Love urban fashion? Make an impression with these latest trends for men

7 May 2020| 8 minutes
Love urban fashion? Make an impression with these latest trends for men

These days, men’s fashion seems to put on more colours than it used to a couple of years ago. It has gone from muted tones to brighter and colourful designs. As white-collar workers are getting rid of rigid dress codes, there is now more room to do experiments.

However, most men might not fancy going after the latest fashion trends. The menswear community particularly tends to put more importance on the clothing quality over how trendy it is. In fact, people who jump on every fad bandwagon often get frowned upon. But not all fashion trends are equally vain. There are ways you can upgrade your wardrobe to suit the latest men’s fashion trends without going overboard or losing face. We’ll tell you more about this below.

1. What men’s shirts are in fashion this year?
2. What are the trending shoes for urban fashion?
3. Top five men’s fashion trends to follow in 2021
4. Trending bag styles to check out this year
5. Explore urban fashion and shop on Ounass

What men’s shirts are in fashion this year?

trendy urban tops for men online

The Cuban collar shirt is the hottest trend to look out for in urban fashion. Featuring a noticeably large collar, it has gone from being an exclusive staple in beachwear to a trendy streetwear ensemble. Thus, it is great to sport during the summertime. Cuban collar shirts are characterised by short sleeves that end just below the elbow. Moreover, you will not find them in solid colour options. If you want to have an extra cool look, go for a mix of bright colours like yellow, green, and blue. A pair of chinos trouser and sunglasses will help you top off your outfit.

What are the trending shoes for urban fashion?

urban footwear trends for men

If you don’t want to dress like a dad, then go for the classy street fashion for guys. And the best way to do that is through your shoes. Yup, this year is a turning point for men’s footwear trends. Baring ankles with no-show socks are slowly fading in popularity. Therefore, if you are planning to buy a new pair, then get some good-quality tube socks. Another trend to look out for is the sandal category. Till now, sandals haven’t been the most popular choice to bolster your fashion credentials. But that also is changing. The decades ahead are bringing about a change in the way we look at these footwear. You can find a good collection of luxury sandals to spice up your outfit on Ounass.

Top five men’s fashion trends to follow in 2021

trendy colours for men's urban fashion

The world of menswear gets interesting year after year, especially during the Ramadan. There seems to be an endless and continuous drip of new-ins during every season. If you are considering to upgrade your wardrobe, summer is the best time to do so. But you also have to think about not breaking your bank when doing that. If you are paying a high price for something, then it should justify the quality of the product. While there seems to be a spillover of new designs each year, here are the five hottest men’s fashion trends you should definitely follow.

  • All whites – This trend seems to come back after every five years. And this is undoubtedly the biggest fashion trend this summer. Dressing up in all whites like you are in some French Riviera will give you that classy masculine appeal. While this style is hard to pull off successfully, it is a surefire way to heighten your coolness factor once you get it right. White T-shirts are a great pick, as they go well with anything. You can either pair them with white sneakers or a contrasting pair of dark tan leather sneakers.
  • Mid-wash denim – If 2019 was the year of dark jeans, 2021 would go down in history as the year in which mid-wash denim came back in style. The light tones of this type of denim make it suitable for hotter climates. So, say goodbye to the discomfort of wearing dark blue jeans in the heat of the summer. According to style experts of the latest men’s jeans fashion, mid-wash denim will still be on-trend for a couple of years to come. That means if you buy a good pair this year, you could still be wearing them two years from now.
  • Vertical stripes – You have two reasons to wear vertical stripes shirts this year. Firstly, they always look great regardless of the trend. Secondly, thin vertical stripes can actually make you look slimmer than you are. So, if you have been trying to shave a few pounds off, you can try wearing these shirts to complement your efforts. Trust us, they are superb when it comes to creating some nice illusion to give your desired figure.
  • The navy style – The sea has always been the source of inspiration for men’s fashion. If you have ever wondered why peacoat is all the rage these days, now you know the reason why. But that’s not all. You can also don some fisherman beanies, dock-worker coats, and horizontal stripes similar to a sailor and still look cool. Not only are these clothing items mainstream, but they are also an elegant way to dress up in the summer.
  • Matte leather jackets – If you are thinking about glossy black leather jackets, then get them out of your mind. Those ensembles haven’t regained their 80s glory in this decade yet nor will they any time soon. Instead, think about tan leather jackets with a matte finish. Pair them with matching denim jeans or chinos, and they will give out an excellent vibe. However, look for jackets that are not heavy, as they are too hot for the summer. If you want a convenient place to find those jackets, then Ounass is the answer.

Apart from these, you can also try some classic evergreen styles like polo T-shirts with jeans. Cheques, in particular, never go out of fashion. So, you can safely don them any time of the year. However, keep in mind that ensuring the right combination of clothing, styles, and hues is vital. Hence, spend some time researching on how to mix and match different ensembles and colours to slay your look. Of course, don’t forget to wear a designer watch to complete your style statement. Last but not least, grab some luxury grooming essentials to achieve the alpha male look.

Trending bag styles to check out this year

suitcases for men

We all know it—bags are not a default part of a man’s outfit. That’s because they can have large enough pockets in their trousers to keep the things they need. But fashion experts think that most people downplay the significance of bags in men’s fashion. If you want to try incorporating this accessory into your get-up, then you can try the following latest urban men’s fashion in bags.

  • Sleek and glossy suitcases – These used to dominate formal fashion. Through the ages, they represented wealth and power. But now, you can safely flaunt them out in the streets with a casual outfit without the fear of causing a fashion disaster. When buying a suitcase, look for those classic leather ones. Explore the curated collection of luxury suitcases on Ounass.
  • Solid-coloured backpacks – The best thing about a backpack is its versatility. Not only can you wear it to a formal office meeting, but also to a game of golf. But this year, bright-coloured backpacks that are a little more conspicuous are on-trend. Go for the ones with a solid deep tan or dark blue hues. But opt for a matte finish to work well with semi-casual outfits or formals. Don’t feel bad about getting a bag with large exterior pockets either.
  • Fanny packs are back – A couple of years ago, fanny packs used to remind us of old people who found it too inconvenient to reach out to their trouser pockets to fetch their mobile phones. But that is changing now. Also known as belt bags, these have had the most heroic comeback in the world of fashion. You will find them in a variety of shades including sleek black and tan brown leather fanny packs on Ounass. If you want to take your style up a notch higher than that, then wear them with your shirts and knee-length shorts.
  • Crossbody bags – If you want to make your life a little easier, then get a crossbody bag to keep the things you need often. Not only is it highly fashionable, but it’s also greatly convenient. It is, in fact, the middle way between a backpack and a fanny pack. The only downside is that you might find it to be a minor distraction when you are sitting down.
  • Faux fur bags – If you haven’t tried fur bags yet, then this year is the right time to do so. Fur suitcases and fur bags are amongst the most trending men’s accessories today. Think of winter in the UAE when you are shopping for them. However, ensure to pair them with the right outfit to slay your look.

Finally, it is not appropriate to talk about men’s bags without mentioning the oversized beach bags. They are a one-size-fits-all solution for all kinds of uses. As the name suggests, you can pack your things for a beach trip, use them as a carry bag when you are shopping, and whatnot. In a nutshell, you should look at the quality of the material when you are shopping for bags. Because these are supposed to endure dust and a little bit of wetness, the quality of the leather or fabric will determine how long you will be able to use them.

Explore urban fashion and shop on Ounass

urban shopping online on ounass uae

Whether or not you have a thing for men’s fashion trends or want to experiment with your look this year, you can check out the amazing collection of clothes and bags on Ounass. This store houses some of the world-renowned luxury brands including Balenciaga, BOSS, Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani, Fendi, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Off-White, Prada, and Palm Angels. Aside from fashion products for men, you can also explore jewellery and beauty essentials for women. So, it is the best place to find an exquisite gift to your special one. And if you have a penchant for interior decoration, you can check out here an extensive collection of home improvement essentials too. So, shop now!


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