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Envelopes are one of the most versatile items of all time. Whether you want to send invites, invoices, cheques, a multipage document, or any other flat thing, an envelop used everywhere. However, they come in a wide variety of styles. Let us explore which ones suit your needs.

An envelope is a well-known packaging item that is designed to carry flat objects like letters or cards. It has a wide range of uses, from personal to professional and commercial purposes. Whether you want to send a letter, document, or cheque, an envelop the best pick for you. It is one of the essential mail items that you will require at your home and offices. You can find it in a variety of styles based on your needs. For example, some envelopes can carry full-size documents, whereas others allow fitting folded letters or cheques. On this page, we will explore everything you need to know about them to choose the best.

Popular types of envelopes

Envelopes come in a wide range of options based on the items you want to keep inside them. A style variety is for invitations and cards. Square ones are a popular choice for sending advertising materials, greetings cards etc. The booklet envelopes, on the other hand, can carry folders, catalogues and even brochures. You can find envelopes in the paper, plastic, and other materials. Moreover, there is a classification based on colours, price, and more factors. You can find high priced customized options to cheap envelope options. However, it is essential to choose the right style as per your needs. So, let us explore the popular varieties they come in.

Manila envelope

A manila envelope has been designed to contain and transport documents. It is made up of tough and durable manila paper. It usually comes in large sizes to contain full-length sheets without having to fold them. However, you can also find them in small to medium sizes to contain valuable items like cash, beads, letters etc. Usually, you can open and close them without damaging or cutting the folder. This feature makes them reusable. They will mostly come with either a metal clasp of two prongs or a button that eases the opening process. As the manila paper is sturdy, you can use them for both interoffice uses as well as for distance mailing.

Padded envelopes

As the name suggests, these envelop come with padding inside to protect the items during shipping. The padding can be of foam, bubble wrap or even some thick paper. You can find them in several construction types. The exterior can be of paper board, heavy paper, plastic film, and even corrugated boards. Speaking of the closure type, many envelopes have an integral flap containing pressure-sensitive adhesive, water-activated adhesive, or tape to allow an effortless closure. If you plan to mail some valuable items, you should consider padded mailers so that no damage happens even in unfavourable conditions.

Booklet & catalogue envelope

Booklet and catalogue envelopes are popular for sending price lists, statements, brochures, catalogues, and other materials that you have to send without folding. They would usually come in large sizes. However, they are slightly different in terms of the opening side. Catalogue ones open on the shorter side, whereas the booklet one opens on the longer side. For example, if you have a booklet mailer that has the dimensions of 9″ x 12″, then the open flap will be along the 12″ side. You can find both these mailers in various colours, materials and gumming options.

Tips on how to buy Envelops in Dubai

Whenever we think of envelopes, a common picture of small brown envelopes come to our mind in which we used to mail the letters. However, there is more to it! From the above details, you must be aware of the modern and convenient styles they come. The options out there are so many that you might feel a dilemma while choosing one. However, if you keep these factors in mind, you will be able to choose the useful and best variety. So, go through the tips below.

  • Consider items to be mailed – This should be your first and foremost consideration. Your choice should rely upon whether you want to send a document, file, brochure, jewellery, or any other valuable item. There is a different variety of suiting different needs. For example, if you want to send a full-size document that cannot be folded, you can go for manila folders, but to send a little fragile item like jewellery or something, you might have to go for the padded and properly sealed ones.
  • Consider size & format – You can find envelopes in a range of size options and formats. The size selection depends on the size of the document to be sent. DL, C5, and C4 are some of the common sizes. About format, it can be board back, padded, or gusset, depending upon your requirements.
  • Consider the type of seal – You can find these mailers in a range of seal options like gummed, self-seal, peel & seal etc. Some just peel and seal, whereas others come in a self-seal format that you can seal by application of little pressure.
  • Order it online – You can find envelopes in both local as well online stores. However, a little drawback with offline shopping is that you do not get a wide variety to choose from. So, go for online stores where you not only get a wide range of options but also the comfort of getting products delivered at your home or office.

By now, you must have got enough confidence to choose the best. So, if you are wondering where to begin the journey, there is good news for you. You can do it right here! On, a humongous collection of envelopes awaits your presence. Use tips to find an appropriate style for yourself. On our product search engine , you can find mailers offered by popular brands in the industry. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and explore the best styles here.

Question & Answer

What envelope size fits a4?

C4 is a common and popular size of envelope for A4 paper. It can accommodate a full page of A4 paper. It works great for documents, certificates, and magazines. The best is that you will not have to fold your papers to fit them inside. A4 is the most common size of documents and paperwork, and hence, these envelopes are popular too. They can also accommodate A3 sheets, but you will have to fold them in half. So, c4 is a common size that most people use to accommodate documents.

Where to buy an envelope online in the UAE?

If you are looking for envelopes for sale online in the UAE, then consider that you have already arrived at your destination. On, we have more than 500 online stores that sell the best envelopes at affordable prices. Moreover, you will have a lot to choose from. Whether you are looking for manila or padded varieties, you can find the most popular varieties right here. Also, you can find other office supplies right here. Use filter and price comparison to quicken your searches.

Which envelope is best?

The best envelope for you will be the one that best suits your requirements. If you are looking for the best size, it depends upon the size of the paper or things. For example, a C6 envelope is great for mailing small trinkets, memory cards, USB, and other small items, whereas C4 should be your choice if you usually send A4 or A3 sized documents. If you are looking for protective options, manila or padded envelopes would be good for you. Similarly, many varieties can prove to be the best for you based on your requirements.

Why is the envelope so expensive?

Not all envelopes are expensive, but if you go for the extra protective or custom-designed envelopes, they may cost you high. If you go for the usual letter envelop, it will not cost you that much. If you are looking for the best option, then is one platform where you can easily compare prices. Here, you will find more than 500 brands and sellers so that you have plenty of options to choose from. Apart from that, you can get them at nominal prices. So, go ahead before you miss the best and appropriate options.

Now that you know many things about envelopes, are you ready to explore the best options? Well, it’s high time and the right place to do that! On, you can explore a wide collection of envelopes. Whether you want to buy a padded envelope online in the UAE, plastic ones or any other type, you can find many varieties here. You can find the best brands here like Smythson, Maxi, Muji, FIS, Hispanel, Avery, and Mead. So, move ahead and embark on your browsing journey.

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