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Calendars are something that nobody can ignore. In fact, all our lives revolve around the calendar. Even though all of us have them in our smart devices, there are some purposes that only an office desk calendar can serve.

If you want to access the calendar on your computer or phone, you cannot do it right away. First, you have to unlock your device, go to the menu and open it before you can check it. And even with all the sophisticated calendar and planner apps, all of them are a mere shadow of a physical desk calendar that you can hold in your hands. Yes, the digital versions can replicate a planner, but they can never replace it. So, read this article before you start shopping for desk calendars. Having a better understanding of them will help you make the right choices when you shop.

A beginners’ guide to desk calendars

Do not think of the purchase as functional. Instead, desk calendars are part of the decoration that gets you into the full mood of working. You can find variations in the online marketplace, so you can choose the perfect shape and form to elevate your work or study table. You see, everybody’s taste is different. The way one person likes to plan might be different from another person. Regardless of the way you like to do it, you will find a desk calendar for that. Here is a list of the four most common types of desktop calendars out there. In this article, you will also find some really useful tips that you can use while shopping for them.

Desk pad calendar

This type of calendar also doubles as a writing pad. It’s not a writing pad for writing a large paragraph, but something that you can use to note down important things for the day or to schedule your work. You can find them in different formats. There are large desk pad calendars with one leaf for each day. As you can imagine, they have 365 or more leaves and can be quite thick. Another option is to get a desk pad calendar with a weekly planner. It will have seven sections per leaf for each day of the weak. Or you can get one with just twelve pages with each page containing thirty boxes for each day of the month.

Easel calendar

Easel calendars are really popular because they look good and also do not take up much space on the desk. Also, there are a million ways in which you can customise an easel calendar. They come in a lot of different colours and with interesting pictures. Isn’t it nice to have a unique picture that reflects the mood of the month welcoming you at your table? And if you want to take it an edge above that, there are ways to customise them by adding pictures of your liking. You can display your photographic skills or a place to put your precious moments with your family.

Personalised desk calendars

Most of you spend more than forty hours a week at your desks. So, it is nice to have something that will keep you motivated throughout the day. People have got different reasons to get motivated. For some people, it can be an inspirational quote. Or it can be the funny moments you had with your friends or loved ones. Some people love looking at the adorable faces of their kids. Or how about the pictures of beautiful landscapes. Whatever it is, design your own desk calendar with the pictures and design of your liking to make your work more enjoyable and interesting.

Weekly desk planner

As the name says, a weekly desk planner is something that you can use to plan the important things for a whole week. The thing is a weekly planner can come in many different forms. It can be similar to an easel calendar or a writing pad. Basically, what it means for a calendar to be a weekly desk calendar is that it should have separate space for seven days of the week so that you can use it for weekly planning. This is the best option for planning weekly learning and homework schedules for your kids. You will find a lot of weekly desk calendars that are colourful and kids friendly.

Tips on how to buy Desk Calendars

Finding the right type of desk calendar can be a hard job, especially if you are a beginner. And there are literally countless options to choose from. For those who are shopping for desk calendars the first time around. That being said, it can be easier if you know what to look for. Here are some tips that you can follow while you are shopping for desk calendars. These tips, along with our retail search engine, will help you find the right disk calendar.

  • Pick the right size – Choose the size of the desk calendar depending on your needs and priorities. If you want a lot of space to write down your notes, you might need a large calendar. However, you should also think about the portability of the whole thing. There is a balance to strike between the size of the calendar and its portability.
  • Colour and design – A desk calendar is more than just a functional item. You can also think of it as a tabletop decoration. Fortunately, there are plenty of them with pleasing designs and stunning pictures. Look for something that will blend in seamlessly with the overall aesthetics of your room. At the same time, you don’t want it to be too distracting.
  • Daily vs Weekly vs Monthly – These three are the three main options you have when it comes to desk calendars. For most people, a daily planner can be overkill. On the other hand, you might need something more than a monthly planner. A weekly planner is the middle way between the two.
  • Themed desk calendars – Desk calendars make good gifts. And when you are giving something to a person, you should try to find something that person will like. One of the reasons why desk calendars make great gifts is because it is easy to find something that people will like. If you know what that person is into, you will be able to find a nice themed calendar from brands like Moleskine, At a Glance, House of Doolittle and many others.

When you are gifting desk calendars to someone, you can also make them more appealing by wrapping them in a gift box. You can find gift boxes, wrappers, and greeting cards on Also, don’t forget to check out other amazing products from the Office Supplies category. You can find everything you need for an office using our retail search engine. It will let you compare the prices and features of different products and pick the best one among them.

Question & Answer

How to make a desk calendar stand?

If you have weekly or monthly planner cards and want to convert them to a desk calendar, you can do so using an easel desk calendar stand. This is basically the solid part of an easel calendar that supports the whole thing. If you are a DIYer, you can make a calendar stand at your home using some pieces of cardboard and glue. So, you need three pieces of cardboard for this. Two of them should be large pieces of equal size, and the third piece should be a narrow strip of the same length. Stick three of these together so that it forms a prism-shaped structure. Apply the glue and wait for it to set.

Are desk calendars useful?

There is no shortage of calendar apps in this day and age. You can find plenty of them for your computer, smartphone and even smartwatch. After all these, why would anyone need a desk calendar? But in fact, you have more reasons than ever to use a desk planner in this modern day. More often than not, smartphones and smartwatches add a lot of distraction to your life. Therefore, some people choose to remove such digital devices from their desks. Moreover, having something that you can touch and write on with a pen can actually increase your concentration and productivity.

What is the right way to use a weekly planner?

Weekly planners are one of those simple things that can do wonders when used correctly, especially for those people who don’t do the same thing every day. When days pass so quickly, it is human to forget to do things you should have done. A weekly planner is a great way to keep track of things. To use your weekly planner effectively, use different colours and also alternate between pen and pencil for tasks of different priority. Use brighter colours for things that are urgent or of very high priority. That way, it will become easy for you to understand which task you should do and in what order.

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