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Sometimes it can be a simple item that can help you a lot. Like a phone holder when you are in a car without navigation, a solid piece of something to keep a table from wobbling, or a finger moistener to help you handle cash and papers easily. Let’s know more about the interesting facts about the stamp humidifiers

Dry and slippery hands are not great if you are trying to count currency or trying to pick up sheets of paper from your table. Also, if you are somebody who handles money regularly as a part of your work, you need to get it done fast. This is the reason why most people prefer to use a finger sponge to wet their fingers when it goes dry. However, not all of them are created equal. Read this article to know more about finger moistener. Having a better understanding of stamp humidifiers will help you make the right choices when you are shopping for them.  

Four best finger moisteners that you can buy online

At first, nobody will assume that a lot of work goes into the making of a simple product like a finger sponge. However,  the wide variety of stamp humidifiers out there proves that it can be more diverse than it looks. You will feel the difference between a mediocre moisturizer and a great one only if you use it. So, does that mean you have to try a whole bunch of them before you find the perfect moistener that works for you? Not necessarily. Here is a list of the four best finger moisteners that you can buy right now! 

Positive Art finger sponge buy Klingy  

This is one of the best finger moisteners that you can buy out there. It is a natural glycerine based finger sponge that is odourless and does not stain paper or clothes. Being a greaseless moistener, it does not leave any residue on your fingers either. One box of this will last you for a really long time. In fact, ⅜ ounce of these stamp humidifiers can last you at least five or six months or even a year for some people. Another benefit of this product is that it is completely non-toxic, and you do not have to worry about safety when you are using it.  

MyLifeUnit finger wet sponge 

This finger moistener does not use glycerine. Instead, it uses a cup and a sponge that is shaped like a ball. You can fill water in the cup and place the ball inside. So, that means, once you have these stamp humidifiers, you don’t have to worry about your moistener running out ever. The cup has an anti-skid on the bottom that keeps the cup from moving when you touch it. As it is just water, it is completely safe to use and also greaseless and odourless. This one will last for a really long time. So, if the water is enough as a moistener for you, this one is the perfect option.  

Sortkwik fingertip moisteners 

The benefit of using glycerine moisteners instead of water is that you don’t have to moisten your fingers as frequently. Glycerine moisteners, on the other hand, will run out. So,  buy your favourite stamp humidifiers, as per your convenience & budget. On the other hand, sortkwik moistener contains a  special humidity-absorbing material that retains the moisture on your fingers for a longer period of time. Thus, it’s better than regular moisteners. The positive grip that you get from using this enables you to count cash and to sort and collate cards. 

Outus fingertip moisteners with protective rubber grips 

This product is a bit different from other products on this list. Besides a finger moistener, that humidifies the finger-like other products has a rubber grip. Not only the rubber is grippy, but it will also have the ability to hold the moisture for a really long time. Thus, these stamp humidifiers are more efficient than just moistening the fingers while handling currency or papers. However, some people might not like the way the rubber feels on your fingers. So, if you don’t want a rubber covering your fingers all the time, you should probably skip this product.

Tips on how to buy Finger Moisteners Online

It is not hard to find stamp humidifiers! They are really simple and straightforward products without any complications. For that reason, you can choose any kind of moistener, and it will pretty much do the job. However, there is no denying that having a finger moistener that suits your habits and preference can really help. So how do you find the right one? Well, it is quite easy to look for the perfect moistener if you know what criteria to consider while shopping for them. Here are some tips that you can follow while selecting finger moisteners.

  • Type of moistener – There are two types of moisteners you can choose from. Either you can go for the water-based moistener or a glycerine based one. There is no clear winner between the two. Glycerine based ones keep the moisture for a longer period and therefore cost more than the water-based ones. On the other hand, if you never ever want to run out of moistener, you should go for the latter type.
  • Container type – The size and shape of the container can have a great impact on how easy it is to use the moistener. For example, there are moisteners with flip-open lids and removable lids. Removable lids are great if you always sit at your table when you use the moistener. However, you don’t have to worry about losing the lid if you are using a moistener in a flip-open lid.
  • Safety – Although a lot of people do not consider safety when they choose a finger moistener, it is one thing that you should think about. Most moisteners out there use glycerine or water to moisten the fingertips. To avoid any complications that may arise due to accidental ingestion, the moistener should be free of any harmful additives. And even if you are sure that the product is completely safe, always wash your hands thoroughly before having food or touching your face.
  • Features – Despite being a simple product, finger moisteners do come with some handy features. One of them is the precedence of antibacterial compounds. This will resist bacterial and fungal growth inside the moistener. And apart from the normal finger moisturizers for counting cash and sorting cards, there are other types that are designed for carrying out other jobs that require the grip of your hands, like plumbing.

If you are somebody who handles money or documents on a regular basis, you might need a few other things apart from finger moisteners. The good news is that you can find all of them here using our Dubai product finder. Also, you can compare the prices and features of different products and find the best ones among them. Don’t forget to check out the other mail items on Happy Shopping!

Question & Answer

What is fingertip moistener made of?

The major component in most finger moisteners is glycerin. Glycerin has this amazing ability to hold moisture. Moreover, it will also retain moisture on the surface that you apply it on. But pure glycerine is a runny liquid similar to water and does not have portability. Therefore, manufacturers need to add a few other components as well to attain a comfortable consistency. These vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and also from product to product. The most common additives used in moisteners are propylene glycol, stearic acid, and sodium bicarbonate.

Which is the best finger moistener sponge for envelopes?

There are two types of moisteners that you will find for envelopes. One is the regular finger moistener that will help you sort between them without any difficulty. This is similar to any other finger moistener in the market. The second type is anything but a finger moistener. Rather they are specifically called envelope sealers or envelope moisteners. So, what are they for? Well, the purpose of such moisteners is to wet the glue of the envelopes so that you can seal the envelope without licking the glue. Such moisteners usually come in a bottle rather than a flat box like a finger moistener.

Are finger moisteners safe?

Because a finger moistener is something that comes into contact with your skin and also your fingers, you have to consider its safety before you use it. So, are they really safe? In fact, it all depends on how you use them. Most manufacturers claim that their moisteners are completely safe and hygienic. However, you should not get it in your eyes or mouth. Even then, there is a chance that you might get at least some of it will get it in your mouth. Therefore, look at the ingredients in the moistener before you buy one.