Embrace Winter in the UAE with These 2022 Fashion Trends

24 November 2021| 6 minutes
Embrace Winter in the UAE with These 2022 Fashion Trends

If seasons were humans, the winter season would be the one that is always trendy. It doesn’t matter whether you believe in minimalistic clothing or you are a hoarder. One thing’s for sure—you can’t skip winter fashion trends 2022. It would be best if you had an outer layer, inner layer, boots, accessories, and many other things. Even woollen socks peeking out of your shoe can add bling to your attire. That said, if you are here to check out the latest winter fashion trends in the UAE, you will be served just right.

Before you hop on to explore them, let’s have a real talk. Sometimes, what happens is that you end up buying stuff just because they are on-trend and not because they suit you. Let’s say you bought a purple bling scarf on impulse, only to realize it is difficult to pair it up with other colours and ensembles. As a result, it just ends up locked up inside your cabinet and never sees the world. The same scenario applies to other winter clothing and accessories. That is why here on, we encourage you to shop smart. Let’s explore the latest and hottest winterwear this year and how to style them with grace.

1. The basics of building or reinventing your winter wardrobe in 2022
2. What winter clothes do I need in the UAE?
3. Experiment with these winter jackets for men and women
4. Cool, trendy patterns never like before in women’s winter coats 
5. Add the latest headgear and bags to your collection 
6. Look out for these killer fashion trends for men for the 2022 winter season
7. Shoe trends are a slight revamp of the 90s fashion
8. Get ready to explore everything on this online shop

The basics of building or reinventing your winter wardrobe in 2022

Building your winter wardrobe
Whether you live in the UAE or travelling to the country this cold season, it’s essential to make your wardrobe winter-ready. Though it doesn’t snow in this part of the world, it can get cold. And what better way to embrace this cosy season than to be in style? Moreover, since this is going to be the first winter season after the lockdown, everyone is excited to spend time outdoors. No matter which adventure or activity you want to do with your family or friends, we can’t stress enough the importance of having the right attire. Of course, the usual cardigans, jackets, trench coats, and scarves are a staple. However, there’s a nice twist on how to add some zing to them.

What winter clothes do I need in the UAE?

Winter clothes shopping 2021
The answer to this question has a lot to do with what you already have and what current trends you would like to follow. You can go priority-wise while buying winter clothes online. In that case, the outer layer and accessories are the most important. The inner layer is usually an add-on, or most of the time, it is one of your simple solid colour tees. Other than that, shoes, boots, loafers, or any comfortable and warm footwear are required. However, remember that needs and styles go hand in hand for winter fashion in 2022. Many other accessories like bags, belts, scarves, and hats add style to your looks. Scrolling through products online can seem like an endless quest, so let us help you.

Experiment with these winter jackets for men and women

winter jackets
Fashion trends in the UAE have always been sleek and classy. So, there is definitely no room for fuzzy layering unless you opt for street styling. If you want to look bold and edgy, then you can experiment with your winter style in 2022. Meanwhile, if you want to buy trendy winter jackets in Dubai for work, you should focus on colours. For example, lilac for women and beige for men is more unique and stylish than the usual black, blue, and brown outer layering. However, there’s a catch—you must be able to mix and match them with other colours and ensembles accordingly. Apart from the hues, you will see that the length of jackets varies as well. Go for one that is a few inches above or below the belt are your options. Trust us; this can make a significant difference to your style statement.

Cool, trendy patterns never like before in women’s winter coats.

Trendy winter coats for women
More style options are available for women compared to men. The cropped style for winter wear and the long coat with large collars for work are fantastic examples. These are common, but this winter fashion in 2022 is unlike any other. This time, fresh and unique colours and patterns are worth the hype. Usually, shoppers do not fully explore colour options when it comes to outer layering. But if you want to jump on the bandwagon, check out geometrical-styled cardigans that are a hit amongst influencers these days. You must try at least to have one bold print style in your closet. Even if you’re a fan of only solid colours, you can still experiment with sleeves and collars to make your look slightly different from the usual. Now that you have discovered the cool winterwear patterns in 2022, it’s time to check out some top winter coat brands.

Add the latest headgear and bags to your collection.

winter headgear trends
Winter accessories are like icing on the cake, as they add the perfecting touch to your attire. Though many of them are timeless, adding new ones to your collection doesn’t hurt. Headgear and bags come first. Beanie hats or tie-style turbans are ordinary go-to items. We know they are ongoing staples, but they come with an exciting twist this year. As for bags, the micro bag is still on-trend and a hit at parties. You can also pick fur bags and bucket bags for your casual day out or as streetwear. For office wear, multiple compartment bags are still taking the lead. However, don’t go with the usual black and brown colours. This winter, you can opt for multi-coloured bags with a defined style. That said, you can never go wrong with two-toned colour blocks.

Look out for these killer men’s fashion trends for the 2022 winter season.

Men fashion trends
Ever since men’s purses rose in popularity, there’s something new in them that you will see in every season. And this winter, watch out for tote bags for men. Yes! The interesting part is that the styles range from plain to bling. Other than that, some necessary items are ties, belts, scarves, hats, and gloves. These are timeless accessories that are needed anyway. Other cool stuff that men can grab is gadget cases, cardholders, cufflinks, glass frames, and more. Because men usually do not go out and about with accessories, they can add some detailing to make a difference in their look. Overall, you should spend time building your winter wardrobe if you want to up your style game in the post-Covid era.

Shoe trends are a slight revamp of the 90s fashion.

Shoe trends 2021
Feeling nostalgic? Then chunky boots, doll heels, pointed-toe, and kitten heels boots in more colour options will take you down memory lane. And how can you forget fuzzy slippers and doll heels? Well, one is a need and the other a show. We would again say, do not shy away from colours this season. Chunky boots in blush pink and heeled boots in green are something to go for. If you do not want to experiment with hues, how about wrinkled shafts in your boots? These are a major comeback from the 90s. Even men can go beyond their usual chukka boots or combats. Double monk straps are considered the best winter boots for men this year. Moreover, they can also check out loafers or moccasins for special occasions.

Get ready to explore chic winter ensembles on Ounass.

Ounass online shop
Whether you want bling, plain ensembles, or both, you need to be at the right place to explore, compare, and decide. Some top brands you can start with include Polo Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Balenciaga, Burberry, and more. Ounass is the best platform that offers you an array of genuine collections from world-renowned household names in the fashion world. So, step into an amazing shopping experience for winterwear this season!

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