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About Greeting Cards

A greeting card seems to be a piece of paper. But its power of expressing love, happiness and gratitude is incredible. It offers an unmatched way to keep in touch. Whether it’s your friend’s birthday, wedding anniversary, or Christmas, one card can do a whole lot in delivering your emotions.

Greetings cards have been popular for ages to show love and gratitude on special occasions or just put out sentiments. It hardly needs any introduction, and a greeting card is an illustrated piece of high-quality paper featuring expressions. In addition, it has mesmerizing text and graphic content that double quicks the connection between the sender and the receiver. They come in various shapes like standard fold, gatefold, aperture, pop-up, and a spinner card. Further, they are typically inexpensive. But you can also find several handmade greeting cards for sale. Or the ones with glued-on decorations or die cuts that can be fairly pricey. Come on, let’s explore their creative world and find exceptional styles for your special ones.

All about choosing a perfect card for special ones

Greeting cards range from standard to photo-based, personalized, musical and even electronic cards. Standard greetings are rectangular and folded and have printed motifs and messages on them. On opening up, there are additional messages with space on which you can pen down your thoughts. Some cards even let you fit the photo of the recipient inside their frame for personalization. Other sellers might even allow you to customize cards as per your preferences fully. Further, there are different types of greetings suiting on various occasions. Continue reading to explore the prominent types to choose from.

Anniversary cards

An anniversary is an occasion worth celebrating, whether it’s the first or the 50th. It comes once a year, adding another level of togetherness to your coupled life. So, take a moment to give a beautifully crafted card to your better half with things you want to say. There is an array of anniversary cards ranging from romantic to funny ones. They have sweet messages, romantic textures, and red colour with the number of completed years. Anniversary cards are the amazing pick for not just your beloved. But also for any special twosomes in your life. Like mom-dad or any love birds in your friend circle.

Greeting cards for farewell

It’s sad to see someone go. But not when they are going to start a new phase in their lives or career. So, bid a fond goodbye to your special ones with amazingly crafted personalized greetings. You can find a wide assortment of farewell cards. They range from rectangular folded with pre-written messages and goodbye images to ecards that work on a fantastic concept. Imagine your colleague going in a day or two. And you are roaming here and there, collecting messages from different people in the office. Then put together in one manila folder. Tiresome, right? So, there are some ecard services through which you have to sit back and let the farewell messages, pictures and GIFs roll in.

Electronic greeting cards for birthdays, weddings and Christmas

Just introduced above, electronic greetings, also known as ecards, are sent electronically. Unlike general ones, ecards are created through digital media, and there is no use for paper. This concept came with a multitude of benefits. Like, they are environment friendly, can have a lot of content, can have videos and can be sent to multiple people at a time. There are many types of ecards. They range from ecards with fixed greetings and flash animation to video, mobile, web-based, and face upload versions. You can consider them for all the events like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, valentine’s day, and more. You can find expensive as well as cheap electronic greeting cards to serve the purpose.

Tips on how to buy Greetings Cards in Dubai

Greeting cards come in a wide assortment based on factors like the type of occasion, construction material, and recipient. They even vary based on whether you give the card personally, post it or send it electronically. If you are having a hard time deciding which one to go for, here are some tips to help you buy greeting cards online in the UAE.

  • Occasion – Be it a card or any gadget, you must consider an occasion while purchasing any gift. Cards are designed as per the occasion. You will find different messages, pictures and graphics on cards meant for various events. So, to streamline your purchase, you can directly browse a specific shelf in a gift store. If you are purchasing your card online, you can apply a filter for the occasion type that most online stores have.
  • Recipient – It is undeniable that some connections are dearer to us than others. So, your selection of cards also depends upon the bond you both share. You can consider some particular styles like handcrafted or personalized cards for the people close to your heart. On the other hand, if you send wishes to many people at once, like on Christmas, you can consider ecards. They are good, simple and convenient.
  • Mode of sending a card – There are two major types of cards- paper and ecards. In this electronic age, paper cards seem to be fading. However, the level of connection paper cards set up is far above ecards. You can go for rectangular folded, picture-based, personalized, musical, and quilling cards when it comes to paper-based greetings. But, ecards come with different levels of benefits like their eco-friendly, fast and convenient nature. Moreover, you should consider them if the recipient is not in your reach or you have to send hundreds of cards at once.
  • Brand – If you know all about cards but have no time to choose one, you can leave it to the designers to work day and night with popular brands to produce great styles. Best Paper Greetings, Hallmark, Note Card Café, The Best Card Company, MINIMALMART, Punch Studio and Cortesia are some of the best brands you can go for.

Now that you have gathered much information about greetings cards, you must be wondering where to purchase them. The best part is that you are in the right place. You can find a wide assortment of greeting cards on our retail search engine, including birthday announcement cards, birthday cards, blank cards, Christmas cards, funeral cards, and more. If you feel overwhelmed with options, you can narrow them down with the help of filters. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab the best designs while stock lasts.

Question & Answer

Are greeting cards still popular?

Yes, they are still the popular and best way to express your emotions towards others on special days or just putting out sentiments. However, due to technological advancement, they have acquired a different form called ecards. Ecards are popular among the masses now for their eco-friendly, fast and convenient nature. Electronic greetings, also known as ecards, are sent electronically. Unlike general ones, ecards are created through digital media, and there is no use for paper.

How to make greeting cards with paper?

If you are making a simple folded greeting card, you need first to pick a rectangular sheet. Fold it in half and press down on the crease. Start drawing the front side of the card with a pen, marker or sketch colours. You can try silhouette or use watercolours to paint it. Now, open the card and include messages for your special one. This was a simple design. If you want to try something unique, you can consist of 3-D pop up elements in between and things like ribbon, sequins, beads and medallions to accentuate its look.

Where to buy greeting cards online in the UAE?

You can find greetings cards in an online gift store. However, if you are looking for creative and unique options, you must choose popular and genuine sellers. is one such place where you can find a huge collection of greetings for various occasions like birthdays, baby showers, weddings, anniversaries, valentine’s day, Christmas and more. If you are looking for the best creative options, you can find them here. So, go ahead and explore now!

What are greeting cards used for?

Greetings cards are used to express the emotions of happiness and gratitude towards a person. We generally give them on occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, valentine’s day, Father’s Day, mother’s day, women’s day, and so on. It connects the giver and the receiver on an emotional level. You can include particular messages and pictures on the card for the receiver to feel special. Sending personalized cards allows us to express our love and care toward family, friends, customers, and even employees.

Greeting cards are the best but not the easiest pick. The wide variety out there can bring you into a state of dilemma when you want to choose one. However, here on, we have a way out. On our product search engine, you can find cards offered by over 500 trusted online stores. You can effortlessly browse their collection and narrow down your choices based on filters. So, go ahead and choose the find the best Gifts & gadgets.