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Getting a birthday calendar for the office is an excellent way of remembering and cherishing the special days of the employees. With the advancement in graphics and crafts today, we have many exciting calendars to choose from, like an advent calendar, countdown calendar, photo-based reminders, and more. Let us explore more!

We all need some recognition or special treatment on our birthdays, whether at home or office. However, things may differ in the two places. Your whole family might be counting days to go on a trip or throw a party on your birthday. However, at workplaces, people are not even aware of each other’s birth dates. So, one of the fantastic ways to keep up an exciting vibe at workplaces, too, the offices must have birthday calendars. Birthday calendars for offices generally come in charts where days, dates, months, and years are mentioned. However, you can find many varieties these days to suit your unique requirements and office aesthetics. We will unveil some of what you need to know about them to select the right one on this page.

Things you need to know about employee birthday calendars

When you work together for 8-10 hours a day, the office colleagues start giving you a family vibe. So, why miss the chance of wishing them on their special days? Well, a birthday calendar for the workplace helps you here. You can find it in a wide assortment of options, from basic chart format to photo calendar and advent styles. A birthday calendar is a tangible reminder of employees’ birthdays. It does not remind you about the special days but also helps the HR or event team arrange birthday essentials such as cake and decorative items on time. Let us explore their types, features, and benefits in detail.

Benefits of birthday & anniversary calendar

Everyone loves to be treated special on their special days, whether their birthday or work anniversary. Remembering the special days of employees let them feel that you care for them. However, it is difficult to remember every person’s birthday with countless busy hours and days at work. A birthday calendar for employees proves to be beneficial here. It would let you know how many of your team members have their birthdays or anniversaries in a particular month. Not just that, when everyone sends wishes to the birthday person, it nurtures their relationship. Moreover, these calendars help the event organizing team or HR team make timely arrangements like bringing the cake, decorative items, and anything required to carry out the celebration.

Features of monthly birthday calendar

When it comes to office calendars, people generally choose monthly calendars that give them a clear sight of whose birthdays and anniversaries are falling in a particular month. It helps employees and the management remember birthdays and also arrange things accordingly. Look for the one that lets you mention the names, ages, and other details of the employees for easy recognition. Some calendars would come in simple chart format. In contrast, others might allow you to peel off the month that is already over so that you can have only the upcoming birthdays on the board. Hence, no confusion! Picture-based calendars make another option that will add value to the calendar and let people recognize the birthday person in case they are not aware of their name.

Popular types like chart calendar, birthday countdown calendar etc.

A Chart-like calendar is the most basic type you will find in the market. It would just list down the months with blank spaces. Over the blank spaces, you will mention the names of the employees who have their birthdays or anniversaries in a particular month. To move towards creative styles, you can go for countdown calendars. It would come as a bundle of paper attached. You have to peel off one paper each day to show the days left for the birthday. In most of the styles, the font of the dates would keep on increasing to highlight & enhance the excitement level. You can also opt for birthday calendars with photos to add value.

Tips on how to buy Birthday Calendars in Dubai

Birthdays are a special part of our lives. By remembering your employees’ birthday, you can show your care towards them and also make them feel special for the day. It makes a birthday calendar essential for your office. However, due to the availability of a wide array of birthday calendars for sale in the market, you can feel overwhelmed while choosing one. Find some tips below.

  • Consider the type of calendars – The most basic type of birthday calendars come with months mentioned on them along with blank spaces below each so that you can enter the names of employees there. Other types include a count down calendar, advent calendar and more. The choice here depends upon personal preferences.
  • Consider design aspects – You can find birthday calendars in a variety of designs, graphics and colours. With the advancement in designing and crafts, you will also find many creative varieties in the market. These will enhance your office aesthetics.
  • Consider the number of employees – Calendars come in small to large sizes depending upon your space requirements. So, here the number of employees becomes an important consideration. The correct size would be the one that can house all the details in an uncomplicated manner.
  • Purchase online – When it comes to calendars, you might not find as many varieties in the market as you get online. So, purchase it from online stores where you can browse a wide assortment of options. You can even switch between various stores if you do not like a particular collection.

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Question & Answer

Where can I buy a birthday calendar online in UAE?

If you want to buy a birthday calendar online in UAE, you have already arrived at the right place. On, we have more than 500 online stores listed that offer the best and most creative designs at affordable prices. From plain chart-based calendars to countdown and advent styles, you can find pretty much everything here. The plus point is that you can easily filter products depending upon preferences like brands, sellers, prices etc. It’s time to quickly move towards the product listing now. So, go ahead and find the best one before the stock lasts.

How to choose the right birthday calendar for the office?

Birthday calendars for offices come in a wide assortment based on their size, design, graphics, construction and many more factors. You have to understand their types and your requirements well to choose the right variety. For example, if you want to go plain, you can go for the basic chart-type calendar that comes with months mentioned with blanks wherein you mention employees’ names. On the other hand, you can use creative graphics and cool colours to suit your office ambience. Make sure you choose a spacious style that gives you enough space to enter details.

Where to buy employee birthday calendars in bulk online in UAE?

When it comes to office supplies, everything is required in bulk, never to feel the absence of important items on time. Well, birthday calendars are one of those things. So, if you are looking to purchase them in bulk, you can find many stores on that can offer you many options at your fingertips. Choose from popular brands like Kate Spade New York, Tallon, and Yes Studio. If you have any preferences for budget and brands, you can filter products here. So, go ahead and grab the best ones while stock lasts.

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