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About Annual Calendars

Nobody has achieved anything worth having without following a plan. If you don’t already have a clear vision for your life, get an annual calendar for yourself and start planning. And get the good old-fashioned planners because no digital app can come anywhere close to the effectiveness of a real planner.

A planner is not only for people who make plans and stick a hundred per cent to it. It is also for those who try to stick to a plan but fails. You can think of it like planning a flight route. In reality, aeroplanes rarely follow their actual assigned routes. But having a route is still necessary because that way it is possible to tell how much the flight is deviating from the route and how the corrections should be made. This is the same for your annual plans. Having a plan will help you stick to your goals and take the necessary steps to achieve them. Read this article before you start shopping for annual calendars to make better purchase choices.

Best annual planners to make the most of the year

Annual planners come in a lot of different sizes and shapes from one-page planners to books that are 300 or 400 pages thick. As you can imagine, they are vastly different from each other. Here is a list of the four of the best annual planners out there. Even if you are not going to buy exactly these planners, knowing about them will help you figure out what features to look for in planners. Moreover, you will also find some really useful tips that you can use while shopping for them. As there are many options out there, this guide will help you understand what exactly to look for. So, let us understand.

Panda Planner yearly calendar

There is an interesting story about how Panda Planners came into being. According to that story, the founder of the Panda Planner company had been suffering from depression and anxiety when he came up with the idea of making a planner. Using this planner helped him to put his life back on track and become more productive. So, the first testimonial about the effectiveness of this planner comes from the founder himself. This calendar will let you plan on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. That makes this planner the ideal option for those who are not sure about whether to get a monthly or yearly planner.

Blue Sky annual planning calendar

If you want a sturdy planner that is also environmentally friendly, go for this planner. This planner is made from recycled paper and printed with soy-based ink. If you want to make a small step towards saving the planet, this planner is a good bet. Apart from that, how does it fare as a planner? The built quality of this thing is remarkable. It has a tough outer cover that will make sure that you get to use the planner for a whole year. And the planner is month-based. So, you get a page full of thirty squares to note down important events and to make a to-do list. There are also no pages where you can scribble something that you want for later.

Mead homework and assignment planner

Are you wondering what makes this a stand out as an assignment planner? It is about the way the planner is laid out. Another reason why they are great for students is that they are so affordable. This might not be a planner that goes to win any award for its design. However, when it comes to functionality, this will give you the best bang for the bucks. The design of Mead Planner is simple. Even though the spiral binding might not be the sturdiest way to preserve a planner, they will last pretty well if you take good care.

Passion Planner annual calendar

To achieve things that are worth having in your life, you need to have a plan. However, a good plan is only half of it. In order to stick to that plan, you also need constant motivation. Passion Planner is for people who want to achieve the extraordinary and want something constantly pushing them. One thing that you will notice about this planner is how beautiful the design is. Define your short term and long-term goals in this planner and slowly work towards it. Maybe the barrier between you reaching your goals can be the lack of a good planner.

Tips on how to buy Annual Planners Online

In order for a yearly planner to be effective, it has to be easy to use and easy to follow. Otherwise, more often than not, you will end up not using it at all. The trickiest part is that, just like the people are different, the planner that they need is also different. So, is there a way in which you can make sure that the planner you are buying is really the right for you? Well, it is easy if you know what and all to consider when you are purchasing one. Here is a list of tips that you can follow when you are shopping for planners.

  • Design and style – Although you might not think this is important at first, the way your planner looks plays a huge role in how you use it. If a planner is pleasing to look at, you would like to leave it on the top of your table rather than showing it inside a drawer. So, you will remember to use it every time you go near it. Secondly, if a planner is pleasing to look at, you will love to use it more often.
  • Look for extras – When you are shopping for an annual calendar, you can actually look for something that offers more than just that. You might need space to write down your goals and, maybe, note down your daily expenses. All that while letting you keep your focus on the things you need to do next. This is possible if the planner has different sections for each of these things.
  • Look at the binding – Planners come with so many different bindings. Some annual calendars are built to last like a hardcover book. There are also cheaper ones that come with spiral binds. If you want to go a notch above regular spiral binds, there are disc-bound planners. Think about the way you use it when you are making a choice.
  • Choose the size and layout – The way people use planners are different. Some people plan on an hourly basis for a day. They will need a planner that has more space to write. But most people either plan on a weekly basis or a monthly basis. Choose a planner, depending on how you like to do the planning.

All that being said, it is not possible to know which planner will work the best for you, for sure. You will have to try out different planners before you stumble across the one that works really great for you. But considering these factors will help you narrow down your options and make it easier. And finally, don’t forget to check out other amazing products from the Office Supplies category.

Question & Answer

Are planners important for students?

For students, most of their academic goals are yearly. Therefore, they are one set of people that can potentially make the best use of yearly planners. Even if the goal for the year itself is not so much to use a planner for, having a planner will let you do more than just that. You can use the planner for tracking achievements all throughout your academic year. This will help you assess yourself and improve wherever necessary. Although this does not sound like much, being able to monitor your performance and make adjustments can do wonders in your academic performance.

How to use an annual planner?

All of us should have an annual planner where you can jot down your plans and goals for the year. You might not necessarily be able to complete all of them. In fact, you won’t be able to finish most of them. But planning is about having a vision for your life. So, what is the right way to use an annual planner? There are a few different ways in which you can use an annual planner. One way is to set down your end goals for the year. You can do this even on a one-page annual calendar. But if you want to be more elaborate, you can use a larger planner and also note down the milestones that will take you to the final goal.

How do you make a DIY annual planner?

You can make an annual planner yourself using some chipboard papers, A4 sheets, a printer, and spiral binds. If you have some craft skills, it is possible to make your planner look better than the off the shelf ones that you can buy. The hardest part of it is designing the planner itself. The easiest way to design a custom planner is to go through the planners that you like and pick and choose elements from them. Along with that you can throw your own design and customise it further. Design your planner on the computer and print it on the paper. After that, spiral binds the whole thing together.

If you are looking to buy yearly planners online in the UAE, you are in the right place. Use the product search engine to look for the planner you want. Fortunately, there are more than 500 shops and brands offering various types of calendars on These include brands like At a Glance, House Of Doolittle, Moleskine, Blue Sky, SMYTHSON, and Typo.

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