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About PDAs

A personal Digital Assistant (PDA) is a handheld device used for computing, information storage, internet accessibility and networking purposes. It can store phone numbers, arrange meetings, manage to-do lists and offer many more features for personal and business use. In short, PDAs help you stay organised.

PDA is an appropriate device for those who like to plan things on paper. You can consider personal data assistants as an enhanced and technological form of paper planners. It is portable, and hence, you do not have to use your laptop or computer any time you want to access text messaging, emails or even phone calls. It is easy to keep track of your appointments and meetings through a PDA. Along with storing a variety of information for you, it also offers an effortless retrieval. Unlike paper planners, you do not have to spend much time retrieving any piece of information. Besides, PDAs have a GPS unit, audio/video player and a robust backup system to prevent data loss. Read on to know more about personal data assistants and their amazing features.

Brilliant features of personal data assistant

A personal data assistant helps you stay organised. You can create notes on the go, keep track of your appointments and even archive your old data. This gadget has replaced paper lists, address books, business cards and calendars. The memo pad on PDA allows you to write even a whole book on it. It can store a massive amount of data and lets you retrieve it quickly. The old forms of PDA include Psion organiser and Sharp wizard. These devices had basic features like a calendar, alarm clock and telephone pad. Though with skyrocketing technologies, electronics specifically, PDAs have evolved much, helping you accomplish many things you need to do. Stay tuned to know more about how to look for the best PDAs to buy online.

Enjoy easy connectivity with PDA electronic device.

PDAs are best for people who have to remain updated on official things, whether they are in the office, at home or even on a trip. If you have a personal digital assistant, you do not have to carry your laptop everywhere. With wi-fi enabled PDA, you can easily access your mails, download files and surf the internet. It is a pocket device, and hence it is easy to roam around carrying it. Though, you should restrict the usage while driving or doing any other important activity as PDAs might distract you with consistent notifications.

Benefits of portable digital assistant for differently-abled people

PDAs are helpful for people with disabilities. The task management features of personal assistants help people who have cognitive or learning disabilities. PDAs weighs much lesser than traditional telephones. It is a portable device so that people who have mobility impairments can easily carry it. By the grace of evolving technologies, we now have a speech synthesizer or braille display on PDAs that help visually impaired people read the text displayed on the screen. Modern digital assistants are gradually adopting this feature to make themselves a good fit for everyone. Now, if you are searching for PDAs for sale, there is no need to go anywhere else. At, we have an extensive collection of PDAs to choose from.

Medical uses of handheld PDA devices

The contribution of digital assistants towards medical and health science is rapidly increasing. You can use PDAs to perform various tasks such as medical referencing, patient tracking, medical research and even drug dosage. PDAs are loaded with a wide range of features helpful for healthcare personnel and students. The use of digital assistants has brought absolute improvement in the medical field ranging from better decision making and enhanced learning to a great reduction in medical errors. Several surveys conducted in the health science industry have proved that PDAs are now preferred over paper-based documents. Doctors can also keep track of the patient’s health and provide quick consultations whenever required through these devices.

Tips on how to buy PDAs

Personal digital assistants come in an array of shapes, sizes and features. If you want to just replace your paper diary, low-end PDAs can work for you. In contrast, you might have to move to high-end ones for advanced mobile computing and connectivity functionalities. Having so many options in front of you can leave you in a state of dilemma. So, here is a set of quick tips for you that would guide you on how to buy PDAs online in Dubai.

  • Consider operating system An operating system is the backbone of any computing device. Remember that while choosing a PDA, you are picking an operating system that would affect the device’s applications, functionalities, and performance. Microsoft, Android, iOS, RIM, Palm and Symbian are some of the highly used operating systems you can choose from.
  • Look at technical specifications While purchasing PDA or any other computing device, you must look for precise technical specs. For example, processor, memory, expansion, battery etc. Many high-end devices are powered by Intel XScale PXA27x processor, whose speed varies between 104MHz and 624MHZ. Other powerful processors include the Intel PXA26x processor group, Samsung S3C2410 or S3C2440, OMAP3xx, 1510, 161x, 1710 and 2420 and more. The next thing you must look at is RAM. It ranges from 16MB and 256MB. Also, you can choose from a variety of input devices like the touchpad, keypad or one programmable button. There is an array of other things as well to consider, like battery, performance, internal memory and more.
  • Consider screen size & resolution – The screen resolution in PDAs range from 160×160 pixels in basic models to 320×480 pixels, in expensive ones having large screens. Look whether the device provides a landscape or portrait view. It is an essential feature for reading documents and watching videos. Besides, you should look for a TFT (thin-film transistor) display that is famous for providing clear and vivid colours. It uses a low amount of electricity as compared to LCDs or LEDs.
  • Connectivity matters Several functionalities of your PDA would depend upon its connectivity. USB connectivity will be there in almost all the PDAs. Some have dock connectors. PDAs with infra-red connectivity is another good thing. Apart from that, you must look for wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity. You can still consider a PDA without wi-fi connectivity as it can be added through an add-on card. 

Personal data assistants enable on-the-move computing. You rely on them too much for your personal as well as official requirements. Hence, do not let them ditch you at any point. The above tips are framed by our technical experts and should be very helpful for first-time buyers of PDAs. To make your shopping streamlined, we have brought together more than 500 stores on our shopping search engine. Pick out the best sellers and compare prices to narrow down your choices. If you have budget constraints, then you can also find some used PDAs for sale. So, do not wait and commence your shopping journey right away before the deals come to an end.

Question & Answer

What is a PDA device?

PDA stands for the personal digital assistant. It is a pocket-sized device used for computing, data management, web browsing, office applications, and even accessing entertainment. It is often referred to as a palmtop that uses the stylus as an input device. A PDA can store and retrieve information in an unbelievably effortless manner. Besides, it keeps track of your meetings, appointments and is a go-to device for jotting down notes. It is portable, and hence, you do not have to use your laptop or computer any time you want to access text messaging, emails or even phone calls.

Where can I buy a PDA from?

We are at the feature an extensive collection of best PDAs provided by various brands. Some of those brands are HP, iPAQ, Palm, Zire and Compaq. You can log on to our website to choose from various devices and even compare prices right away. Our search engine has advanced searching and sorting options through which you can quickly narrow down your choices. We connect you to multiple online stores that provide a trouble-free online shopping experience. Therefore, you do not have to step out of your home to purchase a PDA. You are just some finger taps away.

How much do PDAs cost?

The cost of a PDA depends upon various factors like brand, features, memory and processor. It starts at $99 and can go above $499. If you want to go for higher models, then the cost increases a great deal. If you go for a cheap PDA, you might not get any warranty with it. So, if anything goes wrong in future, you will have to bear additional charges for fixing. Go for the one that comes with the required features and warranty and do not pose any pressure to your pocket as well. On, we have many brands providing various PDAs at competitive prices. Log on to our search engine and compare prices to make an informed decision.

When were PDAs popular?

PDAs were extremely popular in the early 2000s. However, with the emergence of smartphones, PDA adopters kept on decreasing. However, many business people are still fond of their digital day planners. It is because smartphones with countless features can distract them from prime tasks. It is easy to keep track of your appointments and meetings through a PDA. Along with storing a variety of information for you, it also offers an effortless retrieval.

Now that you know a lot of personal data assistants, why sit and wait? Log on to and find an array of best-performing devices. You can also compare prices and purchase the one that suits your needs. Another good tip is to reach out to some techie in your circle so that you can get the most transparent details. Alternatively, you can jump on our customer testimonials to read honest reviews. Hurry up! We wish you all the luck with your online purchase.