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We live in this digital era when everything is just a click away. Besides, you can still connect to your near and dear ones through the internet. But still, there is a big space, and that’s the personal touch. Thus, postcards pave the way for getting in touch with your dear ones. There is nothing that can beat the love for pen and paper, at least in this technology era.

Postcards are the symbol of human connection in the most heart-warming way. And, the joy of receiving the postcard from your dear ones is beyond any comparison. A postcard comes as a piece of thin cardboard or thick paper in a rectangular shape. You can write on it and mail it without an envelope cover on it. Besides, it often gets confused with the postal card, but there is a difference between them. So, a postal card has the postage pre-printed on it and the postal authority issues it. On the other hand, these cards have the postage pre-printed on them. And the private company printed and sold it. However, it’s getting popularity in business communications. So, are you seeking to buy postcards online in UAE? Then there is nothing to worry about! You are now on the best shopping search engine page to seek help!

A brief description of vintage postcards for your next purchase

If you like collecting vintage stuff, including postcards, then you should check out this product! It contains the unused/blank vintage mix illustrate and photographic. Besides, these cards are perfect for scrapbooking, collages, quirky cards, or displaying a little collection of art. However, it takes long years to come up with such a collection. Thus, the postcard mix includes both retro and antique cards. However, these cheap vintage varieties come with themes based on the region or location, art, black and white. So, let’s learn about the types of these cards, which varies with the events.

Christmas postcards to celebrate with family & friends

Christmas is the best and perfect time of the year to celebrate with your family and friends. So, why not include your faraway relatives or friends in your celebration by sending Christmas postcards. However, it is made up of excellent paper quality, full colour, and full printing on both sides of the paper. Besides, the design is available in a glossy effect or a matte finish coat. But, they come in light white colour, which is uncoated with a matte finish. Thus, the paper is easy to use for writing without worrying about smudges. So, drop your message without worrying about anything!

Send happy birthday postcards to your best friend

Are you looking for funky birthday greetings cards for your best friend? Then, you should check out this birthday postcard! It is a modern & colourful postcard which is best for family and friends. However, it comes in a box of 60 postcards and 5 of them each has 12 different designs. Besides, each of the front parts of the card has happy birthday greetings. And the backside of the card has space for writing a brief personal message, address, and signature. However, you can also use this unique postcard for business purposes. So, buy postcards online in UAE for its smooth finish with the A2 sheet size of the card.

Greet with new year postcards to your long-distance friends or family

These are the best new year postcards for reminiscing that moment of the clock striking midnight with your friends. However, this is the time of the year to recall those faded memories. Thus, you can celebrate the moment with your friends from any part of the world. This new year postcards come in a collection of four postcards with different designs. Besides, each of the cards was painted with a pen and watercolour on the paper. Thus, this is the best new year postcard to buy which has a matte finish and doesn’t come with an envelope. And it features a burst of multi-coloured paint washes. 

Tips on how to buy Postcards online

Many claims that postcards are no longer in the trend. And the reason is a little evident with the evolution of modern technology. But the truth needs to be told! And people still love the idea of postcards. Besides writing personal messages for your loved ones, the m0re excitement arrives in receiving the hand-written cards. However, the personal touch comes in writing on your hand and posting it all from the post office. There are several online shops that provide you brilliant collection of postcards designs for many occasions. Besides, the collection varies from Christmas postcards, happy birthday postcards, new year postcards, and many more. Thus, proper guidance is needed while you buy postcards online in UAE. So, have a glance at them below!

  • Size – It doesn’t matter much when you choose the postcards for specific occasions like new year, Christmas, or happy birthday. But it matters when you simply write messages to convey your whereabouts or wellbeing. A bigger size of the card can fill more words.
  • Stamp or without Stamp – This is the common thing that needs to be clear precisely. When you attempt to send postcards to your faraway family or friends, you need to paste a stamp. And the post office wouldn’t receive it without a stamp on the card. Thus, you need to stick a stamp.
  • Budget – This is also important to consider while shopping online. However, there are many online shops that provide you with the best collection of postcards. But the price remains too expensive. Thus, choose your shopping partner carefully.

To sum up, we hope that the factors listed above help you with your shopping voyage. And let you choose the best postcard for your loved ones. So, don’t wait any longer and commence with your shopping spree along with And explore the unbelievable collection of gifts & gadgets from reputed brands and stores. Plus, you get all at an incredible price range like never before.

Question & Answer

Which country introduced postcards?

Postcards are more of a personal touch through the writings and get in touch with your near and dear ones. But none of these greeting cards gets posted without a stamp on them. However, it was Austria that introduced these cards first, but it’s not the first country to get this idea. Besides, it was that German postal official Dr Heinrich von Stephanhave who came up with such a proposal. But it was later debated and executed. However, after the introduction in Austria, within the next two years, the postcards spread across Europe. In the year 1871 Canada introduced it, and in 1873 the United States add it in their country. However, in 1875 all the 22 countries met up in Switzerland. And to decide the standard postage rate and government-issued card be exchanged between the countries in the union.

Are postcards worth anything?

Of course! Postcards were first discovered in the 19th century, but it took some time to gain popularity. However, any vintage these things value a lot; the same goes for these cards. Besides, the value depends more on its condition. For example- If the vintage or antique cards are in all good condition with no discolouration, tears, or other damages, it costs more. However, age is another factor to be considered. In the year 2002, the oldest postcards were sold for $50,000 on London Stamp Exchange. Besides, the painting on the postcard was posted in the 1840s.

Why are postcards important?

These cards have their own essence in the hearts of many people. However, it is the true way to keep in touch with your loved ones who are far from another country or place. Besides, it was in fashion long before technology grabbed the spotlight. So, that time, it was the means of communication; still, now, there is no alternative to these cards. Besides, the love for pen and paper expressing own feelings in words can never be fulfilled through the internet or e-cards. And nothing can match the fun of getting replies or postcards from family or friends. So, if you wish to buy one for your loved ones, then you can choose to buy from these favourite brands. And they are Postcard Fair, Avery, Chronicle Books, friendships, Best Paper Greetings, Patriot Web Design, and many more.

Where to buy postcards online in UAE?

Postcards might be an old fashion way to communicate with family or friends. But it leaves more impression of the receiver who receives these cards. However, if those personal touches pour through writings, then you should definitely buy one! There are many options for colour, design, style, and occasions. So, you need to choose a reliable shopping browser that allows you to scroll through the mind-blowing collection of these cards. Thus, select as your default shopping browser. It is the best Dubai search engine with 500+ brands & stores allied with it. Thus, you browse through the mind-blowing collection of products at an affordable price.