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Wouldn’t it be great if a person receives a greeting card from you and is able to tell it right away that it is you who sent it? Well, but that is not possible with generic, cookie-cutter cards that you will find in all stores. Instead, you can use blank cards to create your own greeting cards.

Most of you have sent an invitation card or a greeting card at some point. But these days, people don’t think highly of them. Because everybody is sending cards that look and feel the same, they have lost much of their meaning. But that doesn’t mean you should stop sending them anymore, or they are worthless. Instead, you can find some creative ways to make the cards you send stand out from the rest. Instead of getting a generic card, design something of your own and print them on blank cards. That way, you can make your own mark on the cards you send. This article will tell you everything you need to know about blank cards.

Everything you need to know about blank cards

There is no surprise in saying that every single product in the market comes with its variants. The quote is right even for blank cards. All you need to do is to explore the right place for such products. Because not all cards have the same size and form, you need a blank card that is perfect for your purpose. Different types of cards use different types of paper, as well. Here is a list of the four most common types of cards that you will find on the market. In this article, you will also find some really useful tips that you can follow while shopping for them.

Blank invitation cards

If you want to make only a handful of invitations, it will be more economical to buy blank invitation cards. If you know some basic designing techniques, you can create a format using your personal computer. You can use a LaserJet printer to then print out the invitation card. But even if you use these blank cards to take hard copies of the invitations from a professional printer, you will save some money. But that will be a lot of work for little worth. Blank cards are also a great option if you want to doodle the invitation with your own hands. But this will only work if it is fewer than half a dozen.

Blank Greeting cards

Most of the greeting cards you will find in the stores come with generic run of the mill wishes. People usually do not care to read what is inside those cards as they know you did not write them. This sometimes kills the purpose of exchanging greeting cards. Using your own words in the greeting cards is, therefore, the ideal way to go. For that, you can buy a blank greeting card. These cards will have printed graphics on the outside. But the inside will be blank and will not contain plastic films like regular cards. You can write on them using pens or sharpie markers.

Printable greeting cards

If you are a creative person, you might want to design a greeting card or an invitation card from scratch. A printable greeting card is unlike any other greeting card that you will find. In fact, you won’t even realise that they are greeting cards at first sight. While only one side of a blank greeting card is writable, a printable greeting card will have both sides that are suitable for printing or writing. Use photoshop or any other graphics software to create the design. It is better to make your design look different from regular greeting cards.

About printing on a blank card

For that, you have to have a design. While it is easy to download a generic design from the internet, it is better to make your own mark on it if you can. That will help you distinguish it from the rest of the cards. Otherwise, you will also find design templates that you can edit. Then comes the printing part. You can use a LaserJet printer to print on a blank invitation card. But the size of the card should come within the limits of the printer. It should not be too large or small. If you want to create a foldable greeting card, you should first align your design so that the right side will face outwards when you complete printing.

Tips on how to buy Blank Cards Online

Although a blank card might seem simple, there are a few things that you should look for when you are shopping for them. But nothing about blank cards is too complicated though. With a little care and looking for the right aspects, you can easily find a card that is perfect for your event. But in order to find the right type of card, you have to know what factors to consider in them. Here are a few tips for you to follow when you are shopping for them.

  • Choose the size of the card – Blank cards come in a range of sizes. There are large jumbo cards to tiny pocket-sized cards. Which one to select depends on the aesthetics you are going for. You can also choose one to depend on your design. If you need a lot of space to write your wishes, a large card would be a great choice.
  • Type of paper – The most prominent difference among blank cards is in the type of paper itself. The cost of the blank card depends a great deal on the paper quality. And depending on the paper you choose; the appeal of your card also changes. There are simple hard paper, blank cards, glossy paper, parchments, linen paper, etc.
  • Consider the printing method – You have to decide which printing method you will be using before you choose the paper. If you are planning to use your home printer, you will need a paper similar to, but not exactly, the regular paper.
  • Choose a blank card that is appropriate for the event – The paper of an invitation card should suit the tone and mood of the event as well. An invitation card to a funeral should not be too conspicuous as that is not the purpose of such an event.

Along with blank cards, you might also need envelopes, as well. But an envelope is not necessary to send an invitation card, though. You can send a small greeting card or a foldable card without an envelope. But that is not always recommended. But when you are buying envelopes, you should make sure that the blank cards and envelopes make a good combination. Finally, don’t forget to check out all the other amazing products from Gifts and Gadgets category.

Question & Answer

How to make customised blank cards?

One benefit of blank cars is that you can have complete control over their content and design. You don’t have to rely on a card printing company to prepare the design and content. This comes in handy if you want to print the name of the addressee on every card or if you are a business owner and want to print one business card for each of your employees. In that case, it becomes costly to purchase a printed card. On the other hand, you can customise your blank card using a downloadable template. On the other hand, you can also design completely new graphics for the card from scratch as well.

Are blank business cards cheap?

That depends on how many of them you want. In most cases, purchasing only a few printed business cards will cost you so much more per card than if you were buying them in bulk. The card suppliers will take larger cuts, the fewer you are buying. In that case, it will be cheaper for you to buy blank business cards and print them using a laser printer. This is also the case with invitation cards as well. So, whether or not the blank cards are cheaper depends on how you are going to use them or how many of them you want at a given time.

Are blank business cards recyclable?

Because most blank cards are just high-quality paper, they are recyclable. Recycling used things is one of humankind’s main priorities these days. By reducing wastage and minimising the exploitation of natural resources, we reduce the stress we put on nature itself. In order to recycle the old greeting cards or blank cards, you will have to take them to a local recycling station. But in some places that is even easier than that. Some cities have their own recycling centres and collection points all over the city. In that case, you only have to find a recyclables collection bin in your locality. Some blank cards that are made of plastic or linen are not recyclable, though.

Where to buy blank cards and envelopes online?

If you are looking to buy blank cards online in the UAE, look no further as you are in the right place. You will find anything from cheap blank thank you cards to the best blank business cards in Use the product search engine to look for the type of blank cards you want. You can compare the prices and features of the cards against each other to find the best one among them that will suit you.

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