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About Label Holders

Who doesn’t need label holders? From a local shop to large offices, the demand for these holders is always high. Even the kitchen at your home looks organised with the labels on the containers. Well, you can just stick the label without the holder, but that becomes a little messy with adhesives and everything. And why create chaos when you can make everything look spic and span?

Everything comes down to making a label look good, transparent, and clear to read. To carry out this process, you need paper, label holders, or other things, depending on what type of label style is in your mind. For example, if you are looking for a label holder for shipping, you might need a label dispenser as well. Packaging industries need to label products in bulk, and thus they buy label rolls and their dispenser to save time. Likewise, your purpose may contain other products like rings to hangs the label. Your well-formed research can help you in seeking the right product and save your time and money.

Types of label holders

You can divide the products in terms of material, design, and placement. Overall, it is the placement that matters a lot and influences the specifications of the product. The label in front of vegetables in the supermarket needs visible material that can stick strongly. Same features you need for your kitchen containers labels. In contrast, your tabletop labels need not be sticky but heavy in weight to prevent sliding here and there. A few details like these can help you to grab the right product. If you want to explore products, we have a label holder for sale online in Dubai. You can see if you find the product you want.

Shelf label holders

The structure of shelf products has two sleeves: one for paper inserts and the other for shelf insert. First, you insert the label onto the right pocket, and then put the entire holder onto the shelf. The thing that you need to consider here is your shelf thickness because it must match with the label holders. If it doesn’t, the holder will either fall down or hangs in the middle. The holder must have a snug hold with the shelf. You can check out products of varying thickness and buy suitable shelf label holder at our shopping platform,

Acrylic label holder

You can use acrylic products for ID cards, credit cards, or any other card in your wallet or something that hangs around your neck. You can also have acrylic material as a freestanding tabletop product. It does not need to hold like shelf type, neither it sticks like magnetic label holders. You only have to insert the paper label and put it on top of your desk, or anywhere you want. Above all, they are affordable and be your top choice if you want them in bulk. You can try exploring some cheap price label holder and see if they maintain the standard you want in your product.

Bin label holders

These are the products with a pull out handle. You can use them on your office drawers, letter trays, and on wall mounted vertical document holders. When you buy them, make sure that they have a sturdy character as the daily activities of pulling out the drawer must not break the product. Likewise, you can find many versatile features of a label holder. When you start exploring the product online, you will see more such unique products. Before you hop on to a shopping platform, we suggest grabbing some tips to narrow down your purchase.

Tips on how to buy Label holders online

The placement of label holders will say a lot about your purchase. You may want to hang it somewhere, place it on top of the desk, or maybe stick it on your kitchen container or the on the package to be shipped. Keeping in mind your objective, you can further narrow down your purchase by considering a few more bullet points. Here, we have compiled the list for you that can make your informed decisions.

  • Pre-cut or label roll – It is your choice to choose between the two. If you want to save your time and is not interested in cutting fun label shapes, you should definitely go for pre-cut variants. Otherwise, label rolls are there for you to show your creative side.
  • Magnetic or adhesive – The disadvantage with magnetic label holder is that they are not secure when portability comes into the picture. A little mishandling and magnetic holder will slip. Also, the downside of adhesive labels is that some adhesives are so sticky that they leave stubborn residue behind making the surface look ugly. You can choose one, depending on your purpose.
  • Blank paper insert or not – A few label holders come along with the blank paper already attached to the holder. Some of you may want a product with pull-out paper inserts. This gives you the freedom of changing the label writing whenever you want. If you do not have such criteria, you can choose this combo, for sure.
  • Protective coating – Either label holders or paper inserts must have a transparent protective layer. If you are using the holder for shipping, the coating should be tamper-proof, water-proof, and pressure-sensitive. If the same is for your office or home labels, a dust-proof protective coating is enough to own.
  • Write and wipe options – If your office has no paper policy, you can go for these products. They are just like mini-versions of blackboard or whiteboard but more stylish. Often you will see the whole set online containing multiple holders along with chalk or pen and wipe cloth. So, you can choose what pleases you the most.

We hope the tips will help to refine the products online. And yes, it is indeed a good time to start exploring them. For that, can be an excellent platform with the best of brands, shops, and deals. The advanced filter at this platform will save you time and money.

Question & Answer

Which is the best label holder for shipping?

The best label holder for shopping needs to have these features: Tamper-proof, clear outer face, and pressure-sensitive. If you are finding a shipping label holder online, you need to make sure of these specifications being present in the product. After all, protection is above anything when it comes to portability. You can find such products at our shopping platform, wherein trustworthy brands are all you see.

How to choose the right label holder?

Choosing the label holder is all about your purpose. For example, if you are looking for shipping label holders, you need to see protection features. Likewise, if you want these holders for pantry organisation, you can invest in clips or magnetic holders. We hope you understand the difference between the products when it comes to a different purpose. You can explore our product search engine for all kinds of label holders, whether for shipping or organising things.

How to remove an adhesive label from the plastic?

Adhesive labels seem stubborn sometimes, thus removing them is a daunting task. You can either use chemical solutions or homemade products to remove them. Chemical solutions like rubbing alcohol, lacquer thinner or degreaser will be perfect for the job. A few homemade products include cooking oil or peanut butter. The idea is to remove the stickiness first and then wipe it away with warm water. If you still see some residue behind it, you can use baking soda with warm water. It will vanish the label as if it was not there at all.

Where can I buy magnetic label holders online in the UAE?

Magnetic label holders are easy-to-use products. No stickiness and fuss-free repositioning are what makes magnetic products the first choice in office supplies. If you too find them interesting, you can find them at brands like FIS and Hobby Lobby. If you are not really brand conscious, you can continue shopping at our online shops. These shops contain products of different brands with a flexible budget range.

You can explore all variants of label holders on our shopping platform, Here, you will find more mail items and unique products listen under one roof. All this can make your shopping drive seamless and fun.