Best designer bags to add to your luxury collection in 2022

11 May 2020| 8 minutes
Best designer bags to add to your luxury collection in 2022

There’s something about designer bags. Most women are obsessed with these accessories and love flaunting them. Well, that’s because they are a wardrobe staple and add zing to any style statement. Today, the options for bags made by signature brands are endless. And that means you get to enjoy your shopping splurge even more!

And since bags also come in an array of types, you can end up using a new one every day. These accessories also come in so many different colours, shapes, styles, and so much more. Thus, you can always mix and match them according to your outfit of the day. This, indeed, is the fashionista’s dream! If you are bored of the outdated bags in your closet, then we will unveil the trendy ones that will spice up your style statement. So, read on to discover the best designer bags to add to your luxury collection this year.

1. Why do people buy expensive shoulder bags and luxury handbags?
2. Which designer bags and satchels are in style today?
3. Different types of women’s bags and why you need them
4. How to care for designer bags
5. Which designer bags for men are worth buying?
6. What are belt bags, and are they still in style?
7. Buy the best luxury bags at Bloomingdale’s

Why do people buy expensive shoulder bags and luxury handbags?

designer handbags for women

Designer bags are essential for parties, events, and social gatherings. They are both a style statement and a status symbol for most people. If they buy designer clothing, then their shoulder bags and handbags should also match. And though these accessories cost a lot and last for years, some people have the privilege to toss them in a couple of months as the trends change. This is specifically true for celebrities, movie stars, and royalties. Meanwhile, some people just love collecting luxury bags. Hence, they never miss a beat when it comes to buying the latest releases. Simply put, owning a designer bag is a rewarding experience.

Which designer bags and satchels are in style today?

trendy satchel bags in style today

Satchels are are a hit for both men and women. A lot of people leave no stone unturned while shopping for these accessories. Brands have realised this, so they end up creating items that are indeed one of a kind. Some of the classiest luxury bags today are Elise Pebble Leather Satchel Bag by Coach, Allegro Micro Leather Bag by Strathberry, Parker Leather Cross-Body Bag by Coach, Amanda Navai Haya Bucket Belt Bag, and Mini Toffee Bucket Bag by S’Uvimol. You can also check out Nancy Gonzalez Gramercy Box Clutch Bag, Bottega Veneta Pouch Butter Calf Clutch, FURLA 1927 Mini Crossbody Croc Embossed Bag, and SALAR Bebe Crackle Micro Cross-Body Bag. Trust us, you will steal the show when people see you flaunting them.

Different types of women’s bags and why you need them

luxury handbags online shopping

If buying luxury brand tote bags is not your cup of tea, perhaps you can check for other alternatives. Bloomingdale’s houses an extensive selection of various types of bags. And that means there’s an ocean of choices available for you. We have compiled below some of the trendiest bags today that you need to need to have in your closet.

  • Tote Bags – Amongst the most classic variants, tote bags are large and excellent for everyday use. Of course, you can also use them for special gatherings, as well as for laidback day events. Several amazing brands keep coming up with extreme variants of tote bags, and they are now a classic! They are very versatile, and you can use one for your baby’s stuff, as a gym bag, shopping bag, and more. 
  • Cross-body Bags – These are the best pick of those who love comfort. These types come with a smaller bag and a long strap, which sits around the torso comfortably. A lot of men and women love this bag for everyday use. It doesn’t weigh your shoulders unlike the other types, so it’s a hot favourite for those who keep comfort over everything else. The best designer cross-body bags generally give any outfit more visual appeal, as they pull the clothing close to the body. 
  • Bucket Bags – As the name suggests, bucket bags have a heavy bottom and can accommodate a lot of things. Just like a bucket, these bags feature a medium-length strap. They are also comfortable and look great. People love using them for work, but they are also perfect for most semi-casual and casual events. 
  • Top-Handle Bags – For those who love the idea of smaller, compact bags, top-handles are the one for you. These are characterised by a handle sitting on the head; hence, the name. The size also ranges from small to medium. Alternatively, some also have a long strap, so the bag hangs around the waist. You can use whichever strap you find comfortable. 
  • Backpacks – These bags are the most popular type. They are perfect for both casual and work settings. A lot of corporate individuals love the convenience of carrying them every day. Some of them can also accommodate a laptop very conveniently, so you also have that taken care of. Cheap designer backpacks are sought-after today, as they perfectly combine comfort and style into one.

With so many beautiful options for the top luxury bag brands, the world is your oyster when it comes to making a choice! However, it’s important to understand first your purpose and comfort level. If you are new to it, browsing for the latest variants is something you should do before you go ahead and start shopping. You can also try a few styles and see what works.

How to care for designer bags

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Caring for your bag is the key to making it last for years. Though designer bags are known for their superior quality, they are still prone to wear and tear. Well, you don’t necessarily have to invest time and money regularly to do this, but a few minutes every once in a while is all it takes. We have rounded up below some foolproof tips to improve the life of your designer bags.

  • Wrap them in their original cases – You always get a beautiful cloth bag when you buy a designer bag. Some might even come with premium packaging, depending on the label. Either way, don’t throw it, this is the best gear to hold your bag. Instead of dumping it in the closet after use, wrap it in the original casing, and you will retain its brand-new look. Keep it in a place where there is no weight on the bag, and it gets plenty of air circulation too. 
  • Keep them away from moisture – Moisture is the worst enemy of leather, and pure leather bags will start showing signs of distress if they come in contact with it. So, don’t leave them in the kitchen or on the dining table. Be extra careful with your bag, and you will see how long it lasts. If you get water or any liquid on it, wipe it quickly with a cotton cloth. Once it is dry, wrap it and store it away. 
  • Handle with care – No matter what, use your bag with caution. It is effortless to see the change when you do that. Don’t keep it on an unclean surface and say no to rough handling. The same goes for storing it well, be it in the closet or some other space. Also, use a chair when you’re dining out, instead of placing the bag on the floor. Remember that dust is also its enemy. 
  • Repair minor defects immediately – If you spot a tear or crack in your bag, attend to it immediately. The reason most women throw their bags away is that they don’t pay attention to signs of wear and tear immediately. Mending them right away will prevent the onset of worse damage in the future. Get in touch with an experienced and qualified repairman to prolong the life of your bag for years.

Over time, it is easy to see that buying designer clutch bags and totes will last much longer if you put in that little bit of extra care. It definitely goes a long way in making sure you get value for your money. Most of the designer bags are made of pure leather, which has a useful lifespan on its own. If you make caring for them a habit, it is easy to abide by it each time you use the bag. Make sure you keep up the consistency to make a difference.

Which designer bags for men are worth buying?

men's designer bag shopping online

While affordable and designer bags for men don’t go together, you still have some options to get the best of both worlds. If budget is a constraint, then keeping an eye for some deals and discounts is a great way to own your dream designer bag. For men, there are just as many choices as women have. Brands have realised that men too love flaunting their style and bags are one way to do it. Amongst the best ones you can find at Bloomingdale’s today are Bottega Veneta Leather Backpack, Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Nappa Belt Bag, Round Zip Backpack by Heron PrestonValentino Garavani Logo Print BackpackValentino Garavani Jacquard Camouflage Small Duffle Bag, Heron Preston CTNMB Print Belt Bag, and Bottega Veneta Leather Messenger Bag.

What are belt bags, and are they still in style?

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Belt bags are also popularly known as fanny packs. They are very common, and designers offer a variety of them. They are generally small, fit around your waist, and are excellent for trips. People use them extensively when they travel. While fanny packs are great for keeping some handy essentials, they might not be the best for your cash. They are less safe since someone can easily pull them hard and come off. However, you can conveniently carry one anywhere and be hands-free and happy. While you cannot use it for office or formal events, many luxury belt bags are changing this notion today. They are secured by a buckle in most cases.

Buy the best luxury bags at Bloomingdale’s

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It is easy to buy women’s designer backpacks on sale when you spot the right one for yourself. However, there are so many styles, varieties, and designers today that getting the perfect one can also be a challenge. Online shopping is, however, a stress-free way to get your hands on just about anything. When it comes to luxury bags, Bloomingdale’s is the best place to get everything you need in one roof. Be it online or in-store, you can explore here the world’s most coveted brands. These include Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Tory Burch, Fendi, Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Valentino, and Bottega Veneta, to name a few. So, hurry and indulge in a bag shopping spree today!

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