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Do you know that CIA World Fact Book reports that there are an estimated 1.263 billion operational home telephones worldwide? Plus, China has 350 million lines which are more than any other country in the world. And America stands second with 268 million.

A landline telephone is generally known as the mainline, home telephone, fixed-line, or wireline. This is a metal wire, and optical fibre made the land connection for audible transmission of information. A wire is exactly what differentiates them from a mobile cellular line that uses radio waves for transmission. Even though initially, these telephones witnessed a boom. It is since 2013 that the landline subscribers decreased due to upgrades in digital and cellular technology. However, still, the landlines hold value in many social settings. Specifically, in the corporate arenas, and homes landlines are important. Today we will review some common types of landline phones that exist in the market even today.

Different types of home telephones handset

Since its invention in 1875, telephones have become an important part of people’s lives. But the idea has changed much over the decades. Initially very little was changed until the 1960s. later, the rotary dial got replaced by push buttons, the wires became fine and much more. Until the 1980s, most phones were made hardwired, with very few colours and a push button or rotary dial display. But today, the choices in telephone technology have grown enormously. Now you can find headsets free of wires, wall-mounted phones and cordless that you can use without sticking to one corner of your home. Let’s explore some commonly available types of landline telephones for sale.

The wired landline phone

For many years, rotary dial telephones were the only choice. However, the land-line phones improved much, and now it is available with advanced features like memory dialling. Common features of these phones include; memory dialling, speakerphones, and internal answering devices. These features make them more useful and convenient. Hence, making it superior to the rotary-dial ancestors. The speakerphone offers a bit of mobility. The Wire based structure makes them a preferable and reliable choice over cordless, especially during power shortages. This is the reason why wired landline telephones are still a preferable option for corporate settings to enjoy smooth and uninterrupted communication.

The cordless phones with answering machine

The very first cordless phone depended on frequency ranges. In the 1990s, the security authorities granted them a greater spectrum of frequency ranges. Today these types of telephones are ideal for bargaining the affordability of landlines while offering the flexibility of a cell phone. These phones are ideal for enjoying mobility and freedom. You can take them outside while users work in the yard or simply keep an eye on children playing while they play, and you call. Hence, these phones make it easier for you to take every important call without skipping or delaying daily chores. Many cordless now offers auto-answer and call recording services just in case you are not at home at all.

The wall-mounted telephone

With few exceptions, most cordless landline telephone handset has some kind of wall mounting feature. It is especially common in sets that offer auto answering, speakerphone and call recording facilities. The wall mounting helps to keep the phone away from the reach of kids. This is a convenient solution to secure your telephone while saving space in your small apartments. It also keeps the phone in one place thus protects from any kind of damage. Apart from cordless technology this feature also comes in wired wall mounted telephones for homes or offices. It helps to make most of any size room by keeping the phone device off valuable space on the desk.

The modern cell revolution

Today more than 80 per cent of the world population owns cell phones. Despite many issues, in the beginning, technology has now become mandatory for every person. The history of telephone recorded times when many authorities withheld offering substantial-frequency spectra. But then came times when the cell phone burst on the scene and soon became an ultimate necessity. The invention of entirely portable cellular communication devices led to innovation that can never go back. These devices now offer wireless and open bandwidth to communicate using radio frequencies. It works more like a cordless telephone but with endless frequencies and remote access.

Tips on how to buy Home Telephone in Dubai

The trend of landline telephones has plummeted in recent years. Cell phone technology is the sole responsible for this decline. Despite the convenience of a cell phone, a landline (as a communication device) still holds a position. Especially in the times when there are disturbing frequencies due to weather conditions, lack of power to charge your battery, loss or theft of cell phone, or a secondary mean to communicate, a landline is the boss. However, there are many features that one may need to consider when it comes to choosing a new home phone. Here we will speak of these important features that you might need to have in your purchased device.

  • The answering machine – Most modern models come with this feature, but you need to decide what type of answering machine will be best for you. Commonly, these machines offer almost 20 minutes of recording time, but there do exist some exceptions as well.
  • Display and caller ID – Almost all modern landline home telephones for sale have a caller ID. It helps to save names, numbers and calling history on that specific number. Look for the device that comes with an option to show/hide numbers and block calls from specific numbers etc.
  • The mobility and freedom – Yes, we are talking about the cordless feature of the home phone. This facility is served by the built-in speaker that lets the user listen and speak without holding the phone to ear — hence allowing you to deal with other tasks during a call.
  • Talk-time – If you head to buy a cordless house phone, talk time is of core importance. Always check how much time the handset can stay alive without needing to recharge the batteries. If you use the phone a lot, you will need more talk time and battery life.
  • The number and name memory – It allows the user to store names and numbers in the phone memory Hence you can find who is calling you by looking at the names that appear on the LED screen of the home telephone — people of old ages like this feature the most.

Remember, no matter how advanced we go in cellular technologies, the landlines still hold an important place when it comes to uninterrupted mediums of communication. Hence important is to choose a home phone that serves you with the right features. It must suit all your needs and offers you freedom of communication without affecting other aspects of your life. Hence, it is always better to shortlist your needs and look for home telephones accordingly.

Question & Answer

When did home telephones become common?

In short, within 50 years of invention, the landline became an indispensable tool of communication in all parts of the world. It was the time of 1900 when there were reportedly more than 600,000 phones in operations. By 1905 there were more than 2.2 million phones in use. Later in 1910, the toll reached 5.8 million. Later, as the century reached to end, the number of telephone users exploded. Soon after that came the idea of digital cellular phones that exists massively around us, to this date.

What are the best home phones for seniors?

Most of our parents and grandparents are not used to technologically advanced mobile phones. Even though we still need to connect and communicate with them. This is where, once again, a landline telephone comes to the rescue. Here are some of the best home phones for seniors that you can buy online; Panasonic KX-TGD532, VTech CS6114, AT&T CL82207, and the VTech CS6719-2. Apart from these shortlisted names, there are many others that you can explore on

Do landline phones still exist?

It seems like everyone has migrated to smartphones and for almost everything that is happening in day to day life. It’s surprising that even today, landlines are in use. According to recent reports of US NHIS, there are more than 53.3% of people using a landline phone as of December 2018. The people that are included in this percentage are using landline phones for both corporate and personal use, where about 36% are household users with the rest from the corporate setting.

Where to buy home telephones?

Right here at S we have more than 500 brands offering landline phones for sale. These brands include; Panasonic, Giga-set, Samsung, Vtech, and Siemens. Here other names to mention are; AT&T, EIR, Link2cell, and Bina-tone. At our retail search engine , you can find products according to your budget and needs with just a few clicks on your smartphone or computer. Here you can also find all the electronic accessories and gadgets to make your communication more convenient and fun.

No matter if you are looking forward to enjoying the idea of having a landline telephone at home or want to upgrade your device at home, here you can find all the eye-catching possibilities.

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