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About Funeral Cards

It is when someone leaves this world when the people around that person realises how much he or she mattered for them. At that time, finding the right words to express how you are feeling is nothing short of difficult. But funeral cards can ease your frustration to an extent.

Knowing how people valued the deceased person will help the close family members to ease their pain of loss. But you need the right words to express that. Sometimes it happens that it is even hard for you to speak at those moments. In those cases, passing funeral cards can be really helpful. These cards will let you express yourself better using fewer words. But for that, you need the right card and the right words to use. Therefore, not only should you know how to choose a good funeral card, but you should also be aware of how to write a good message on the card. This guide will tell you all about funeral cards and funeral messages.

Everything you need to know about funeral cards

Even though all the cards related to a funeral are called funeral cards, there are a few variations of it with subtle differences. It is important to know about them so you don’t get confused while buying the right product. The message you want to write and the card must resonate with each other. Thus, before you go shopping for these cards, it is always a good idea to know what types of cards are available on the market. In this article, you will also find some really useful tips that are useful while shopping for cards.

Obituary cards

If you want to tell everyone how important a person was for you, you can use an obituary card. That way, you can participate with the loved ones of the bereaved in their sorrow and ease the pain of their loss. If you want to use your own words instead of a generic run of the mill obituary funeral card, try designing a custom obituary card. You will find a lot of sellers online offering customised obituary cards. These cards can feature poems, prayers or just some simple text about how that person had been important in your life.

Funeral bereavement cards

The easiest way to offer condolence to the family of the deceased is to use a funeral bereavement card. Instead of writing generic condolences, writing in your own words and personalising it will make it more impactful. Because a lot of people will be sending funeral cards with the same message, writing a personal message will help you display that you genuinely cared for that person. But you can also use your own words in conjunction with general addressing and signing. You can start off with a message like ‘I am sorry for your loss or anything similar.

Funeral prayer cards

Funeral prayer cards are simple and have the same size as a playing card. People use these to pay tribute to the deceased person. Sometimes these cards are also called memorial cards, or simply prayer cards. But regardless of their names, people keep it as a token from the attendees of a funeral. Some people keep the cards they received in a funeral with the belongings of the deceased person. People use many ways to pay tribute to a deceased person using prayer cards. It can be poems, prayers, or just some spiritual messages.

Custom remembrance cards

What most people do is to get off the shelf for a funeral. But when everybody does that, all the cards that a family will receive end up looking the same. While this is not essentially bad, you can make your card stand out to show how much the deceased person mattered to you. Either you can purchase a custom remembrance card or download a memorial card template that is unique and edit it to your liking. You can then print it on a blank memorial card using your home printer. This will only take a few minutes or an hour’s work at most.

Tips on how to buy Funeral Cards Online

Choosing a funeral card can sometimes feel like a tough job if you want to let the bereaved know how close you were to the deceased person. But selecting the right funeral card and adding the right message is not that difficult if you know what to look for in them. Here are a few tips that you can follow when you are looking for them.

  • Choose the right size – There isn’t a lot of variety in the sizes of funeral cards. But depending on the design, you will still find some variations in the sizes. The standard size of a traditional funeral card is 15×10 centimetres. But cards with modern aspect ratios come with a size of 6.5 x 12 centimetres.
  • Choose the design – The design and the picture on a funeral car can convey how you feel for the bereaved family. People mostly use pictures of flowers and floral bouquets on these cards to show their condolence. But that is the traditional way. There are also modern designs with abstract art.
  • Selecting your message – The most important aspect of a funeral card is the message in it. The best thing to do is to write a message using your own words, even if that is a simple message. Try to make the message unique by adding a personal touch to it. This will provide some relief from all the other cards that follow the same template.
  • Get an envelope – You can also add an envelope to it. Although it is not necessary to keep a funeral card inside an envelope, they are better if you are not carrying the card to the funeral yourself. Using an envelope will also help you avoid other people reading your message.

Funeral cards are a sign of respect and love. You can send one to the bereaved even if you won’t be attending the funeral event yourself. Because the purpose of the funereal cards is to offer comfort and reduce the grieving of the close family of the deceased, you can even send cards even when the funeral is over. You can find all kinds of gift cards using our shopping search engine. It will let you compare the prices and features of different products and pick the best ones among them. Also, don’t forget to check out other amazing products from the Gifts and Gadgets category.

Question & Answer

What are funeral invitation cards?

It has been the tradition for the people close to the deceased to attend the funeral procession and burying of a deceased person. It is a sign of respect and love for the deceased. A funeral invitation is to let those people who want to attend the funeral know when and where that event is going to be held. Even though these days a simple message will do the job of informing, a funeral invitation card means keeping the traditions alive. You can find plenty of funeral ceremony invitations online to download free of charge.

What should you write on a funeral card?

You can use the funeral cards to express your love and caring for the deceased. It is better to write short and simple sentences. If you are going for generic messages, write something like, ‘forever in my thoughts’, or ‘with love and kind memories’, ‘Until we meet again’, etc. Writing something from your own words is also a good idea. Anyway, there won’t be enough space on a funeral card for you to write a really long message. But you can try to utilise the given space to write something personal about the deceased that gives you fond memories.

How much do funeral cards cost?

The price of funeral cards depends on the quality of the cards and how many of them you buy at a time. Most shops insist that you buy at least fifty cards. It will cost you around four or five AED for each one of them. But the cost will decrease as you increase the number of cards you buy. Usually, the price of the individual cards follows a step type graph. You will find cards that are cheaper than this as well, which are of poor-quality paper. Custom funeral cards on high-quality paper will cost you much more than that. One way to keep the cost lower is to buy blank printable cards.

Where to buy funeral cards online?

If you are looking to buy funeral bereavement cards online in the UAE, look no further as you are in the right place. You will find anything from cheap funeral remembrance cards to the best prayer cards on Use the shopping search engine to look for the kind of funeral cards you want. You can compare the prices of them against each other and find out the one that would fit your requirements.

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