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About Christmas Cards

Nothing says holidays like some Christmas cardsFestivals just come once a year, but most of them have a way of tugging at our heartstrings with such beautiful memories. No wonder we keep waiting for your favourite festivals and holidays all year long. 

Holidays are a great thing to look forward to, and you always want to do something to make it enjoyable. You also get to experience more things, eat food that you don‘t generally and end up having a pretty good time. It also means you get to see family and friends that you don‘t for most of the year. Holidays are an excellent time for everybody to come together and spend time. Some families also plan something special to do on their holidays. They either take a vacation or try out something new at home and more. The important thing is to be grateful for everything. Each moment spent with your family is unique, even if you don‘t see it at that time. Over the years, these memories will mean a whole lot and will make you smile.

Different types of best and cheap Christmas cards  

A favourite for many families is Christmas. This unique holiday is at the end of the year, and it calls for a break from work and school for everybody. It is, therefore, the perfect time to book those flight tickets and meet your friends or family or get ready to welcome some. Christmas gifts are significant during this holiday, and people love the idea of exchanging them. Kids especially love to receive gifts, and families always take note of this weeks in advance and start looking at the perfect gift for their kids, families and friends. Among them, Christmas cards are also trendy. You can present one by itself or add it to a gift of your choice. There are so many beautiful options available by excellent brands to consider today. 

Unique Christmas cards  

With the large number of brands that have come forward to create unique Christmas greetings, special cards are not difficult to find. They make for the best finds for kids who wouldn‘t be excited to receive regular cards. These cards could be animated or have some form of illusion or their favourite cartoon characters too. There are different from the regular ones, and some might also say that these cards aren‘t traditional. However, that does not matter as long as they make the receiver happy. You can also give these to friends and family if you happen to come across something they love. In the end, it‘s all about putting a smile on their face. 

Religious Christmas cards  

For many people, Christmas also has a lot of sentimental and religious importance. Therefore, religious Christmas greetings are very crucial. You can easily find many options for these, too – check for those that portray the message and the story of Jesus‘ birth. It is easy to look for them online, as many greeting card brands have taken their business online. It is therefore so easy to browse and check for all the different variants. This is easier than stepping inside a store and spending hours going through their collection. Online shopping also means you can add filters and get precisely what you‘re looking for. 

Boxed Christmas cards  

Boxed cards generally come in a more extensive selection of the same type of cards. You can use them to send to friends or family. Many people use them because they are a more accessible option than selecting a particular and different card for each person, which could get very time-consuming. These bigger seats are versatile, and most of them are blank inside, with Christmas messages on the front. Make sure you check for different variants that are similar in some form. This way, your cards are not repetitive, and yet it‘s easy to give. Boxed cards are also for other holidays such as Halloween, New Year‘s and many more. You can also design a set of your boxed cards at home. 

Personalised Christmas cards 

Who doesn‘t love personalised cards? If you are someone who loves the holiday season, there couldn‘t be a better way than this. You can organise a shoot and capture a stunning family picture or paint something or hand-write some messages. It’s all on you how you want to go about with it. You can even go for ready cards for a more straightforward option and then add a regular picture in the envelope or the inside, so you don‘t have to worry about printing and other things. This method still makes it personalised without all the added trouble. Ensure you also inside the kids or the pets in the process and the picture to make them stand out.

Tips on how to buy Christmas Cards online in UAE

It is not difficult to buy Christmas cards; however, there is a challenge if you have been doing it for very long. Sometimes, the natural selection of cards doesn‘t do it for you. You also lack ideas, time, or budget to put into personalised cards and don‘t want to head that road. At the same time, not sending out holiday greetings is also not something you want to do. At times like these, these tips are great to select some cards.

  • Browse online for some ideas – Online websites and search engines are perhaps the best way to get inspired. You can do your research and check for the latest designs and then do it your way. You can even try on something that you haven‘t.
  • Set a budget – Even something as simple as making handmade greetings can come at a cost, depending on the materials you want for it. Arranging photoshoots and getting matching clothing can also be a cost. So, keep all this in mind before you start.
  • Involve your kids as much as possible – Kids love the holiday season, and there is nothing better than making them a part of it. You can do so much, and it also helps to try out their ideas and see how it works out.
  • Check with your local artists – Instead of choosing large brands to print or put together the Christmas cards for you, why not support small businesses? They will also be more committed and lend a personal touch instead of something large-scale and commercialised.
    Start looking for ideas well before the day – Don‘t wait until the mid of December to start putting out ideas. Get started on it with a good number of days in the middle, so you can get everything, don‘t without stressing yourself out.
  • Add your own unique/creative touch – Don‘t forget to design the cards without adding a fun side to make them seem homemade and personal. Your friends and family will appreciate the little gesture, and it will brighten up the holidays season.

In the end, it‘s important to remember that a Christmas greeting should be all about having fun and making someone happy. So, if this means you need to put in some more effort or do something that will take more time than usual, perhaps you should. With such gorgeous festivals that come only once a year, it’s only fit that you make the best for it. Along with your Christmas cards, you could also include small gifts such as homemade cookies or wine.

Question & Answer

What are the best Christmas gifts to add to your cards?

To make all those beautiful Christmas greetings stand out, a sure shot way is to include a lovely gift along with it. These super gifts are just what you need to put a smile on someone‘s face. They are great for exchanging too if that is something you look forward to doing with your friends and family. Some of the best ones are – AHA Style AirPods Protective Case, Fisher-Price Charcuterie for Two, Northwind Supple Embossed Leather Keychain, Sock Fancy Monthly Sock Subscription, Satechi Smartphone Charging Stand, Lux Reads Blank Comic Book: Draw Your Own, Tony Moly Mini House of Masks, Stars by Nature Star Wars Patent Poster Prints, Hearst Magazines Good Housekeeping Annual Subscription, Uncommon Goods 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster, Family Names Throw Pillow Cover, My Friday Small Leather Crossbody, Smoko Dumpling Light, Soundbot Wireless Bluetooth Hat and Kitsch Velvet Scrunchies.

How can you make DIY and cheap Christmas cards?

Sometimes we just don‘t have the budget to buy Christmas cards and gifts for everybody. Or you feel that money could be put to something better. Either way, you don‘t have to have a big budget to make the holiday season a good one. DIY cards are fun and will also keep your kids busy for so long. You can use some quality chart paper or even handmade paper. Cut out rectangular cards or even smaller ones, depending on what you like. Next, use some family Christmas pictures or some cutouts with prints and paste them on the surface; use glitter pens or bold markers to write beautiful Christmas messages. You can add some words inside and sign it off too. Wither send these with some homemade Christmas goodies or by themselves.

Are Christmas greeting cards recyclable?

Yes, if you receive a lot of cards, then you can put them to good use instead of throwing them after the holiday gets over. Cut out the significant characters and use the cutouts to re-do an old cabinet or nightstand. This will give a nice festive touch the whole year-round. You can also hand the cards as they are near your bed. You can easily make a lot of incredible crafts and arts along with some supplies from your local art store. If you love scrapbooks, cut out the pictures and the lovely messages and pile them together. You can do this each year, and you will have an excellent book of some of the best holiday stuff. You can also choose to frame the nicer ones, use them as gift tags or make placemats out of them.

Where can you buy Christmas cards online in the UAE?

There are some online stores where you can get your hands-on greeting cards. Stationery shops and art houses will quickly give you access to all the raw material you want if you wish to make your cards by yourself. Check out some local studios for a picture session instead of having a photographer come home, which will cost you more. You can check out, a stunning product search engine. This one has more than 500+ online stores, making it one is the best in the UAE right now. You can also find other gifts & gadgets right here.

Brands such as Hallmark, Best Paper Greetings, Sustainable Greetings, NobleWorks, Vermont Christmas Company and Canopy Street have a fantastic selection of cards. If you would like to explore the best options, stay right here on On our retail search engine, you can also compare prices to find pocket-friendly deals. Also, you can filter products as per your preferences. So, go ahead and start exploring!