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Advent Calendar
Advent Calendar
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About Calendars

You can have a calendar only for tracking dates, or you can have a tracker, planner, and scheduler in one single product. The calendar with the dry-erase board, sticky notes, blank spaces are some varieties you will find in the marketplace. So, before you grab a product, make sure to align your preferences with the product’s capabilities. What if you buy a daily planner, but it remains empty? Why not a weekly planner then, or monthly? Ask yourself questions, and the answers will definitely land you on the best-fitted product.

The modern calendar that we see today in the form of grid patterns has been in the same structure for ages. The seven days represent seven heavenly bodies and the precise calculation of months and years are all a result of thorough research of our ancestors. That is why this one product has been a foundation of discipline for society. Time and date have been the two tools of our livelihood, and having them handy should not be objectionable. You could have technology besides you, but wristwatches and physical date trackers have their space with respect to aesthetics as well as functionality. So, do not miss out on having the best calendar for your office or your home.

Overview of office calendars

Office supplies have huge varieties to choose from. Everything depends on the office culture and your line of work. You might get an annual calendar via e-mail, but the physical earth-friendly paper does not harm anyone if you would like to buy. You can either buy a date tracker and planner as separate products or one-in-all. If you are an employee who likes to record everything, the Moleskin brand may have the perfect product for you. But if you want something funky, here is one brand named Typo with a calendar that has a spin to point out your mood right now. It is more like a mood spin. You can set your mood for the day and inspire yourself and others around. You can also find out more on like the best calendar for salespeople.

Lunar calendar

The lunar calendar is the one that depends solely on the moon’s orbit. It has approximately 29.5 days in a month, which is the time moon takes to complete its orbit around the earth. Moon cycles have been very effective all over the globe to determine religious festivals. Some offices provide an annual calendar of this type to track all the religious holidays. Plus, it also affects the sea tides, farming, and even reproductive cycles. And there are experts who believe that lunar ones are more accurate than Gregorians. You can check out both and buy the calendar online in the UAE.

Gregorian calendar

Gregorian is the solar calendar most widely used in the world today. If you have a desk calendar at the office, it is probably the Gregorian one. If your office deal with clients outside your country, having a universally accepted product is a must to have. It has a 365-day common year divided into twelve months with 30 or 31 days. But every fourth year, one extra day is added in the month of February that makes a leap year. As the lunar calendar is aligned with the moon, Gregorian aligns itself with the Sun. We have a calendar for sale online in the UAE if you would like to see and find something worth it.

Holiday Calendar

Most likely large wall pieces with photos suit best for holiday calendars. For office use, there can be motivational quotes or dry-erase board instead of photos. You can check out our online shop for that. There you will find products of your favourite characters, movie stars, or sceneries. You will find daily planners, weekly or monthly calendars there. However, you can segregate your holiday calendar with planners. You can just have a product for tracking dates and whiteboard, desk pads, or sticky notes separately to write down your daily activities. Check out some cheap photo calendar and see if you find something interesting.

Tips on how to buy Calendars online

There is more in buying calendars other than choosing the right size and placement. Moreover, the place you choose influences the type of calendar you end up buying. Directly or indirectly, your priorities decide the purchase. So, it seems logical enough to list your preferences and make an informed decision. But before that, it would be nice to know a few types of calendars you can choose from.

  • Wall calendar – These kinds of product reflect team goals are often used by the team in the office, not personally by an employee. Often their colour scheme is bright to inspire and direct everyone to reach the targets. You can choose to have a product with more block space or less block space, depending on what you usually write. However, if your work involves lots of editing every now and then, choose a dry-erase wall calendar.
  • Board calendar – This one is for personal use by every employee. You can either have an annual calendar with holidays and important events of the office all marked. Or you can have something for the vision board with all your milestone pricked. Usually, board calendars do not have much space to cribble, you can have sticky notes for that. You can even fold the date so as to hide it from the people peeking at your desk all the time. We all know those colleagues. So, make your achievements yell for you by precisely marking these calendars and working hard to achieve each one of them.
  • Desk pads – You can keep these products inside your drawer and lock them. They have more space than any other type of calendar or some even have left page blank to put bullet points if needed. You can either have one page for one day and likewise weekly or monthly pages. The choice depends on your work. Maybe, sometimes you think of some idea and would like to put it down, you have your desk pad for the day, so you can even track which day you get the idea just in case it got really big one day.
  • Quality & Design – You can choose to have earth-friendly papers to contribute to the environments. Some give an old vintage vibe like it yearns for you to write on it. If you do not like those old styles, you can choose between bright or subtle shades. But the paper must be thick enough to not get damaged by light or air. More properties of a quality paper are that it must not bleed the ink after a while, and it should be acid-free too. We leave the design requirements to you as you can better choose it to make the product compatible with your board and surroundings.

We hope the tips are well-formed to guide you to grab the right product. Apart from that, the list of brands is what we think you need here. Our shopping search engine has got brands like Typo, Moleskine, Blue Sky, and Louis Vuitton. There are even more that you will explore once you visit Amidst the purchase of calendars, do not forget to give desk accessories the once-over. You might be interested in grabbing colour-tabbed alphabets or other personal organisers for your desk.

Question & Answer

Where to buy office calendars?

You can check out HouseofDoolittle for the trendiest range of office calendars. You cannot just track your milestones with these products but can also feel confident while you mark them done. There are varieties you can choose from, such as desk calendars, planners, wall products, doodle pad, and many more. Another brand At a Glance lets you have a notebook planner if you want your achievements and milestones personal. You can discover more such unique products at our retail search engine. We suggest getting a peak once, at least.

Which calendar is used to calculate Ramadan?

Islamic calendar it is. Islamic calendar does not correspond with the Gregorian one because lunar months are shorter than solar. The Islamic calendar begins each month with the new astronomical moon. Probably this is the reason Ramadan’s date varies each year. And Ramadan usually occurs around 11 days earlier every year as compared to the solar calendar.

Which calendar is followed in the UAE?

Dubai offices use the standard Gregorian calendar and Hijri Calendar for Islamic holidays. The Gregorian is a solar calendar with 365 or 366 days in a leap year, whereas the Hijri calendar is a lunar calendar with 354 days. Further facts about Islamic one has a lot to do with local sightings of the moon, which can vary by a day from the anticipated date. You must have got the annual calendar with holidays via e-mail or as a physical product. So, you can watch the rest of the details there.

Why having a physical calendar is important in the office?

Although gadgets are enough to keep track of dates and time, you can still use physical calendars to see commitments at a glance. Also, they are useful when technology is not working. You can have these calendars for your personal vision board or something for the whole team. It can keep you reminding the main goal, so you don’t get stuck in irrelevant work. Overall, calendars, whiteboards, vision boards are some of the office supplies that give the place the sincerity it wants.

Find a wide assortment of calendars’ varieties on our shopping platform, Upon your visit, you can expect multiple brands, online shops, genuine reviews, and whatnot to make your shopping drive a seamless one. So, hop on to it now!