Relive the 90s with These Oversized Clothing Trends in 2022

24 November 2021| 8 minutes
Relive the 90s with These Oversized Clothing Trends in 2022

Do you love to dress up? We bet you are following those world-famous fashion influencers on social media. For sure, you have noticed that 90s fashion is making a comeback these days. Oversized clothes and chunky sneakers are a hit amongst men and women alike. And if you know the pairing and layering game too well, oversized styling clothing can be the most fun way to upgrade your style quotient.

It’s no secret that nostalgia sells itself. No wonder 90s attire is now back in the game. Baggy jeans, oversized denim jackets, hoodies, boots, and minimalist jewellery are just amongst the emblematic ensembles to add to your wardrobe. With the fusion of contemporary feel and classic look, the end result of 90s fashion slayed well is a cool and iconic street style. Back then, the colours were overly vibrant, and the cuts were lop-sided. But now, there are a lot of possibilities in mixing and matching them. If you aim to relive the 90s era through how you look, we will share with you some helpful insider tips that will take your style statement to the next level. So, read on.

1. Most popular oversized fashion trends from the 90s
2. Baggies are back
3. Oversized blazers from the 90s
4. Oversized button-up shirts
5. Oversized denim jackets
6. Oversized bomber jackets
7. Styling oversized clothes for different occasions
8. Statement occasions with oversize clothes
9. Slay laidback sophistication at work with oversized clothing
10. Be a stunner in the outdoors with these 90s oversized styles
11. Buy oversized 90s clothing on GAP

Most popular oversized fashion trends from the 90s

Popular oversized clothing

Almost every year, we welcome 90s fashion trends with an exclusive upgrade. These can be in a slightly different form to match the contemporary fashion culture of today. You know, if you wear low-waist baggy jeans, strappy tops, and bandanas, you might look chic but a little out of place. It’s as if you travelled back in time. The key is adding a touch of the 90s to your attire without overdoing it completely. When dressing up, nothing beats keeping everything balanced to achieve an understated yet noticeable look. Are you ready for some wardrobe makeover? We have rounded up below some of the ensembles that you can incorporate into your style to achieve that nostalgic 90s vibe.

Baggies are back

baggy fashion in denim

Baggies are ultra-comfortable. And this year, skinny jeans will be off the rack. That’s because they are far too obstructive for today’s lifestyle. People desire a combination of fun and comfort, and baggies receive a warm welcome. Baggy cuts are the star of the year, as their ultra-wide legs offer optimum comfort and freedom without compromising style. And if you are wondering how to rock them, a cropped top is the way to go. You can also layer it with a nice blazer and grab a pair of heeled mules or chunky boots. From Hailey Baldwin to Bella Hadid, baggies have become a favourite clothing item. Pulling these oversized pants is much easier than you may think. Here’s the best partthey come in various varieties, such as perforates, cargo, asymmetrical, faded, and leather, to name a few. Such variety means you have endless options to mix and match these jeans with other ensembles.

Oversized blazers from the 90s

Oversized blazers from the 90s

Do you wish to step out in the iconic Julia Roberts style in best-oversized blazers? Well, there can be no perfect time than spring and winter. On different occasions, she slayed the androgynous silhouette of an oversized blazer. All she did was pair it with a classic body-hugging white tee and a pair of matching sneakers. The exact combination has been back since the fall of 2022, and we see this trend continuing in 2022. For a bolder look, you can swap the tee with a bralette. Just make sure you are picking high waist pants to keep everything balanced. Next, add as much height as you can to the footwear. A sexy pump or platform with a comfortable height will do the job. To turn more heads, add a funky printed clutch. These bits of accessories will surely give you an empowered look.

Oversized button-up shirts

Oversized shirt from the 90s

As we are talking about the tops and overlayers, it is important to discuss how to style oversized shirts. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman gave us ample style ideas to style oversized button-up shirts with a range of trouser styles from the 90s. Grab a pair of vintage jeans and tuck in a plain white button-up shirt to revive the most iconic styles. Don’t forget to layer it with a neutral-coloured suit for an added character. You can never go wrong with this one for a business casual look. That means you can pull it off in style and with confidence on a Wednesday meeting and a weekend brunch with your colleagues. For ladies, an oversized gold chain necklace or bracelet goes well with an olive-green clutch.  GAP is one of those brands that foster 90s fashion at its finest. You can find here oversized t-shirts for men and women that you can pair with both summer and winter accessories.

Oversized denim jackets

Oversized denim jackets

Ladies know that nothing beats an airport look, as it is chic and comfortable at the same time. To achieve this with a vibe of 90s fashion, pair your wide-leg pants with a crop top and layer it with an oversized denim jacket. When it comes to accessories, you can never go wrong with the basics, such as sunglasses and a cross-body purse. As the most versatile item in any men’s or women’s wardrobe, the denim jacket can go well with any loose pants. As for the accessories, neutral hues and minimalistic designs will never disappoint you. So, you can always step out as a street-style star enjoying comfort and class. But wait. How about footwear? Your options are endless, as denim is also versatile enough to match almost anything under the sun.

Oversize bomber jackets

Bomber Jacket

When it comes to oversized bomber jackets, the key to styling them like a pro is letting them rest loosely on the hip. Moreover, ensure that the cuffs are tight and do not go past or above the wrist. if you are unsure about your size, check the size guide in the online store you are shopping from. You can also play minimalistic by pairing a high-rise sock with plain sneakers to rock a classy casual look. But this rule can be an exception if you are opting for a cropped style. But how about the colours? Neutral ones are versatile enough to be paired with anything. You can also go for pastels, but keep in mind that they look best during the spring and summer months. There are no rules when it comes to wearing bomber jackets. As long as you can carry them off with poise, you will look and feel good.

Styling oversized clothes for different occasions

Styling oversized clothes

A common myth is that oversized clothes are only ideal for a casual gathering. Well, this has been debunked by the latest fashion trend. You can style any oversized top or bottom to rock a modish business casual attire. In fact, oversized ensembles can elevate your look even at parties. It is all up to you on how to pull it off. You can add bling, or subtleness, or make it as basic as you like. If you are new to the world of 90s fashion and oversized clothing, we have compiled some brilliant ideas below to help you rock your look on any occasion. So, keep reading to get some style inspos that can step up your game.

Statement occasions with oversize clothes

Styling oversized shirt

Oversized button-up shirts were a thing of the past but have once again made their way to the present. These look fantastic whether tucked in or out. Also, they come in solid colours and plaid patterns. If you want to reinvent your workwear, invest in neutral-coloured long sleeves. Nothing looks more elegant and sophisticated than tucked-in, rolled-up sleeves paired with high-waisted wide-leg pants. However, if you want to be on the casual side, plaid-patterned oversized shirts can do the trick. Grab a white shirt and layer it with an unbuttoned shirt. Promise, you’ll look ruggedly gorgeous in a relaxed street style! As for the bottoms and footwear, oversized long sleeves are a match made in heaven with jeans, high-heels, and your favourite sneakers. If you don’t like wearing skinny jeans for the day, go for baggy or wide-legged pants. The throw-on-the-go credibility of this classic coordination is simply undeniable.

Slay laidback sophistication at work with oversized clothing

styling formal wear with oversized clothing

Wearing a shirt to the office is nothing new, but you can show off a more relaxed and edgy vibe by pulling off a nice oversized 90s shirt. Poplin style with oversized ruffle sleeves in vivacious hues is the laid-back way to turn heads around as you enter the meeting room. It is an extremely fashion-forward spin on any officewear, especially if you go for those mood-boosting shades. As for the bottoms, oversized tops go well with tailored trousers and chunky loafers. A relaxed oversized utility jacket with a tote can give you a polished look. Such style combinations are ideal for both at-work and after-work affairs.

Be a stunner in the outdoors with these 90s oversized styles

styling oversized casual clothes

The comfort offered by oversized shirts on a sweltering summer day is undeniable. They are a fantastic alternative to jackets when worn with an inner shirt. You can also button them up to achieve a more refined look. For a contemporary flair, layer them over a cropped t-shirt or vest. To complete your OOTD, pair your shirt with denim jeans or shorts, and roll up your sleeves for an off-duty detail. Of course, you won’t be as stunning without silver or gold jewellery to complement your style statement. The outdoors are calling, and adventures are waiting. So, be the darling in the crowd by knowing how to mix and match your oversized shirt with a variety of ensembles.

Buy oversized 90s clothing on GAP


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