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About Telephone

We have been using a telephone ever since we were kids. The device has transformed so much over the years. Previously the design used to have rotary dials, and now we have punch dials. We now also have Bluetooth and wireless phones.

The telephone is one of the most notable mediums of electronic communication even today. With friends and family settled all over the world, it’s a genuinely terrific way of staying connected. The feelings that accompany the conversations that you have with a loved one is indescribable. Furthermore, it was the humble telephone that is responsible for getting us to the cell phone or mobile phone that we use so fondly even today. These are gadgets that are impossible to ignore for even a few hours, and we have them just everywhere we go. Ensuring the safety of our near and dear ones, tracking someone’s whereabouts, SMS’s and video calls are only some of the pros that come with a phone. Since this gadget is so common, you can easily find a lot of cheap telephone options everywhere in the world today. 

Different types of telephones that you can grab today 

Since our lives depend on technology so much, it is difficult to imagine even a single day without accessing one. However, entertainment is only one part of it. We are also solely dependent on it for emergencies and to keep track of people’s whereabouts. Today, we’re not just limited to the good old telephone, but a lot of other gadgets that work on a similar principle. These make the phone a one-stop device for various needs like checking the date and time, GPS navigation, voice-activated calling, speed dialling, and so much more. With all these additions, you can easily let go of the other devices that you need to use. The best part is that you don’t need to shell out a bomb for them. With multiple brands and options, telephones are very pocket-friendly. 

The good old telephone  

Someone who doesn’t like too much modernisation can choose to go the right old way when it comes to a phone. Buying a telephone can be difficult with so many modern gadgets taken over. You can find them in the vintage category since brands have stopped manufacturing them. Whether it is for practical use or as a showpiece in your home, feel free to use it any way you want. It will anyways add to the house décor. It’s perfect for a vintage touch. Although it doesn’t come with other utilities, you can always own a cell phone for those. If shelling out big bucks to get the original ones isn’t your target, you could always reach out to some relatives to check if they have their old telephone. 

The portable telephone  

The accessible portable telephone is something that everybody owns. Some may also call it a landline. These are common in a lot of households today. The best part is that they don’t have a cord. So, you can keep it anywhere and use it everywhere in the house too. Most of them have rechargeable batteries that you can charge at the end of the day or when they run out. This is one of the most convenient and popular options when it comes to a telephone. This variation is also cheaper since it’s so familiar, and brands have small additions to make it better. If you’re on the lookout for an excellent cheap telephone, then going for this one could be an ideal option. Out of all the different types of telephones, the portable telephone is one that is most practical and durable. 

The telephone with caller ID 

The factor of having a caller ID in your telephone makes it so much more like a mobile phone. With this, you also have the option of setting up an address book. Be it the missed calls, dialled or received numbers, you can access all this information when it comes to a telephone with a caller ID. Since it’s an upscale model of the basic phone, it can be a little pricey but is hugely beneficial in the long run. You don’t need to remember phone numbers or miss a call, as you can always call them back. A lot of them also have the option of message recorders that callers can use. This way, if you’re unavailable at the time, they can record a message as to why they called that you could play later. 

The digital telephone system 

Perfect for corporate use, digital telephones have everything you would need in a phone. This one comes with a Local Area Network or LAN that has an IP address. You can easily find them at office receptions. With multiple extensions, you can easily pass the caller to the correct line. One can also do a three or more-person conference call by using a digital phone. Recording, setting a message and playing back recorded messages are a few of its multiple features. The latest ones today may have Bluetooth connectivity and Voice Over Internet Protocol, commonly known as VoIP. There are several excellent uses of this telephone that can be set up as per your requirement. If you work from home too, this can be the perfect one-stop telephone for your needs. 

Tips on how to buy Telephones

Buying a telephone isn’t a big decision. Since each one of us owns at least one today, we’re well-aware of its features. However, sometimes, you can underestimate what a good telephone can do. Plus, the market today is full of so many different types of phones that it can be challenging to pick the right one. The best way out? Understand what each one does. Learn and research about telephones before buying one. These quick tips will make your decision easier.

  • Understand your requirements – For every individual, their reason for buying a telephone is different. It is the first step that you need to consider while buying one. Keeping these factors in mind, begin your hunt.
  • Browse the features – You can easily find some of the best telephones with remarkable features offered by most brands today. However, it all comes down to which of those will you be using. Don’t get carried away and stick to your needs.
  • Buy from a reliable brand – Nothing beats a good brand that will offer you a gadget that you’ll be able to use through the years. Buying a cheap one and then having to purchase it several times is more costly. So, always go for quality products.
  • Check out its reviews – Read up online and connect with old buyers to understand how their device is still functioning. Check if the company is helpful in resolving concerns and providing excellent after-sales service.
  • Personal or professional – Is the telephone for home use? Or for the office? Selecting the right one as per your needs is an essential factor. You don’t want to end up with something that doesn’t cater to your needs or one that has too many frills that you don’t require.
  • Check the warranty/guarantee – With electronics, there are high chances of technical errors that you cannot fix at home. So, a warranty or guarantee from the brand can save you a lot over the years.

Another good tip is to always consult with someone you know. While reviews are great, sometimes you cannot trust them fully. If you have someone who is a techie or works in a company that is associated with telephones, do a double-check. They’re the best person to advise you on what to get and what will help you get the best value for money. Make sure you pay attention to the uses of the telephone before making your final decision.

Question & Answer

What is the importance of a telephone at home?

Having a telephone at home has several advantages. Your friends and family can connect with you whenever you are at home, and it’s a good stand-by for when you run out of your cell phone battery or if there’s an issue with it. While most professionals insist on the phone at home, those who are not entrepreneurs or business owners don’t go for it. Having kids or family at home is another reason why a home telephone is much needed. Today, a lot of companies offer free landline-to-landline calling too.

Is it okay to invest in a cheap telephone?

The market today is flooded with second-hand options of telephones. You can sometimes find brand new opportunities too. This is mainly because when you move, taking your phone with you is the last thing on a person’s mind. Thus, selling it off is a better thing to do. Since telephones are cheap, you should always go for a new one. But if you want to try it out and don’t want to put in the money, a re-used one is not a wrong choice either.

Where can you buy a telephone online in the UAE?

Several amazing brands in the UAE have some fantastic telephones as part of their offerings. Shopping online is the best thing you can do. Here, you can quickly check the features, read reviews and also get some pretty sweet deals. You can use, our stellar product search engine to get the best deals from across 500+ online stores. You can also find some fantastic choices by brands like Panasonic, Avaya, Bsnl, Gigaset, Beetel, Motorola, Alcatel and Nortel today.

Which are the best cordless telephones today?

A cordless telephone is undoubtedly the most popular and practical type. Even if it’s your first telephone, you can quickly go for a cordless one because using it is so easy. Make sure you check out the features when you decide on one. AT&T CRL82312, VTech DS6671-3, Gigaset cordless phone system S82OA-DUO, Panasonic KX-TG9541B cordless phone, IDECT Eclipse Plus and BT 8610 are some excellent models by reputed brands.

Along with a phone, you can also check to see if you require any other counterparts. Answering Machines, Baby Monitors, Fax, Home Telephones, Mobile Phones, Personal Digital Assistant (PDAs), Radiotelephones are some gadgets that you can check out alongside.