter Trays

Letter trays may be a small element of office supplies but demand a little more attention. It does not only make your office organised but level up the aesthetics too. You can invest in subtle, loud, or minimalistic products, depending on your office ambience or how you want it to be. And for that, you need to know what the market has for you. So, carry on with the research and see if you find something interesting.

You can define letter trays as portable drawers. They have a rectangular shape with one end wide open or with a slit to hold and slide. The very first thing you should do once you have started looking for a perfect organising tray, or should we say the first question you need to ask yourself is: where are you going to place it? The answer may be on top of the desk or on the wall or maybe in your drawer. You can either buy one or have multiple trays for different locations. The choice is yours!

Types of office trays

Style can be the foremost factor to divide the different types of any product. Here also, you will see office trays with variants of style. Traditional bamboo design with a miniature of animals on the side looks mesmerising. An envelope holder as a horse stable is one such example. Then, coming to modern styles, you will see metal, plastic, or glass products with different aesthetics. You won’t see miniatures but can buy them printed or painted. However, the best letter tray is not only about style but quality as well. So, let’s enquire about that.

Kvissle letter trays

If you are looking to buy a letter tray online in UAE, Kvissle’s document tray is a must-to-check. This brand has concentrated on tiny details like no one has. A stackable tray has a cork liner to prevent the slipping of papers here and there. You can even place them vertically if you want. The package will also contain surface protectors, so you don’t have to worry about the scratches on the desk or on the ground in case you want to make a freestanding unit. Found the product interesting? Check it out at our shopping platform, You can also check some cheap wooden letter trays here.

Acrylic letter tray

Acrylic is a plastic material with strength, stiffness, and optical clarity as some of its positive aspects. This material and letter tray made out of it is the most versatile product. They are lightweight with pull-out compartments. Another advantage of having them is no nuts and bolts required during the assembly. You can just buy another stack and top it up. Above all, they are affordable too. If all this sounds good, you can check out some more cheap plastic letter trays in bright and beautiful colours.

Metal letter tray

Some of you may not like the idea of having plastic, even though it is made of recycled plastic. More than being eco-friendly, it is the material that has likes and dislikes. Manufacturers get your point, and that is why metal material is the middle point between wooden and plastic document trays because wooden is not the priority always. The assembly of metal trays require nuts and bolts, and you can also buy risers to increase the number of floors. Being one of the best letter trays for desk, you will never be disappointed with metal letter trays in terms of quality, sturdiness, and looks.

Tips on how to buy Letter trays online

Believe us! Choosing letter trays for office supplies is not a daunting task, not at all. All you need to do is think about one or two things, and you are set to add a beautiful tray into your cart. We suggest not going by brands for something like office trays. Instead, you can explore online shops at where reputed brands list their products. This way, you do not have to worry about the quality, and you get everything under one roof. We have a list of online shops for you, but before that, do look at this well-formed guide to make you choose the best letter trays for your workplace.

  • Lots of space – Not exactly lots of space but enough to organise your desk and make it look spic and span. For that, you need to know what are things you are going to stow onto the trays. Loose documents, bills, stationery, clips, pizza slices: list everything and then buy the product with enough space.
  • Easy assembly – Either the product comes assembled, and you just have to top it up on your desk, or you have to tighten the nuts and bolts. The latter option must be easy for everyone to assemble. Do check if the box will contain a manual guide or not once received.
  • Stackable or not – If you want more space, better you invest in a stackable product. This way, you can save space and make your desk organised. Another option is just to buy one tray and stow it in your drawer. If you are a person who does not want anything on the desk, this single tray option in the drawer may sound interesting to you.
  • Low maintenance – Solid cube-like structures have only one disadvantage, which is the dust that accumulates on the corners. If you do not like dusting it daily or weekly, you might want to invest in wire mesh trays: the choice is yours.
  • Looks matter – Keep note of your desk colour and the ambience around before picking up the office trays. Even if you want to make this tray the focus element, you can do it subtly. For example, a wooden tray with folk prints on it can look amusing. Likewise, you can choose the look you want or something that can motivate you at your workplace.

Bantex, FIS, Ikea, Omega, Deli, Fellowes, Lorell, Durable, and Business Source are the list for brands you can expect at our shopping platform, It is one of Dubai’s best product finder that can make your shopping drive seamless. You can definitely expect to see something interesting and worth buying too. And not just document trays but the platform is loaded with other mail items also.

Question & Answer

How to stack letter trays?

Your document tray can have vertical or horizontal stacks or both, but despite the division, it is important to divide the contents and label the shelves. You may have two to six compartments or side pockets in your letter tray. To organise it well, you must label the shelves according to the loose sheets or items you mostly have on your desk. For example, bills, stationery, receipts, and loose papers can go on shelves and files in side pockets. This could be one way of stacking the documents or other stuff onto the tray.

How to assemble wire letter trays?

Metal letter trays come with the required nuts and bolts in their package. Let’s brief a basic structure of wired trays that is two-tier. First of all, you will have the side metal stands with holes in the middle or anywhere else. The next piece you will have is the base of the tray that can be a rod or flat surface. You can insert the nuts into the hole and the rod, and tighten them up. Repeat the same process on the second tier of the stand. Once done, you can put the trays on top of the rods. That’s all! Your assembly of the metal letter tray is complete.

Which letter tray to buy?

Your preferences may depend on the items you want to keep on your document tray. Do you want a versatile product in which you can stow everything that shows up at your desk? In that case, you should consider buying Poppin’s brand. Its two-tier tray along with pen and stationery holders is the best way to organise your desk. This product is solid with a lacquer-like finish. But if you want a wire mesh tray, you should go to the Osco brand. Another brand Rubbermaid has acrylic letter trays with bright colours and a gloss finish.

Where to buy letter trays online in UAE?

Our product search engine is undoubtedly an excellent start to a seamless shopping drive of not just document trays, but all mail items. With that being said, our platform comprises a range of products of varying brands listed under authentic online shops. Upon visit, you can expect to grab deals as well. Another positive aspect of a search engine like ours is that you get to compare products and brands, saving the time that you may spend on visiting different stores separately.

Explore fancy, spectacular, or sophisticated varieties of letter trays and make the right choice based on your liking, budget, and other preferences. An easy to use platform with multiple brands, online shops, and genuine reviews defines our shopping platform – Check out now and explore products worth your shopping cart!