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If you are somebody who is struggling to keep track of the events and activities of every single person in your family, it is time for you to start using family planners. That will free up your brain space, and you can focus on more things and leave the job of reminding you of important things to the planner.

The benefit of a family planner is that you can know what everyone is up to just by looking at the planner. So, you can avoid the hassle of asking everyone about what engagements they have for the weekend or if they are available to go on family trips together. And if you want to create a little more emotional attachment to the planner, you can add the pictures of the most memorable times you had with your family on a personalised family planner. But, read this article before you start shopping for a family planner as it will help you make the right choices when you make the purchase.

Best family planners to buy

There is no shortage of varieties when it comes to family planners. Please keep in mind that the best product is all about its pertinence and not about its price tag, features, or even brand. Although these are important factors to consider, you must focus on your priorities first. Thus, the first step to finding out which family planner will work best for you is to know about the different types of them out there. Here is a list of the four best family planners that you can buy. In this article, you will also find some really helpful tips that you can use while shopping for planners and calendars.

More time Moms family organiser

This is one of the best tools for busy families to organise their parties, vacations, and all other family events. When it comes to a family organiser, it shouldn’t be just functional. It should also have a pleasing appearance so that all the members of the family, from the youngest to the oldest, find it interesting and useful. This calendar checks the boxes of cuteness and also user-friendliness. With large 2.1X3.5 inch squares, there is plenty of room to note down the things you want to do each day. Make sure to use separate squares for messages, to-do lists, emergency contacts, and kids’ activities.

Write to Me family planner

How about a classy looking planner that you can hang on your living room wall? Write to Me is a handy organiser that is as large as a small calendar. You can hang it on your living room or kitchen wall or near your study desk. You can either use a nail to hang it or just tie it to a wall rack. The spiral binding at the tip of the organiser makes it easy to flip the pages and look through your future appointments and to-do lists. The best part is that being so large, it has separate columns for up to six members of a family. So, own your cells and note down whatever you want in them.

Daily Orders monthly family planner

What if you don’t want to flip through many pages to see what and all appointments you have in a month? Yeah, it can be a little bit of a hassle to do that. In that case, you should get monthly wall planners that you can fix on the walls. To provide enough room for everyone, this monthly planner is as large as a portable whiteboard. You don’t have to replace it every month either. Instead, you can use multicoloured liquid chalk markers for noting down. And when the month is over, you can simply rub it off and start over. As there are not separate boxes for each member, you can get creative and use different colours for each person instead.

My family planner calendar

This one is somewhat like the Daily Orders monthly planner, but in this case, it is made of transparent acrylic glass. And similar to the other planner, this one is large, and you can fix it on your wall. The major difference is in the design aesthetics. The transparent glass gives it a really modern look. Also, the markings on the board are reverse printed. That means it won’t get rubbed off over time and won’t fade away. You can wipe it clean and resume it as many times as you want. The small bronze standoffs on the four corners give it a really pleasing appearance.

Tips on how to buy Family Planners

A family planner is a really simple thing. It is not hard to find a planner that apparently fits your needs at first glance. But more often than not, all of these planners end up somewhere in the house catching dust. This is because you also have to consider the usability of the planner as well when you buy. However, finding a planner that everyone in the family will love to use is easy if you know what to look for. Here are some tips to follow when you are looking for a family planner.

  • Monthly vs Yearly planner – Unlike the planner you use for office, weekly planning is not a good option for a family organiser. It is always a good idea to plan things for a few weeks in advance. So, either choose a monthly planner or a yearly planner. Usually, in the case of a monthly planner, you plan for a month and then use a different planner or wipe and reuse the same one again for the next month.
  • Size of the planner – Always look at the size of the planner and the size of the squares. If you are looking for a planner that sits comfortably on a kitchen table or a desk, then go for a smaller one that does not take up a lot of space. But with wall planners, you can be a bit more generous. There are large wall planners that are like calendars with several pages that you can flip through.
  • Distribution of the squares – Do you want to have separate cells for each member of the family or a larger cell that everybody can share? The answer depends on how you want to use it and how much you want to note down. There is no one right choice that fits all when it comes to family planner calendars. So, feel free to choose whichever option you like.
  • Design and features – The way the planner looks is also important. As a family planner is something that you expect your kids to use as well, make sure that it is appealing to them as well. You will find plenty of planners that are themed around your kids’ favourite animated characters or movies.

If you are buying a family planner or family diary, also look at the built quality of it. A yearly planner will be thrown around a lot as the kids will also be using it. So, if it is not sturdy, you cannot expect it to last for a whole year. Apart from that, don’t forget to check out other useful products from the Office Supplies category. Our retail search engine will help you find the right type of calendars. It will also let you compare between different products and pick the best one among them.

Question & Answer

What does a family planner do?

The problem that most people face when it comes to spending time with their families is not that they don’t have enough time. The real problem is that they only think about how to spend time with the family much too late. Because of this, other members of the family won’t have enough time to reschedule their appointments to spend time together. A family planner can help you avoid this. Using it, you can let others know when you will have time, and everybody in the house can plan accordingly.

Is a family planner effective?

That depends a lot on how you use it. A family planner is only useful as a piece of paper. But just like any other planners, it can do wonders when you use it well. The first step to making the most out of a planner is to actually use it. Keep in mind that just like any other things, it will take you a while before you actually get good at using a planner. After a while, you will learn what and all things you should write in a planner and how to write them effectively without being too lengthy or saying too little. So, the answer is yes, a family planner is a really good tool that will help you make the most out of the time you spend with your family.

How to use a family planner?

If you already have a family planner or are planning to get one soon, the question that you probably have in your mind is what the right way to use it is? So, before you start using your planner, also get some pens in different colours. Then assign a colour for each person in the family. Make a rule that only that person can use that particular colour. If necessary, you can draw a legend on the last page of the planner. Then you are free to write down things that are coming up. Let the kids write about when they have exams coming up or have soccer matches. And you can mark the day you have office parties or have to meet up with your friends.

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