About Fax

The word fax is a short term for facsimile. This device is used for telecopying or telefax services. It facilitates the telephonic transmission of scanned and printed materials, which may include text or images. This machine is normally connected to a telephone number, which is linked with the printer or other output devices. So, how does it work? A fax machine scans a document and processes the content as a single fixed graphic image, which is converted into a bitmap. This bitmap is then transmitted via the telephone system in the form of an audio-frequency tone. The receiving machine, on the other hand, interprets the tones and reconstructs the image before printing it on paper.

The early fax machines used direct conversions of image darkness to audio tone in an analogue manner. However, since the 1980s, most machines have been designed to modulate the transmitted audio frequencies using a digital representation of the page. This page was compressed to transmit areas that are all white or black. The machines of today are less frequently standalone devices. Modern versions are multi-functional units that come with features like copying, scanning, or printing. However, all functions happen through the server or online fax services. Today, we will discover the common features and uses of different types of machines available in the market.

Different types and features of plain paper fax machines

Countless types of machines are available to choose from today. But virtually, all are plain paper faxes that deliver a final product much like a printed page. This is the complete opposite of when machines used special thermal paper rolls that were inconvenient, expensive, and didn’t guarantee the delivery of good reading documents. Plain paper fax uses standard copier paper supported by the inking process. Most machines today have built-in voice mail and an advanced handset feature. They can differentiate between incoming human calls, modem calls, and automatically answer faxed calls. Below are some common configurated features of these devices that can help in different ways.

Basic features of a plain paper fax machine

This type of machine generally has special dial functions. Some machines only hold a few numbers, while others store hundreds of them. A large speed dial capacity will be important only if you send messages to different people. Some machines also have junk blocking features. Other common features that you may find in facsimile machines today include auto-detect and blocking unwanted calls; built-in memory to store data; printing multiple copies, and delay printing if the machine runs out of ink. Plus, you can scan documents and send them later and print from 25 to 500 pages in one run. Some models also offer colour printing and are best for artwork printing, including brochures and photographs.

Wireless fax machines

The world has moved far from the boundaries of time, space, and wires. In the same way, facsimile machines now come with a wireless or cellular connection. This implies they can be connected to a mobile phone or any remote connection like the tablet. Sometimes, they are also called “GSM machines” and “CDMA machines”. They also vary according to the type of network of operations (CDMA or GSM). These types of machines have a separate number and cellular account that operates over the cellular connection for sending and receiving faxes. Hence, they are considered valuable when it comes to data transmission and document reproduction.

Portable fax machines

Despite the incredible impact of the internet, facsimile machines are still essential equipment in any office, hospital, or big corporate setting. They are still considered convenient when it comes to data transmission. Portable multifunctional peripheral devices have faxes integrated into them. Thus, they are an ideal choice for businessmen. These machines are a lifesaver in fields like finance and medicine. A high-quality portable fax machine helps you save time on scanning and all the other download-scan-transfer-it-and-send-it processes.

Commercial fax machines

These are the advanced types. They are different from traditional copiers. That’s because advanced digital facsimile machines come with amazing combinations of applications that make them a one-stop solution for all your business, document transfer, and printing needs. Another reason why a commercial machine is famous is the security benefits it offers. A facsimile machine is still believed to be the most secure form of file transfer in the world. The travels over a PSTN that is more secure than many current digital methods. Hence, faxing is one of the most reliable and encrypted business document transfer systems.

Tips on how to buy Fax Machines in Dubai

The world is changing rapidly. Studies show that machines are one of the fast-changing electronics in today’s market. That’s also the reason why machine prices vary from one model to another. Likewise, the features and quality differ from one brand to another. Whatever your purpose for ordering machines online, the choices will make you feel dizzy. We have compiled below some tips to help you buy a machine online with ease.

  • The features – Obviously, accepting and sending fax archives is the core function of a facsimile machine. Yet, you need to pick one that offers exceptional features. Quick sharing, emails, scanning, and sender ID features are amongst the things to consider in your next business facsimile machine.
  • The speed – Nothing can be more irritating than slow internet. And you can have the same experience when using a slow facsimile machine. In a business setting, time is of the essence. Thus, the speed of the machine holds a solid value. It helps you save your precious time and energy for other tasks.
  • The cost – This is an important factor when it comes to investing in a facsimile machine. There are quite a few aspects you need to consider. These include one-time costs, underlying expenses, and running experiences. Here, the buying cost varies according to the quality, model, assembling organisation, and speed of the machine.
  • The spare parts – Aside from extra functions like printing, copying, and scanning, you should also consider the mechanics. You might need to change the parts of the machine to ensure its proper functioning. An advanced mode gives easy access to its spare parts to help you in case of an emergency.

Above all, it is important to know what extra functions and features you need the most. The say facsimile machines today come with additional functions like printing, calling, emailing documents, and scanning. These features can blur the distinctions between an all-in-one printer and a fax machine. Some desirable fax-centric elements include auto redial, caller ID, speed dial, auto-switching to telephone, and more. These enable you to use the facsimile machine and the phone on the same line. Thus, you can save a lot of operational and utility costs. Explore today to find the best machines!

Question & Answer

How is the facsimile machine used?

The sending part of a machine is more like a computer scanner. It comes with a CCD that scans the document, one line at a time. It scans only in black and white. Then, these black and white lines are transmitted in a special kind of electric pulse down the phone line. The phone line then transmits this information instantly to facsimile machines at the receiver’s end. It receives the electric pulses and uses them for controlling the printer. If the receiver hears a “black”, it draws a small black dot on the paper. When it hears a “white”, it slightly moves along, leaving white space on the page.

Can a fax machine be wireless?

Just like everything else, facsimile machines have also become wireless and portable today. Wireless machines are easier to install and enable you to fax seamlessly. What’s more, they can easily be detected and accessed by the computer. However, you need to keep the machine close to the router so that it can enjoy a strong wireless connection and receive the data you wish to send. Some of the best wireless machines that you can consider include HP Officejet 5255, Brother MFC-J775DW Compact All-In-One, and Canon Image Class MF424DW.

Where to buy a fax machine?

Here on, we offer exclusive access to more than 500 top global brands offering a variety of machines for sale. These include Panasonic, HP, GFI, Canon, Samsung, Epson, and Ricoh. You can also find here the bestselling business quality facsimile machines for both personal and corporate use. Plus, you have the convenience of comparing the price of products and buying what suits your budget and needs.

Which is the best fax machine?

Most of the corporate settings today prefer multi-purpose facsimile machines. Creations of top brands are highly appreciated for their various combinations like calling, emailing, printing, and scanning. One of the current bestselling items is Group MF416dw Monochrome Printer Image-class Wireless Printer. It comes with a copier, scanner, and fax in the same machine. Other bestselling items are Canon PIXMA TR7520 All-In-One Printer and Canon Business and Office MB2720 All-in-One.

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