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About Advent Calendars

Advent calendars are the ones you use to count the days for a special event. It could be a festival, birthday, marriage, or engagement. They are also perfect gift ideas for your friends, family, employees, and your partner. The best thing about these calendars is that it can be shared with more than one person by little personalisation or not at all. You just have to pick the right product from the marketplace.

The history of advent calendars takes us to the tradition of the countdown to Christmas. In it, we start counting the arrival of the festival prior to four weeks. The conventional calendar is the board with one to twenty-four numbers on it to cross and reach on Christmas day. There can also be pockets underneath each date filled with festive surprises. In earlier times, every home got to have this calendar, and now these products are more into gifting. Likewise, you can see them in almost every other festival, special event, or even one of the office supplies . However, the aesthetics and construction of the product vary according to your purpose of buying. From expensive to cheap advent calendars, you can find a flexible range of products in the market.

Types of Advent calendars

We can segregate different calendars with respect to their materials and applications. Firstly, the materials could be wooden, fabric, plastic, chalkboards, or even cardboard. If you are thinking of having chalkboards to erase and put the new day to countdown, we think you should just get a chalkboard and design your own. In the same vein, wooden advent calendars or even plastic ones have a later use as storage boxes. Coming to the applications, some products have pockets to put the surprise elements, and some have drawers. Some also have the flap to open, especially when there is a bar code to scratch, QR code to scan, or a motivational quote to read. In short, you can take a lot of ideas by knowing the types to shop for advent calendars for office or your home.

Lindt advent calendar

Lindt brand is certainly one of the prominent names in the chocolate industry. And Advent calendar is one of their products to keep the Christmas tradition alive. The culture where everyone counts down for Christmas by unravelling the gift behind each date. At Lindt, these gifts are nothing but their smooth melting chocolates perfect for every occasion. However, make sure of the ingredients before buying because these products may not be gluten-free and tree nut allergen safe. Also, you might not find something for vegans as the products contain milk, milk products, and eggs, but are great for vegetarians. Thus, we suggest reading the package details carefully before buying an advent calendar online in the UAE.

Body shop advent calendar

Body Shop brands work hard on their advent calendars, no doubt in that. Every year they launch new calendars and new products, which is the main surprise element. Right now, we can see three calendars with both mini-size and full-size products both. Inside each date, you will find body care, skincare, new accessories, makeup, body treats, and festive surprises. So, this brand has the best gift for someone whose festival is all about pampering and relaxation. Not just for Christmas, these advent calendars are for Ramadan or even birthdays. You can explore our shopping search engine to see more such unique products.

Marks & spencer advent calendar

Marks & Spencer has stepped up their game with advent calendars. They have got a range of products from traditional chalkboards to pocket-ready packed with festive surprises. For instance, beauty advent calendars having month-long manicure items is one of their lovely products. This package has 19 mini paint pots, one full-sized polish, and manicure essentials. Another product is a plain hanging fabric stag with mini pockets so you can personalise it the way you want. Meanwhile, you can be more vintage with Marks & Spencer as they have got a wooden wall hanging calendar with colourful chalks to mention the number of days for your Christmas countdown. We think these are some of the best value advent calendars we have just discussed. You can find them all at

Tips on how to buy Advent calendars online

Getting to decide the size, colour, and overall aesthetics of a product is just one aspect of buying. Before that, there are many things to consider that can make your purchase more thoughtful and personal. It is crucial to understand the purpose and intent of your purchase. You may be wanting to present it to someone or keeping it as a shared product. For both, we suggest going through our compiled list of options you have for the purchase.

  • The recipient – He could be your partner, kid, employee, or friend. You got to segregate the products according to many factors. Let’s suggest some unique products to save time. These include a Lego calendar for kids, a wine one for adults, makeup drawers for the ladies, and a gift card for employees. Not all the dates can have gift cards, only one or two and others can have beautiful motivational quotes written inside.
  • Size & Design – If you worry about size being too big, you can have hanging calendars. You will find many in the form of hanging socks, so there are no drawers but socks in which you can put your gifts. Plus, you can use these socks afterwards. Likewise, another unique idea is to get an easy-to-peel poster with 24 separate pieces. Now every day the recipient has to put each piece in the correct place blindfolded. The one which goes the nearest to the spot gets a reward. This can be a fun family game or Friday fun at the office.
  • Do some charity – You can help NGO’s indirectly by purchasing their products in the form of advent calendars. Every day when you open the said date, you can see which NGO has got help in what ways when you donate. You can put this calendar at the door or at the reception table, so everyone can see it and get motivated. We all want to do some good deeds at this holy time, and this could be your way of doing it.
  • If not Christmas – Advent calendars are sure a Christmas thing but have inspired many themes and festivals. In offices, these are often used as countdown blocks. So, whenever a big project or deal is coming up, these blocks are placed in the middle to get everyone’s attention. The blocks have three levels of stacks on to each other. The top blocks have numbers written over it that you have to change every day. The middle blocks have them written the days or month, which top blocks are referring to. And the bottom line is highlighting the main event. They are also perfect pre-wedding gifts, where the message goes like, “7 days until Mr & Mrs”.

We hope you have got the inspiration for your purchase. This littlest of research is enough to make your purchase unique. If you are thinking of starting to explore the products now, can be an excellent platform, to begin with. Here, you can find brands like Meri Meri, Disney, Mattel, and KOSMOS. These reputed brands under one roof leave you with the advantage of compare and shop with ease without changing the tabs and opening multiple platforms at once. You can apply the filter and go with it.

Question & Answer

How do advent calendars work?

If you read reviews, you will find many arguments about using advent calendars. The dilemma is about starting the numbers from one and going down to 25. Or starting from 25 and going down to one. Both sounds logical on their part. If you start with 25, you can count how many days are left for Christmas. Whereas, you can come down to the day of Christmas that is 25 if you start with one. You can ask what your family have been doing in the past to follow the same. If this is your first time, you can start wherever you want and pass it down to your family.

Where to buy an advent calendar online in the UAE?

Lego is one such brand with advent calendars wherein you do not have to check the age factor because every child or adult loves playing with Legos. One such Star Wars Advent product contains six Minifigures, figures, and twelve mini build toys. If you are not much into playing, you can check out the KOSMOS brand. Here, you can find magic tricks inside the boxes each day or puzzle or anything mysterious. You can show what you have learned on Christmas day. It could be a nice pop-up show.

Where to put the advent calendar in the office?

Offices’ advent calendars can be shared or individual, depending on the strength of your company. It won’t be possible to have an individual calendar if you have more employees. So, the front door or reception table can be a perfect placement for the calendar. Usually, companies gift calendars to their employees as their merchandise or support an NGO by buying products from them. Either way, every day has a motivational quote or the mention of the organisations you have helped by buying the products.

Which is the best advent calendar?

Kurt Adlers, the Advent cabinet has to be the best of all calendars you have seen. They give Christmas vibes just by looking at them, and they are customisable. So, their products come in various sizes with empty drawers in which you can fill thoughtful presents for each day. It can be a great idea of gifting someone special and a heartwarming gift for the one you could not meet on Christmas. You can make every 24 days before the festival a special day for someone.

Check out variants of advent calendars and make your purchase an informed decision on our easy to use platform, Not just advent calendars, but you can find more varieties upon your visit.

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