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About Birthday cards

Sending birthday cards is an unmatched way to communicate your love and good wishes to people on their special day. They are known to carry a personal touch which makes them very special indeed. Prevalent across the world, birthday cards have acquired numerous forms since their inception. Come on, let us dive in deep!

Greeting cards date back to Chinese and Egyptian history when people send goodwill to close ones on their special days. It grew up in China as handwritten wishes, whereas in Egypt, as a papyrus roll. From New year’s and Easter to birthday greeting cards, the tradition slowly became prevalent in major parts of the world. In the early 15th century, European people adopted it as a popular way to celebrate occasions. It gradually took a form in which we see it today! Whether it’s your special one’s 1st or 100th birthday, birthday greeting cards do a whole lot. They give an easy vent to your emotions and let the people know how special their happiness is for you. Read on to explore their significance in detail.

Significance of sending creative birthday cards

Do you have a shoebox full of little cards and special notes from some childhood friends that school love or maybe your big loving sister? Well, we all have that kind of storage that we run across sometimes and read those old things. That’s the beauty of greeting cards!! They stay with us forever. Reading a card is almost equal to listening to the person who gave it to you. It has a unique emotional place in our hearts that any other gift hardly has. So, let us know the reasons why the world is keeping the tradition alive.

Send life-long wishes with birthday cards and gifts.

Your birthday marks the time, date and month on which you came into this world. It comes once a year, and that increases its significance even more. People celebrate it with friends and family and collect a lot of life-long and lovely wishes. With the help of greetings cards, we get a space where we are free to pour out what we wish for that special person. Although, no matter how much we feel for them, we often go blank when writing them the same. So, most greetings come with pre-written live-long, get successful, be happy, keep smiling, and wish that you can extend for a personalized feel. Birthday greeting cards are often accompanied by gifts such as bouquets, gadgets, home décor stuff, picture frames, and unique and useful things.

Birthday card for friends to keep in contact

Sending a birthday card is a way to keep in contact. It nurtures the bond among you and your loving friends. It is natural that as we grow up, we move apart. Some friends go to different cities; others even across the continents. But, when you send birthday greeting cards full of messages and wishes to your friends, it makes them feel that you still remember them. You can even use some childhood pictures to add a cherry to the cake. No matter where we are, keeping in touch is essential, and birthday greeting cards offer an excellent way.

Handmade birthday cards that stay with them forever

A handmade card is one of the most precious gifts you can give to your special ones. They are lovely to receive and be in the life-long repositories. It is a sentimental gift that can be looked back on many more years to come. Touching and reading those special cards make people remember you and the love you have put in to make that card. You can always cherish them even when the special ones are no more part of your life or have passed away.

Tips on how to buy Birthday Cards in Dubai

Birthday greetings are the carrier of our love, care and concern towards our special ones. Well, if they carry so much value, why not hand-pick them with our eyes and hearts wide open. Unfortunately, it is not going to be a cakewalk. You will always find something better than others. So, in this situation of overwhelmingness, we bring you a set of guiding tips that would help you buy birthday cards online in the UAE.

  • Customization – If you are looking for a general mainstream greeting card, you can find millions and trillions of copies in the market. It would not do much but add to the pile of useless things at the recipient’s home. Personalized cards, by contrast, contain stuff personal to you and your relationship. So, look for a store that offers you a way to customize the cards as per your requirements.
  • Handcrafted – Handcrafted birthday greetings keep more importance than general cards. They are handmade using arts like quilting, calligraphy and more crafts. The natural look of such cards adds up an incredible value to your present.
  • Brand – If you know the art of card selection but do not have enough time for it, you can leave it to amazing artists working with popular card making brands day and night. Their work is beyond perfect and easy to rely on. Best Paper Greetings, Hallmark, Note Card Café, Dayspring, CroninCards, and CURRENT are some of the most popular brands in the industry for card making.
  • Add-ons – If you purchase your cards online, they may come with beautiful add-ons like a flower bouquet, small gifts and more. So, if you are conscious of sending alone cards, you can go for a combo like that.

Now that you have collected information about birthday cards, you must want to go for one. Well, you can do it right here. On our retail search engine, we boast a vast collection of birthday cards offered by popular industry brands. You can effortlessly browse the collection, narrow down your selections with filters, and choose the best. So, go ahead and grab the best cards and gifts & gadgets while stock lasts.

Question & Answer

Where to buy birthday cards online?

You can find a birthday greeting card at any online card store or gift shop. Choose the one that offers a wide range of options to choose from. One such store is You can get access to numerous options ranging from general to picture-based, personalized and handcrafted styles. We boast designs offered by popular brands in the industry. So, log on and enjoy shopping. You can also sort products. That will help you quicken your shopping.

Are birthday cards recyclable?

The good part about greetings cards is that most are 100% recyclable except for those modern styles with music, charms and stuff. Most recycling centres accept cards made up of paper, be it heavy cardstock or some shiny paper. However, you might have to remove the additional items from it before putting them into the bin. Some of the cards are close to our hearts and do not even need recycling, while others are “just because” cards. So, while getting one, think about its reuse and recycling. You can avoid plastic, tassels, music system etc., for that matter.

Which birthday cards to buy for kids?

While buying birthday greeting cards for kids, they prefer bright colours, cute graphics, their favourite cartoons, and kid-friendly papers. You can avoid shiny stuff, tassels, charms and any such additional thing that bothers your kid anyway. The construction of the card is an important consideration here. The cards should not have sharp edges or corners that can harm little hands. Moreover, the material should not be easy to tear or toxic in any way.

Are birthday cards cheap?

Birthday greeting cards may range from few dollars like $10 to several hundred dollars and even more depending upon their material, construction and content. However, paper cards are usually cheap birthday cards. Some cards have amazing paintings, textures, and decoration on them that adds to the price. Moreover, the best handmade birthday cards can be pricey as some fantastic designers and artists put so much effort into their creations.

We hope that the above content steers you towards the right selection of cards. Birthday greeting cards ought to be unique and special. So, if you are having a tough time finding a good collection, log on to You will find a range of birthday greeting cards on our product search engine ranging from general paper cards to handcrafted, personalized, and full decorated luxurious styles. Come to us to access a wide range offered by over 500 trusted online stores. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and find fantastic birthday cards for sale here.