About Radiotelephones

Radiotelephones are systematic communication devices used for the transmission of audio/speech using sound waves. These radiotelephone systems are rarely interconnected with the publicly used telephone network. GMRS is a good example of such a system. These devices offer one-way communication. It means that at a time, you can only send a voice message. This is unlikely than a standard two-way communication system (as in mobile phones).

Commonly they are known as walkie-talkies. These portable devices have many different uses, including public safety, business, outdoor recreation, and military. Today these simple devices are available with different features and prices. Starting from inexpensive analogue units sold as toys to highly digital and analogue units, you can find a huge variety. The latter is often part of the list of basic equipment on marine, forces and water ventures. Most countries allow their sale only for marine and business communications. But these devices are also legal for certain personal uses like CB radio. Here are some common witnesses used of these radiotelephone systems.

Common uses of radiotelephone handsets

The radiotelephones vary a lot according to their commercial and personal use. The commercially used radio devices (like military radio phones) are ruggedized. They have metal cases and come with very specific built-in frequencies. Consumer gear, on the other hand, is ordinarily lightweight and small-sized with the ability to access any channel within a specific bandwidth. However, what remains common is the fact that both can work only to send a voice message to specific frequencies. Here are some of the common social settings where we can witness frequent use of this radiotelephone system.

Military radio telephones

Modern military organisations use handheld radios for different purposes. Advanced units like AN/PRC- 148 multiband Inter/Intra Team Radio could communicate on a variety of bands. They are also compatible with different bands and modulation schemes, including encryption capabilities. These devices operate over wire lines which often includes wire strung in combat conditions. Back in World War II, it was the most preferred method for communication. It helps the military command to communicate with mobile units in far of areas during the time of peace and war.

Recreational uses of radiotelephone mobile

Being an entire opposite of the highly encrypted military radiotelephones, these are the low power versions. They are exempt from licenses and are famous among children. Before the change of CB radio from the license, the kid’s walkie-talkies had limited transmission power (100 milliwatts). A unique feature of these radiotelephones is the code key. It allows the operators to transmit the Morse Code of similar tones to another operator which the same frequency. Although they are not explicitly available in the market, you can buy some types for use as a toy. Often these devices are capable of transferring both digitals as well as voice data on the FRS band.

The amateur radiotelephone devices

Also known as HTs or Hand-Held transceivers these devices are also famous among amateur radio operators. Today many companies like Kenwood, Icom and Yaesu manufacture special models for amateur users. Superficially they are much like personal and commercially used units. But the amateur gear has different features that are usually not available in other gear. These devices have wideband receivers, including radio scanning functionality. Plus, they have multiple bands that allow it to allocate and communicate with different users. As these devices are not channelized, the users can dial in random frequencies in any authorised brand.

Radiotelephone mobiles for personal use

This type of walkie-talkie is famous because of its US FRS and other such license free services. Hence you can freely use them globally. Plus, FRS walkies are also useable for recreational purposes. Moreover, mass production makes them cheap to manufacture. But they do not come with proper superheterodyne receivers. However, they are a useful communication tool for both personal and business use. Most of the personal use walkies come with designs to operate in UHF allocations. They are very compact with buttons for changing channels or settings on the radio. These units come in heavyweight, bright colour plastic which differentiate them from other types.

Tips on how to buy Radio Phone online in the UAE

Mobile phones have replaced a vast majority of communication means making them economical and exclusive. However, there are times when all you need is to limit the access and keep the message encrypted or secure. Especially on a mission where you are not sure about who is a friend and who to call a foe. In such times, a radiotelephone keeps challenging the privacy of other communication means. Despite the limited use on this date, we can find a wide range of radiotelephones online. Such variations make it difficult for users to decide what to pick. But we are here to help you make your choice. Here is what to consider while buying a radio phone.

  • Commercial or personal use – Both types are different in features, access, comfort, look, and benefits they can offer. Decide why you want to own a radiotelephone.
  • Licenced or not – Commercial walkies come with licenses, special features and highly encrypted access. A commonly found personal use type is entirely different. Know your need.
  • Size of your Talkie – You can either choose from very tiny radios like CP183. Then there are bigger options like CPS Telecom radios. The best bet depends on your personal preferences.
  • Dust and Waterproof – Remember walkies are ideal for use in rough environments, outdoors, wilds etc. Always make sure the selected model is water and dustproof and durable.

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Question & Answer

What are the radiotelephones?

Also known as radiophones these are communication systems for the transmission of speech or delivery of a verbal message over the radio. These radiotelephone systems are rarely interconnected with publicly switched telephone networks. These devices offer only one-sided verbal communication. But you can also find some types that allow two side speaking and listening facility.  These devices are ideal for both personal and commercial purposes.

When were radio telephones introduced?

It was 1937 when the radiotelephones were introduced for the very first time by Canadian Don Hings. Around the same time, many similar devices came forward. However, the very first portable radio signalling system was working for CM&S. Mainly these devices were responsible for helping pilots communicate effectively while they fly. These devices weighed about 5 pounds and were about 17 inches high. Commonly they come in a metallic body.

How much does a radio telephone cost?

Just like any other mechanical device the radiotelephone prices also vary massively. A product that is under $100 at one brand might cost you 50 more at the other. Besides brands, the built-in or secondary features of the devices also fluctuate the price. Some to name here are weight, size, bandwidth, frequency etc. However, on average, a radiotelephone price starts from $ 50 and extends up to $1000+.

Where to buy a radiotelephone?

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These communication devices can be really fun when you head out on a picnic in the wilds. They can help you stay connected with your friends back at the camp while you are in the woods hunting a meal. They can be fun and convenient at the same time.